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R.P Chapter 118: The Strongest Team In The Ghoul’s World [EDITED]

After Takatsuki Sen turned into her Kakuja-form, her character had become extremely cruel. The battle was a one-sided massacre.

“Where did they go?”

Su Xiao went over to Takatsuki Sen, not caring about how the surroundings were sprayed with blood and limbs.

Takatsuki Sen turned to look at Su Xiao, her eye looking crazed.


Takatsuki Sen roared at Su Xiao, as if she would rush at him at any moment. This literary beauty may have gotten high from killing people.

“Are you sure that you want to do that?”

Su Xiao, who was holding Dragon Flash, looked at Takatsuki Sen with a bemused smile.


Although Takatsuki Sen was crazed, she was still somewhat rational, her two near death experiences she got from Su Xiao made her fearful.

“Beep, beep.”

The phone in his pocket rang, and Su Xiao picked up the call.

“I found the person. Withdraw, Takatsuki Sen knows the gathering point.”

Hanging up the phone, Su Xiao looked at Takatsuki Sen.

“We’re done, let’s withdraw.”

While he was talking, Su Xiao jumped on Takatsuki Sen’s back, whose body had grown huge after transforming into her Kakuja state.

This was planned before. After completing their objectives, Takatsuki Sen would break the gate at the top of the prison, then they would retreat.

Now, they did not know where Arima Kisho and others were, but they should have a way to leave.

“Don’t touch me with your sword, I hate this thing!”

Su Xiao did not say anything, he just squatted on her back, holding onto one of the outer Kagune with one hand.

“Fine, don’t blame me if you fall down.”

Takatsuki Sen arched her legs and jumped up with all her strength, like a bullet that was fired, and went straight to the roof of Cochlea.

The prison was quite tall, it was a bit surprising that Takatsuki Sen managed to jump to the top, holding herself at the roof with her claws.

With Takatsuki Sen’s power, the giant gate, which was at least half a meter thick, was spread open, allowing Su Xiao to see the blue sky and the white clouds.

Su Xiao stood up, one foot on Takatsuki Sen’s back, the other one on her head. He jumped out of the gate and left Cochlea.

His actions naturally angered Takatsuki Sen.

But Takatsuki Sen was helpless, she was pulling open the gate, if she did not keep it open, it would automatically close.

“Beep, beep….”

After few calls of the siren later, Takatsuki Sen felt the closing force of the gate disappear. She climbed out of the gate and went to the roof of Cochlea.

After arriving at the roof, Takatsuki Sen saw Su Xiao stand in front of a jagged hole, which was formed after dozens of attacks with his sword.

In the hole, which was more than one meter wide, there were several hydraulic rods that had been cut through, that was the power system of the gate.

Takatsuki Sen looked at Su Xiao, shocked. It was beyond the range of human strength to cut such a large hole into pure metal.

Su Xiao’s sword skills had been honed to an extraordinary level, so extraordinary in fact, that ordinary people could never compare.

And he had had a feeling recently, that he became more and more perceptive to the sword in his hands, he could judge what could be cut and what couldn’t be cut with just a glance.

Sometimes, Su Xiao could vaguely feel the wind that blew on the blade of Dragon Flash, this should be ‘letting the sword became the extension of one’s arm’ that Koshiro mentioned.

Putting Dragon Flash away, Su Xiao talked to Takatsuki Sen.

“Where is the gathering point.”

“In my new stronghold.”

“A new stronghold for Aogiri tree?”


At this point, Takatsuki Sen got angry again, the last stronghold of Aogiri tree had been buried by Su Xiao.

First, the two sides were enemies, now they were allies, the things that happened in the world were so strange.

Only children would talk about right or wrong, adults would only see the pros and cons.

Stupid people cared about kind and evil, while smart people would make rules, defining good and evil themselves.

Obviously, Su Xiao and Takatsuki Sen were people who ignored the rules.

Because the rules were set by the ones in power, most of the rules would benefit the ruler.

The two on the roof did not discuss the history of the Aogiri tree stronghold anymore, because the two may have to fight it out if they kept talking about it.

After breaking through the defensive network of the Investigators, Su Xiao and Takatsuki Sen left.


In the CCG headquarters command room, Washuu Matsuri looked at the large display, which showed the back of Su Xiao and Takatsuki Sen.

Washuu Matsuri clenched his fist, his pupil began to turn red.

“Arima Kisho, Byakuya, Eto Yoshimura, Donato Porupora, you bastards…”

The veins on Washuu Matsuri’s forehead bulged, he actually felt threatened by their alliance.

It was needless to talk about the strength of Arima Kisho, who had the highest combat power of CCG, publicly at least. Su Xiao, as a pure human, could defeat the store manager in a one-on-one battle, his strength was unquestionable.

Takatsuki Sen was an SSS-class ghoul, the daughter of the store manager, which prompted Washuu Matsuri’s noticing her.

As for Donato Porupora, Washuu Matsuri was worried about him. He did not know what Priest was planning, but now they had CCG’s one weakness. Although CCG had caged him, they did not dare to kill him.

If Priest had been killed, the information that Priest had collected would be published, the humans would set up rebel organizations, and then the ghouls would be done.

Compared to humans, ghouls were closer to beasts, they had a sharp sense of smell, were impulsive and were very poor in scientific research.

Humans were different. A human could invent various weapons to eliminate ghouls. Now, humans were being deceived by ghouls, they did not have a sense of resistance against them.

Excluding the problem of infighting, humans were very strong.


Tokyo, 13th district, Shibuya, in a rotten building.

On the tenth floor of the rotten building, in a room that could shelter from the wind and rain, five people had gathered, and a large group of figures wearing red robes guarded outside of the room.

The figures with the robes were the common ghouls of Aogiri tree. These ghouls looked into the room from time to time, but after seeing the two, these ghouls were somewhat scared.

“What the hell is going on, these people are so strong.”

A girl with short white hair hid in the doorway and secretly observed the five people in the room.

“Sister, don’t mess around, knowing too much is not a good thing.”

A girl with short black hair pulled her sister away. The sisters’ hair was black and white. Besides their hair color, their appearance was almost the same. They were the twins Yasuhisa Kurona and Yasuhisa Nashiro.

“So, all of you here are allies from now on. Do you have any requirements?”

The voice of Arima Kisho sounded from the room.

In the room, Su Xiao tapped the table lightly and looked at the few people around the round table.

In addition to himself, the five people were Arima Kisho, Takatsuki Sen, Priest, and Kirishima Arata!

Kirishima Arata was the father of Kirishima Ayato and Kirishima Touka. In the original plot, Kirishima Arata may have died, but he didn’t here.

After being caught, Kirishima was imprisoned in Cochlea. The materials used by the Quinques, ‘Shi’, were stripped from Kirishima Arata’s body, and the Quinque itself was also named after him.

Kirishima Arata’s physique was special. Those crazy scientists had not completely stripped Kirishima’s Shi-type Kakuhou. Instead, they cut some Kakuhou out of Arata Kirishima body and injected a high concentration of Rc cells to make them regrow.

In this way, the materials for the Quinque ‘Shi’ would be infinite and could be reproduced at will.

Arata Kirishima was a positive man with blue hair and quite handsome, which Ayato and Touka inherited.

The warm man gave people the of a kind man, he treated people with respect, but his strength was not to be underestimated. He must be strong enough for CCG to spend so much money to do experiments on him.

“Arima Kisho is my savior. I will do everything; I have no requests.”

Kirishima Arata took the lead and made the first statement, his face showed with a gentle smile.

“I don’t have any requirements. My thoughts are same with Arima Kisho, my goal is to defeat V as well.”

Takatsuki Sen also expressed her position.

“Oh, I haven’t eaten fresh human flesh for such a long time! Ah, I’m being rude. I don’t have any requirements. After all, you saved me, and returning a favor is the Catholic thing to do.”

Priest wiped blood from the corner of his mouth. There was a plate in front of him, with only some blood left on it.

God saves the lost lambs, and Donato Porupora, Priest, took on the role of a shepherd, but this shepherd was somewhat greedy, and often ate the lambs.

Everyone looked at Su Xiao.

“Oh, there’s a group of ‘good people’ without any requests… Arima Kisho, I’m suddenly not interested in the SSS-class Quinque, ’Owl’ we talked about before.”

Su Xiao spoke and Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen frowned heavily.

“What is your request?”

“I have some ‘enemies’. These people are members of Aogiri tree, but they are a little special…”

After listening to Su Xiao’s request, everyone turned to look at Takatsuki Sen.

“Those guys?” Takatsuki Sen hesitated for a few seconds and replied quickly.

“No problem.”