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R.P Chapter 120: Ridiculous

“The ice heart arrow is smashed? What is this nerve reflex?”

Cold fish looked at Su Xiao unbelievably, but he did not stop using skills.

“Extremely cold…”

Cold fish just prepared to use the next skill but found that Su Xiao had already rushed to him within five meters. 

This action made cold fish shocked hard if the enemy stays near him, he will die because of the person’s sword skills.

“Pulse of Spirit.”

Boom, a shock wave that was invisible spread around, other nearby contractors had stepped back, and some were tragically killed by the priest and others. This was a repelling skill.

Su Xiao also bore this repelling skill. He immediately inserted the dragon flash into the ground and stabilized his body.

[You are attacked by the repelling effect of ‘Pulse of Spirit,’ your intelligence attribute is judged.]

[Just passed, you only bear 10% of this skill’s repelling effect.]

A shock wave blew up Su Xiao’s short hair, which was the extent of strong winds blew the ground, he could even continue to go forward.

This was why intelligence attribute was one of the three main attributes of the ‘the Shadow of the Law,’ it could immune sorcerer’s spiritual control skills.

The ice tentacles was a physical control skill and will not have intelligence judgment. This time was a spiritual control skill and required intelligence judgment.

After using the repelling skill, Cold fish immediately prepared the next skill. Although he had not much mana left, he still had to fight for a while.

At this time, a long sword had appeared in front of Cold fish, which was a sharp sword wrapped in an electric arc. The blade was about three centimeters wide, and the blue light was dazzling.

Cold fish subconsciously put the scepter in front of him. He now had only one idea. How did the enemy rush over here? What about his repelling skills? Slowdown skills?


The long knife cut on the scepter, the scepter was a mana genre weapon. It was impossible to bear dragon flash’s attack, not to mention that Su Xiao’s sword specialization was in level 3.

The scepter was broken, and the two arms of Cold fish were cut at the same time.

Dragon flash touched the body of Cold fish and pulled out the wound. The energy of ‘Qing Gang Yin’ ran through the wound into his body.

A light blue arc instantly plunged into Cold fish and rushed into his brain.

At this moment, Cold fish looked sluggish, and his black pupils turned faintly blue.


The extreme poor scream came out from Cold fish’s mouth. The way of ‘Qing Gang Yin’ burned energy in the sorcerer’s body was very special. For the enemy other than the sorcerer, the energy of Qing Gang Yin was the part which was contacted will be burned.

But after entering the sorcerer’s body, the energy of Qing Gang Yin was alive, it will go straight to the brain, suddenly burst after arriving at the brain, and burn the energy.

Qing Gang Yin was developed for hunting sorcerers, and now it had finally revealed its power.

What was the feeling of the brain bore the pain of Qing Gang Yin? Cold fish now realized.

The buzzing in the ear, the world was shacking, the expression was sluggish, and the drowning water flew out from the corner of the mouth. This was what Cold fish looked like now.

Cold fish still in the same place with the sluggish expression, a shining sword light magnified in his pupils, and eventually, the endless darkness swallowed him.

Killing Cold fish, Su Xiao kicked the scarlet card on the ground and caught it in hand. This was what Cold fish dropped.

After fighting with the sorcerer, Su Xiao basically understood the approximate ability of ‘the shadow of the Law.’

It had to say that the sorcerers were like a fort, if they had partners’ covering them, the sorcerer could cause amazing damage to the enemy.

He hadn’t learned much skills of the Shadow of the Law. The current situation was that it was a little difficult to get close to the sorcerer, but as soon as he approached the sorcerer, the battle was basically over.

As long as he continued to enhance his intelligence attributes, the sorcerer will not be much of a threat to him.

Intelligence attributes could reduce spiritual control, strength attributes could help him to get away from physical control, and agility attributes ensured that he quickly approached the enemy.

As for the sorcerer’s ‘short legs,’ after the control skills are without effects, sooner or later they will fall in Su Xiao’s hands.

Devil physique immunized 40% of mana damage, giving him time to get closer to the sorcerer.

In the case of fighting alone, the sorcerer must have the same ability or else he will not be his opponent. He could kill them without even paying any price.

It was good to be able to reach this level, nothing can be done at a glance, it also needed personal efforts.

There were no useless skills, it depended on how users used, when a skill reached the extreme, it will become legendary in a certain field.

When Cold fish died, the contractors on the ground fell into despair. Under the siege of the priest and others, the contractors had long given up. Some people even raised their hands and gave up to resisting, including Xi lolo.

The little girl was using a pair of watery eyes, looking at Su Xiao poorly which looked like an abandoned animal.

Thirty seconds later, the contractors who resisted on the field died, although these people died, they were somewhat courageous.

They all knew that it was useless to surrender in the derivative world.

The remaining five people in the ghoul’s camp survived, Xi lolo and four contractors who surrendered.

The four men held their heads and squatted on the ground, they must have watched too many films.

Su Xiao walked to the five people.


Xi lolo shouted which attracted the attention of people at the place.

The priest who was full of blood on his mouth, Takatsuki Sen who was throwing a skull, Arima Kisho who was wiping the blood on his eyes, and Su Xiao who was holding dragon flash.

Xi lolo swallowed her saliva, the pale pink hair was a little messy. She murmured in her mind, the action will decide her life.

Su Xiao looked at Xi lolo, he recognized her, they only traded with each other, they do not have a friendship.

Is the person going to fight back before dying? Su Xiao secretly speculated.

He only saw Xi lolo jumping on the ground, her legs bent, and a golden card suddenly appeared in her hand.

“It comes.” Su Xiao’s body was tight to prepare for this ‘unknown’ attack.


Xi lolo surprisingly directly jumped to squat, her forehead was close to the ground, her hands raised over her head, raising up the golden card.

“Boss, let me go, I also can warm bed, I’m absolutely 100% original as my age.”

Su Xiao’s mouth twitched, he almost laughed. He thought that the person would fight back like her life.

The priest and others were also stunned, how much was she scared of death?.

“Ha, this little girl is interesting.” Gao Xiaoquan laughed.

Su Xiao walked slowly to Xi lolo and looked at the card in her hand, it wrote 5000.

“What is this?”

Hearing Su Xiao’s voice, Xi lolo raised up her head a little.

“The park coin recharge card, I just made it, I think it will be worthier.”

Su Xiao took the card, and the hint appeared.

[You get a ‘Paradise coin Recharge Card,‘ with the value of 5,000 paradise coins and 5,000 paradise coins will be acquired after using.]

Xi lolo was accidentally tactful, she was a smart person, it will be useless to have a lot of park coins when people die.

And Xi lolo was only a worker, she was essentially different from contractors, their high moral principle had already forgotten.

For the workers, the paradise coins were earned. After they had paradise coins, they will find ways to earn more park coins.

For Su Xiao, the paradise coins were earned by risking his life. Compared with the workers, his break was much shorter after he entered into the derivative world, he had no time to do business.

“Boss, can you spare my life?”

Xi lolo looked up tentatively, and her eyes were pleading him.

Workers lived difficulty, they were losers who did not pass the first derivative world.

It was difficult for workers to become stronger, the attribute points were difficult to obtain, and they may not use skills correctly because of the lack of combat experiences. Many problems hindered workers from becoming stronger.

“These 5000 paradise coins are enough for you to buy your life, what about you, do you want to do the same or do you want me to send you in your way?”

Su Xiao looked at the four contractors who were captured.