Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 121: The qualification of returning back [EDITED]

The four captured contractors looked at each other and nodded quickly.

“I am willing, I am willing, just don’t kill me.”

“Sir, should we prepare a contract?”

An ugly young man rubbed his hands and showed a brown-nosing smile.

“A contract?”

Su Xiao smiled.

As soon as he saw Su Xiao smiled, the contractor was relived, but he did not know that Su Xiao’s smile did not mean that he was happy.

“I am a very fair person, she has paid 5,000 Paradise Coins to buy her life, you will get the same offer.”

The four contractors changed their faces and struggled to think of what to do. Should they immediately pay money for their lives, or should they use the 20,000 Paradise Coins to negotiate with Su Xiao?

To be clear, the four people didn’t have the 5000 Paradise Coins each at all, but they were prepared to replace the money with equipment.

“You are called Xi Lo Lo, right?”

Su Xiao looked at Xi Lo Lo, and she nodded.

“Blindfold those four and tie their hands together.”

Hearing Su Xiao’s request, Xi Lo Lo was hesitating.

“If they resist…, boss, I am weak.”

“Just do it, if they resist, I will deal with them.”

Soon, the four contractors were blindfolded, their hands were tied behind their backs, and they were forced to kneel side by side.

Su Xiao found a chair and sat down behind the four. The rest of people in the room looked at him with questioning gazes.

Crushing Fairy appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, the surface of the large revolver was glinting with a faint red light.

“I’ll give you three seconds to consider.”

The four blindfolded contractors didn’t understand what he meant.

“One, two.”

“Wait, even if you threaten us, we will not compromise. Unless we sign a contract, what can we do if you decide to kill us after we pay you?”

The rightmost contractor spoke hurriedly.


Su Xiao aimed at the contractor’s head with Crushing Fairy and pulled the trigger.


A bullet formed by Kagune was shot from the gun, and hit the back of the contractor’s head.

The contractor’s head practically exploded, and blood was splashed on the other contractors.

“Ah! Ah!”

The three contractors screamed meaninglessly, and a contractor, who wasn’t too smart or couldn’t bear the pressure, surprisingly stood up and tried to flee.


The contractor who was running fell to the ground, a fist-sized hole in his chest.

The reason why this revolver was called ‘Crushing Fairy’ was that the Kagune bullets would burst after entering the enemy’s body.

Although that sacrificed some penetration, it was way more lethal.

The remaining two contractors knew that the other two had died, they got the notification from their temporary adventurer group.

Su Xiao did not really understand the four’s behavior. Since they had already been defeated, they had to bear the consequences. There were pretty much only two options.

The first was to fight to the death, dying with some measure of dignity.

The second was to to surrender. Since they had chosen to surrender, they had to bear the losses. If they continued talking nonsense, they would directly get the same result as the first choice.

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, let’s talk.”

“Yes, even…”

The two contractors had not finished talking, when Su Xiao fired two more times and killed the two.

It seemed that these people did not have too much money. After paying 5000 Paradise Coins, or equivalent items, they may not be able to survive in the Reincarnation Paradise.

After Su Xiao shot and killed the first contractor, the remaining three were as good as dead. Whether they handed over the Paradise Coins or not, Su Xiao would not let them go.

After he had fired that first shot, they had become enemies, and Su Xiao would not do such a silly thing like letting an enemy go.

Xi Lo Lo saw the whole process, she retreated into a corner, to her, Su Xiao looked just like a devil.

At this time, Xi Lo Lo was devastated. Just after entering this derivative world, she had witnessed Su Xiao fighting Kamishiro Rize and Gecko alone, with one of them dead and the other one running.

Since then, Xi Lo Lo had been afraid, because Su Xiao was not in the same faction as her.

Despite being tormented, Xi Lo Lo had survived to the end of this derivative world, but then something devastating happened, and the leader of her faction had surprisingly allied with a contractor of the enemy faction.

Xi Lo Lo, who was hiding in a corner, looked distraught, looking at the starry sky at a 45° angle, as if she would transform into a salted fish.

“How can this be possible? I have never heard of anyone who has allied with the enemy faction’s boss. So shameless.”

Xi Lo Lo’s eyes were teary, she was extremely confused.

Su Xiao did not care about Xi Lo Lo’s mood, his main task (3) had been completed.

[Congratulations to the hunter, you have completed the main line task (3), you are qualified to return. The remaining time in this world is 5 minutes.]

[We have detected that the hunter has accepted the ‘Hidden task: Source’. The return will be delayed for 5 days. During this period, the hunter can return to the Reincarnation Paradise at any time. If the ‘Hidden task: Source’ is not completed when you choose to return, the ‘Hidden task: Source’ will be considered failed.]

Now, Su Xiao only needed to complete the hidden task to return.


Two minutes ago, outside of a CCG branch building in the 20th district, a sneaky figure jumped out of the CCG branch building in the night.

The figure was wearing a black robe and a hood, and was chewing on something.

“At the least, these spiritual bombs will be enough to blow up this branch. Hahaha, I can harvest at least 10,000 Paradise Coins this time, no, it should be more than 20,000 Paradise Coins.”

After the black man moved away from the CCG branch, he took off his hood and revealed a withered face. If this guy were an actor of a zombie movie, he would not even need any makeup.

“Brother, I will become a big figure one day, so bless me, protect me in my body, hehehe.”

The zombie-like looking guy had a strange smile, because he was chewing on a black substance, black saliva flowed out of the holes on his face. They weren’t wound, they weren’t bleeding, so it was impossible for them to heal, something must have changed this guy’s face a great deal.

The night wind blew the wide cuffs of the zombie’s cloak, and on his arm, there were two Reincarnation Marks.

Each contractor could only have one mark, but this zombie-like guy had two, and the two marks were connected.

That was the zombie guy’s brother’s mark. They were twin brothers, and their talent skills were very cool. They had the same talent, which was called ‘heart reflecting heart’.

In the world of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’, zombie guy and his brother were caught by an alchemist.

The direction of the alchemist’s research was the fusion of human’s bodies. In the eyes of the alchemist, if he were to fuse two people, the resulting human would be stronger.

Moreover, the alchemist’s research had been recognized by the state. If it was successful, a powerful warrior would have been created. By refining more than a dozen people, if successful, the resulting person could be used to fight other alchemists.

Therefore, zombie guy and his brother were refined, and despite the test failing, zombie guy had luckily survived.

Although his appearance had turned weird, he had gained two reincarnation marks. But after that, the character of zombie guy gradually distorted, he killed children, slaughtered whole families in the derivative worlds, only keeping women alive for his enjoyment, which was something he often did.

Two reincarnation marks had appeared on one person’s body, which meant that zombie guy could receive two identical tasks at the same time. Additionally, the chance of getting treasure boxes by killing enemies doubled, and the rewards for opening treasure chests doubled as well, because he represented two people.

For every benefit, there also needed to be something paid: The refinement had turned the zombie guy’s body almost necrotic. To repair it, he would need to pay a high price. His strength, agility and charm attributes could not be strengthened anymore. Only his intelligence could be improved.

However, after strengthening his intelligence attribute, the zombie guy tragically had to find out that he did not have the talent to become a sorcerer. He could not perceive what the sorcerers called the basic magical element, so he found another way. He purchased the skill to make spiritual bombs, which could also be used and improved with his intelligence attribute.

The two reincarnation marks caused the Reincarnation Paradise to notice the zombie guy, who randomly killed both in the real world and in the derivative worlds, making the Reincarnation Paradise decide to remove this instability. Just like that, he was put on the hunting list.

The zombie guy was hidden in a dirty corner, his nose was not really sensitive anymore, so he did not care about the stink around him. He was waiting for more people to enter the 20th district before he detonated the spiritual bombs.

Or maybe zombie guy was waiting for Su Xiao to come to the 20th district, it was the key point of the original plot after all. Many contractors liked to look for tasks here, or go to Anteiku, the coffee shop, to get closer to the original characters.

At this time, zombie guy’s body suddenly stiffened, he looked at the message incredulously.

“The main mission has failed? How is it possible! Those dumbasses are dead? I have worked hard to lay out the bombs and was just waiting for the opportunity to blow up that CCG contractor. This is impossible, impossible!”

Zombie face’s emotions were out of control, he was waving his arms randomly.

Then, dense cracks appeared on zombie face’s hands, and a cold voice appeared in his ear.

[Detecting that contractor 12470 (12471)’s main line task failed. Beginning execution process.]

[Since contractor 12470 (12471) has two reincarnation marks, the speed of the execution is doubled.]

More and more cracks appeared, zombie guy’s whole body began to crack and split, revealing some dry muscle tissue.

“Brother, I will accompany you. Damn Reincarnation Paradise, I knew that you wanted me to die, I thought that this world was too easy, but it’s a fucking trap!”

Zombie guy gradually calmed down, before he died a few seconds later. He had wanted to die since a long time ago, since he fell into the hands of the alchemist with the burned face.

Zombie guy’s body broke more and more, until he turned into dust. The body and soul had completely disappeared.

Actually, to complete a hunting mission, the hunter didn’t even have to kill the target by him or herself. Giving the Reincarnation Paradise a valid reason to execute the target was also possible, resulting in the Reincarnation Paradise immediately executing the offender.