Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 122: Everyone has their purposes.

In the Aogiri tree’s stronghold, Su Xiao became confused because of the tips reincarnation paradise gave.

[Hint: The hunter successfully kills the offender, and the hunting mission is completed.]

[This hunting is completed by the hunter assists to the reincarnation paradise. In view of the first time, for the hunter to complete the hunting mission, we will give the full reward.]

[You get the Bronze honored medal x1.]

[Because the hunter receives the ‘Bronze honored medal’, the honor store will open after the hunter return to the reincarnation paradise (Location: Hunter’s exclusive room)

[Bronze honored medal]

Introduction: You can redeem items in the honor store.


A series of hints made Su Xiao confused, hunting task was completed? What is the perceived range in one kilometer? What exactly did the offender look like?

Scratching his head, though Su Xiao did not understand, the current situation became completely clear.

The main task and the hunting task were completed. He could return at any time, but he must complete the ‘hidden task: source‘ first if this hidden task failed, he would have his attributes reduced.

Regarding the hunting mission, Su Xiao was not confused anymore, and he had some clues.

If his main task (3) fails, he will be forcibly executed. It could be seen that the contractors of the ghoul camp will face the same fate if their main task (3) fails. The offender should be executed forcibly because his main task failed.

It could be seen that the reincarnation paradise must not like those who offended the rules, and will kill them when it had opportunities.

Su Xiao looked up at Xi lolo in the corner, the sight was clearly saying, ‘Why are you still alive?’

Pay attention to Su Xiao’s sight, Xi lolo stood up her back straight and took out a parchment full of cracks.

“I have this, the work must have! Even if the main task fails, I will not be forcibly executed, but there are no clearance rewards, the workers will contribute silently to the reincarnation paradise so they can redeem the ‘mission failure exemption ticket’, 4000 paradise coins per paper, I will not deceive you.”

Su Xiao’s eyes widen at the sight, the ticket that could exempt from the main line task punishment? This was a good thing.

“You cannot use that, only workers could use ‘Mission failure exemption ticket’.

This is our exclusive benefit.”

Su Xiao finally understood, workers only needed to survive as long as the task finished. It will be good if they are able to complete the main task. If they fail to complete, they will lose at most 4,000 park coins.

Xi lolo looked for someone to protect her and also took out 5000 paradise coins to buy her life, and now she had ticket worth of 4000 park coins. How many paradise coins did she have?

Workers in the derivative world = richer + the top goal of kidnapping.

It seemed that the profit of doing business in the reincarnation paradise was not small, but unfortunately, the time he stayed in the reincarnation paradise was not long, and he needed to use that precious time to improve his strength.

Between winning the currency and improving his strength, Su Xiao will choose to improve his strength.

“Goodbye, boss, I gained my life again.”

Xi lolo’s body gradually became transparent, and a space crack appeared behind her, then Xi lolo disappeared.

This amazing scene, except for Su Xiao, the other people in the room were unaware of.

Now Su Xiao could return as long as he completed the ‘hidden task: the source’.

The stresses were swept away, Su Xiao suddenly felt relaxed.

“Byakuya, the thing I promised you have been already done, now it is time to leave.”

Arima Kisho spoke, even if Arima Kisho doesn’t speak, Su Xiao will take the initiative to ask.

“Takatsuki Sen, how are those things prepared?”

Arima Kisho looked at Takatuki Sen.

“It’s already prepared, most of them come from China, the United States, and Germany. Although they cost a lot of money, they are very advanced.” 

The dialogue between the two made Su Xiao confused, Takatsuki Sen did not explain, and took them to the lower level of the stronghold.

Five people came to the front of the basement in the stronghold, many ghouls were guarded in front of the basement. These ghouls’ equipment were exaggerated, and some them even carried the RPG rocket launcher.

“Aogiri tree has this kind of weapons, why do not you take them to fight with CCG.”

Su Xiao spoke out the doubts in his mind.

“We don’t dare.”

Takatsuki Sen’s answer made Su Xiao stunned.

“we used these a few years ago, but after we were bombarded by a small missile, we did not use these anymore. We don’t use large-scale hot weapons, CCG will not use it as well. This is the rule between us.”

Su Xiao got it, they were afraid because of being bombarded by missiles. Sometimes he had sympathy for Aogiri tree. They had to deal with passionate Investigators on the bright side, there were some occasional attacks from the V organization or the military on the dark side, the extent of their misfortune was extremely high.

Five people entered the basement, the incandescent lights turned on, the scene Su Xiao saw made him have some doubts about whether he entered an arsenal.

There were a lot of various munitions on the walls of the basement. There were hundreds of long and short firearms, heavy machine guns, assault rifles, light and heavy sniper rifles and so on.

On a container in the center of the room, there were various explosives. After seeing these explosives, Su Xiao’s eyes could not remove.

His shooting skill was ‘too accurate’, he basically could not shot at the target every time, so he preferred the big power bombs more, throwing out a powerful top machine bomb for a long time.

“Choose it casually, once we have these weapons, it will make it easier for us after getting inside, at least we do not need to worry about the threat from primitive ghouls.”

When Takatsuki Sen was talking, she had picked up a heavy machine gun and carried it behind. She thought for a while and picked up two handguns in the holster on her calf, and then began to carry a large number of belts and pistol clips.

Arima Kisho and the priest also began to choose various firearms. Arata Kirishima stood at the door with embarrassment, as if he could not use firearms.

Su Xiao took an olive green bag which was long and kept throwing the bombs inside, though he put a lot into the bag, he still did not fill up the bag.

After his hand reached into the bag, he put a few bombs in the bag and put one of them into the storage space. He had a different purpose from Arima Kisho who wanted to destroy the ‘source,’ and he wanted to get the ‘source’.

Soon, the bag was filled, Su Xiao’s waist hung with more than a dozen bombs for using conveniently.

Takatsuki Sen frowned and looked at the big bag in Su Xiao’s hand.

“You don’t use guns?”

“My shooting skill, how could I say, it will shoot randomly after the distance is tens of meters.”

Takatsuki Sen did not speak anymore. After everyone selected their firearms, they took on a van and went straight to the 24th district.

The van was very bumpy, Su Xiao was somewhat frustrated.

After arriving at the 24th district, the van did not drive to the underground entrance, but to a desolate place.

In the vicinity of a large stone which was a few meters in diameter, a dark hole appeared.

Needless to say, this must be the entrance that Aogiri tree digs to the underground passage leading to the 24th district.

Entering it, under the guide from Takatsuki Sen, five people rushed to the center city.

It should take a few hours to get there originally. After a clear route, the five people arrived in front of the entrance to the underground central city in just two hours.

Looking down at the entrance, there were many common ordinary ghouls in the center city, the well was blown up, primitive ghouls were killed by Su Xiao and Arima Kisho, and these ordinary ghouls returned to their homes.

Su Xiao was hesitant. What could they do if ghouls in the center city rush up, but he suddenly relieves after feeling the heavy weight of the bag in his hands?

He could just kill them by bombs. What’s more, he had Takatsuki Sen, the king of the ghouls beside him. If she can’t control these ghouls, she will be better to go to hit a piece of tofu to die. 

Five people entered the central city, Su Xiao and Arima Kisho immediately cause a large group of ghouls’ panic.

Different from the imagination, these ghouls did not have any idea to fight, they were just afraid because most of their companions were killed by Arima Kisho in the accumulation of time.

Takatsuki Sen looked at the group of ghouls who had escaped, her sight had some sadness.

“Go, let’s go to the steel passage, even if the top of the well is blown up, we can reach the middle of the well there, we have to go deep into ‘hell’.”

Five people came to a steel building in the central city. After Gao Xiaoquan pressed a few buttons on the wall of the room, the sound of mechanical operation sounded in the room, and a steel channel with a diagonally downward direction appeared on the ground in the center of the room.

Five people stood in front of the steel passage, they had to go deep into the unknown depth and entered an extremely dangerous area.

The five people came differently, and their personality was also very different.

Su Xiao: he was lazy usually, but he could hurt the enemy’s key point using the sword in the battle, once he could cut off the enemy’s head, he will not miss the chance.

Takatsuki Sen: She was lively and emotional in the human state, but will become a killer and brutal after transforming into kakuja state.

Arima Kisho: He did not have an expression on his face most of the time, because the remaining life of the semi-human body physique was not much.

Arata Kirishima: Positive, warm man, he will be harmonious to whoever he spoke, the strength was unknown.

The priest: He usually smiled, the intention was unknown. Although he looked like a loving old man, he was actually shrewd.

Su Xiao glanced around the four people, his eyes were flashing, he was thinking about the true purpose of these guys.

Among them, there were three people who need to be kept watch at most. The degree of prevention was that Arima Kisho was the third, the second was the priest, and the first one was Arata Kirishima!

A ghoul who had been imprisoned by CCG for many years as a ‘kakuhou grower’, will his mental state still be positive? This was very doubtful.

Those five people became a team may have five purposes. This was very interesting. Who will be the ultimate winner?

Su Xiao will bet his life, he bet himself to win.