Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 123: This was very exciting.

“Before we set off, I have a suggestion, but I don’t know whether you will accept it.”

Standing in front of the steel passage, the priest rarely gave an opinion. Su Xiao slightly narrowed his eyes. Will the shrewd priest finally show his purpose? Su Xiao thought in mind.

Several people were silent, waiting for the priest’s words.

” then I will say.”

The priest’s attitude was modest, the smile that kept on his face made people wonder what he was thinking.

“The strength of the four is unquestionable, but we will in deeply dangerous after we entered deeper underground. Since we formed a team, we should choose the leader, so that the combat efficiency will be greatly improved, we can also avoid the internal conflicts.”

When it came to that, the priest smiled at everyone.

“Good advice, but we have to listen to everyone’s opinion if we choose the leader, how about oral voting? It can save time.”

Arata Kirishima stopped, showing a sunny smile.



“I do not mind.”

Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen were taking the lead in making a statement. Su Xiao thought everyone could be the leader. If he is right, he will definitely lose because there are two people who will not choose him accounted in a large proportion.

“Then let’s start the oral voting. Let me first. I choose Arima Kisho.”

Arata Kirishima was the first to choose, Arima Kisho saved him after all, so the choice seemed normal.

“I choose Donato Porupora.”

Arima Kisho chose the priest with an unclear intention.

“I choose myself.”

After Takatsuki Sen selected, she chuckled. It was already the fact that Arima Kisho will become the captain. In her opinion, the priest and Su Xiao will definitely choose Arima Kisho.

“I voted for Takatsuki Sen.”

“I chose Takatsuki Sen.”

Su Xiao and the priest spoke at the same time, and the other three were stunned.

Takatsuki Sen was a little confused, the two men did not choose Arima Kisho.

Su Xiao and the priest looked at each other, Su Xiao sighed: “A cunning person is a cunning person.”

Before Su Xiao voted, the priest had voted, Takatsuki Sen had voted, and Arima Kisho had voted.

If the priest votes himself, the priest may become the captain, which is the situation what Su Xiao did not want to see, so he could only choose between Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen.

The intention of Arima Kisho was unknown, he surprisingly voted for the priest. The intention of Takatsuki Sen could be confirmed that was revenge. So Su Xiao voted for Takatsuki Sen.

The priest, the cunning person, did not reveal his purpose, he surprisingly also voted for Takatsuki Sen.

At the end of the voting, Takatsuki Sen became the captain with a stunned expression. Since the captain had been elected, they were about to start the action.

Takatsuki Sen was most familiar with the route, and as the host of the central city, she was now the captain. She naturally took the lead and entered the steel passage first.

After that was Arima Kisho, the priest and so on, and Su Xiao entered the steel passage at the end.

Ghouls’ had kagune on their backs which could defend against the enemy’s attack from the back, but he was a human, he did not want anyone walking behind him.

The slope of the steel channel was not small, the surface was full of green moss, they did not need to walk at all, just tilt their bodies to keep the body balance and slid down.

Hiss, hiss.

In addition to the sound of sliding sound on the steel passage, there was silence, Su Xiao took out dragon flash. If there was an accident, he could use the dragon flash to defend. 

The steel passages were getting steeper and steeper, the speed of sliding was accelerating, the entire steel passage twisted and turned, Takatsuki Sen in front held a flashlight with strong light.

“How long have we slid?”

Arima Kisho spoke.

“Five minutes, you have to be careful after ten minutes. If you can’t stop, you will fall into the well, and you will die.”

Su Xiao was shocked when he heard the conversation between the two. His speed of sliding was not slow now. This speed surprisingly had to last for 15 minutes.

And listen to the meaning of the two, the steel channel directly connected to the well, if he accidentally slides directly into the well, he will die.

Now they were like drifting in a river. The end of the river was a deep abyss. What is more terrible was the river was oblique. It was really exciting.

Sliding for eight minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes!

“Everyone finds ways to stop.”

Takatsuki Sen in front shouted.

“Hey, Arima Kisho, you kick my waist.”

“Sorry, I cannot open Quinque in time.”

Su Xiao in the end inserted dragon flash into the metal layer of the channel, fires splashed. He stopped after sliding for a few meters.

The priest and Arata Kirishima stopped using their kagune.

The priest was koukaku ghoul and kakuhou on his back shoulder, the kagune’s appearance was a sharp cone.

Arata Kirishima was also a koukaku ghoul, but his kagune was a bit strange. The Kagune wrapped up Arata Kirishima’s hands which formed two blue-black claws.

Seeing Arata Kirishima’s kagune , Su Xiao frowned, he had killed many ghouls, but he had never seen the kagune in this kind texture, this kind of kagune let Su Xiao immediately think of the Quinque Shi, except for the color was slightly different the two had no difference.

”Takatsuki Sen, how far does the metal channel goes?”

The strong flashlight shined towards the end of the passage.

“There are more than one hundred meters, the time is calculated accurately.”

They used their means to move slowly, and Takatsuki Sen first reached to the end of the passage.

“Oh, this is really exciting, I’m going to jump.”

Takatsuki Sen was at the forefront, Su Xiao at the end of the team could not see what happened.

After a heavy thud, Takatsuki Sen’s sound came.

“No problem, it looked just like before.”

After a while, another sound came, it was Arima Kisho.

“jumping in the wrong direction will definitely kill you.”

It was Arata Kirishima’s voice.

Another heavy thud, the priest behind Arata Kirishima approached forward.

From Su Xiao’s point of view, he could only see Arata Kirishima jumped into the darkness, and a heavy thud came.

After the turn of the priest jumped, Su Xiao finally saw what happened.

This steel passage linked the well’s wall, and the edge was a bottomless well. If he falls down, he will need the ability to fly. Otherwise, he will definitely die.

On the wall of the wall opposite to the steel passage, there was a row of downwardly iron stairs spread, the iron stairs were fixed on the wall of the well, was about a half meter wide.

What the priest was doing now was to jump out of the steel passage, jumped through the well with a dozen meters wide, and grabbed the iron stairs that was only a half meter wide.

The difficulty was not small, any mistake will cause death!

The priest, who was always smiling, could not smile at this time.

“Byakuya, can you help me to demonstrate first?”

“I am afraid of height.”

If the priest does not jump, Su Xiao does not mind to kick him, he is behind him, it will be very convenient.

“Okay then.”

The priest took a deep breath and jumped out in a few steps.

The heavy thud. The priest succeeded in grabbing the iron stairs in the opposite side.

Now it came to Su Xiao, he put up the dragon flash. He first took a deep breath and looked at the bottomless well. If there is a person who is afraid of height, the person will have the situations of powerlessness, dizziness, and contraction of the bladder.

Su Xiao could not fly, if he makes mistakes, he will become a piece of muddy flesh.

However, he felt that the height of the bottomless well was enough for his time to return.

Su Xiao stepped back for a few steps, squatting, exerting strength under his feet, the moss on the steel passage was slippery, which undoubtedly increased the difficulty of jumping.

He quickly rushed forward, only the rusty iron ladder left in his eyes, and then jumping by full strength.

Jumping in midair, Su Xiao vaguely had the illusion of flying, stretching his arms forward and grasping the iron stairs precisely.

Bump, bump!

Through the time for corrosion, the rusty iron stairs became very fragile, the iron stairs were broken.