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R.P Chapter 123: This Was Very Exciting [EDITED]

“Before we set off, I have a suggestion, please hear me out.”

He stopped in front of the steel passage. Priest rarely talked, so Su Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. Would that shrewd priest finally show his true purpose?

The group went silent, waiting for Priest’s words.

“I will tell you now.”

Priest’s attitude was modest, his smile caused people to wonder what he was thinking.

“The strength of each one of us is unquestionable, but we will venture into dangerous territory once we enter that tunnel. Since we are a team, we should choose a leader, so that our combat efficiency will be improved. That should also help us avoid internal conflicts.”

At this point, Priest smiled at everyone.

“Good thinking, but we have to listen to everyone’s opinion if we choose a leader. How about we vote? That’ll be quick enough.”

Kirishima Arata said, showing a sunny smile.


“I Agree.”

“I don’t mind.”

Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen were the first to agree. Su Xiao didn’t care who would be the leader. As he saw things, he would definitely lose the vote, because there were two people who would never choose him.

“Then let’s start the voting. Let me go first. I choose Arima Kisho.”

Kirishima Arata was the first to choose, and Arima Kisho had saved him after all, so the choice seemed obvious.

“I choose Donato Porupora.”

Arima Kisho chose Priest, his intentions unclear.

“I choose myself.”

After Takatsuki Sen voted, she chuckled. It was already fact that Arima Kisho would become the captain. In her opinion, Priest and Su Xiao would definitely choose Arima Kisho.

“I vote for Takatsuki Sen.”

“I choose Takatsuki Sen.”

Su Xiao and Priest spoke at the same time, stunning the other three.

Takatsuki Sen was a little confused because the two did not choose Arima Kisho.

Su Xiao and Priest looked at each other. Su Xiao sighed: “What a cunning guy.”

Before Su Xiao voted, Kirishima Arata had voted, Takatsuki Sen had voted, and Arima Kisho had voted.

If Priest voted for himself, he may even become the leader, which was something that Su Xiao did not want to see, so he could only choose between Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen.

The intentions of Arima Kisho were unknown, he surprisingly had voted for Priest. The intentions of Takatsuki Sen were confirmed to be revenge, so Su Xiao voted for Takatsuki Sen.

Priest, that cunning person, did not reveal his true purpose, he surprisingly also voted for Takatsuki Sen.

At the end of the voting, Takatsuki Sen had become the captain with a stunned expression. Since a leader had been elected, they were about to start the action.

Takatsuki Sen was the most familiar with the route, so she naturally took the lead and entered the steel passage first.

After that was Arima Kisho, then Priest and Kirishima Arata, Su Xiao was the last one to enter the passage.

The ghouls had their Kagune on their backs, which allowed them to defend against attacks from behind, but he was a human, he did not want anyone of them to walk behind him.

The slope of the steel channel was quite steep and the surface was overgrown with green moss, they did not need to walk at all, they just tilted their bodies to keep their balance and slid down.

Besides the sound of the sliding, there was silence, but Su Xiao still took out Dragon Flash. If anything happened, he could use Dragon Flash to defend himself.

The steel passage was getting steeper and steeper, their slide was accelerating. The entire steel passageway twisted and turned, and only Takatsuki Sen in the front held a bright flashlight.

“How long have we slid already?”

Arima Kisho spoke.

“Five minutes. You have to be careful after ten more minutes. If you can’t stop, you will fall into the well and die.”

Su Xiao was shocked when he heard the conversation between the two. They weren’t slow, and still had to slide for 15 minutes.

And according to their conversation, the steel channel directly connected to the well. If he were to accidentally slide directly into the well, he would die.

It was like they were drifting in a steep river. At the end of the river was a deep abyss. It was really exciting.

They slid for eight minutes, then ten minutes, until they had been sliding for fifteen minutes!

“Everyone, find a way to stop.”

Takatsuki Sen, in the lead, shouted.

“Hey, Arima Kisho, you kicked me.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t open my Quinque in time.”

Su Xiao, at the back, stabbed Dragon Flash into the metal layer of the tunnel, making sparks. He stopped after sliding a few more meters.

Priest and Kirishima Arata stopped by using their Kagune.

Priest was Koukaku-type ghoul and had his Kakuhou on his shoulder blades, his Kagune’s appearance was that of a sharp cone.

Kirishima Arata was also a Koukaku ghoul, but his Kagune was a bit strange. The Kagune wrapped around Kirishima Arata’s hands, forming two blue-black claws.

Seeing Kirishima Arata’s Kagune, Su Xiao frowned. He had killed many ghouls, but he had never seen Kagune with this kind of texture. These Kagune immediately had Su Xiao think of the Quinque ‘Shi’, except that the color was slightly different the two looked practically the same.

“Takatsuki Sen, how far does the metal channel go?”

The strong flashlight shone towards the end of the passage.

“There are about one hundred meters left, we stopped in time.”

They used their means to move slowly, and Takatsuki Sen was the first to reach the end of the passage.

“Oh, this is really exciting, I’m going to jump.”

Takatsuki Sen was at the front, Su Xiao, at the end of the team, could not see what happened.

After a heavy thud, Takatsuki Sen’s voice came.

“No problem, it looks just like before.”

After a while, another sound came, it was Arima Kisho.

“Jumping in the wrong direction will definitely kill you.”

That was Kirishima Arata’s voice.

Another heavy thud, Priest, wo was behind Kirishima Arata moved forward.

From Su Xiao’s point of view, he could only see Kirishima Arata jump into the darkness, and heard a heavy thud.

As it was Priest’s turn to jump, Su Xiao finally saw what happened.

This steel passage was linked to the well’s wall, and the edge was a bottomless well. If he were to fall down, he would need the ability to fly. Otherwise, he would definitely die.

On the wall opposite to the steel passage, there was a iron ladder, about half a meter wide.

What Priest was doing now, was trying to jump out of the steel passage, jump across the well, which was easily a dozen meters wide, and grab the ladder, which was only half a meter wide.

The difficulty was not small, any mistake would cause death!

Priest, who was always smiling, could not smile at this time.

“Byakuya, can you demonstrate for me?”

“I am afraid of heights.”

If Priest did not jump, Su Xiao wouldn’t mind kicking him down. It would be very inconvenient to let Priest behind him.

“Okay then.”

Priest took a deep breath, made a few steps to accelerate and jumped.

The heavy thud echoed. Priest succeeded and grabbed the ladder at the opposite side.

Now it came to Su Xiao. He put Dragon Flash away, then took a deep breath and looked at the bottomless well. If a person afraid of heights were present, that person would surely despair at the sight.

Su Xiao could not fly, if he made a mistake, he would turn into a pile of muddy flesh.

However, he felt that the fall to the end of the bottomless well was long enough for him to return.

Su Xiao took a few steps, squatted down, then exerted his strength. The moss on the steel passage was slippery, which increased the difficulty of jumping.

He quickly rushed forward, focusing on the rusty iron ladder, and then jumped with all his strength.

In midair, Su Xiao had the illusion of flying, he stretched his arms forward and precisely grasped the ladder.


Through the time and corrosion, the rusty iron of the ladder had become very fragile, and just like that, the rung broke off.