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R.P Chapter 124: Firepower!

The body fell, Su Xiao immediately threw away the broken iron stairs in his hand.

At this time, if your mental quality is too low, you will immediately close your eyes, but Su Xiao’s eyes opened, looking in front.

his palm hooked, Su Xiao tried to hook forward, a feeling of touching an object appeared, his palm immediately gripped closely.


The iron stairs that he caught was bent because it was pulled, his right arm was in pain because it was pulled, the strength of falling changed.

With a bump sound came, Su Xiao’s whole body hit on the iron stairs.

The crisis was over, Su Xiao rolled his eyes. The iron stairs he just grabbed was actually broken. It was unlucky.

As for whether someone had made some traps. Su Xiao immediately denied because he had not gone deep into the underground and it was not the time to infight. 

Looking down, the others had climbed down far, maybe they heard the sound, and the four people looked up.

No greetings, no one even talked, and the four men looked down and continued to climb down.

Su Xiao did not care about the four’s attitude. Everyone had their own purposes. It was normal for them to leave when their teammates had troubles.

However, they should continue to cooperate for a period of time, the five people needed each other’s strength.

A long climb began, Su Xiao had forgotten how long did he go down, a half hour? One hour?.

After a long time, the strong flashlight came up, and Takatsuki Sen had arrived at the bottom of the well.

When Su Xiao stepped on the ground, he only felt his arms sore, and he took out a strong flashlight to observe the surrounding.

The bottom of the well was very empty. Occasionally, they could see half of the pile of bones buried in the soil. It should be some primitive ghouls who climbed up fell down to die. After that, the top of the well was blown up, some soil was dropped to bury the bones.

On the side wall in the well, a metal door with several meters in diameter appeared. The metal door was rusted and had four kinds of patterns at the center.

A weird fish with a fat head and a thin tail, a snake, opened mouth, an exquisite crown, and a row of English letters CCE.

Four patterns were caved in the center of the metal door. Su Xiao went up and found that the four patterns could move, there were dozens of small slides under those patterns.

Arima Kisho went forward and moved the crown pattern to the top, CCE was below, followed by a strange fish, the fourth was the snake.

Bang, the metal door swayed and opened slowly.

Crown, CCE, fish, snake, what did this sequence represent, the CCE among seemed to have relationships with CCG.

There were too few clues, and now these things could not be connected.

Entering into the metal door, Su Xiao found that there was a different place inside of the door.

An underground space appeared. This underground space was at least ten meters high, and there was no end. The top planted flowers that could glow, making the underground space not dark.

There was a sparse stone forest in front, a large group of primitive ghouls gathered in the stone forest suddenly.

The sound of opening the metal door made some primitive ghouls look at the five people. Except for Su Xiao, everyone else raised all kinds of firearms in their hands.

The primitive ghouls were shocked to form a chain reaction. In the beginning, only a few dozen primitive ghouls were rushed forward, but these primitive ghouls’ roars attracted the other primitive ghouls’ attention in the distance.


Innumerable roars came after primitive ghouls saw five people, they seemed to be violent, rushing to them with their limbs stepped on the ground.

“Bump, bump, bump…”

A few people did not think too much, they pulled the trigger gradually. Su Xiao took out a bomb and threw it after.


The explosion sound came far in the wide and empty underground space, and some of the primitive ghouls were blown up and flew high.

With strong firepower and the geographical advantage of the metal door, several people stopped the attacks of thousands of primitive ghouls and killed primitive ghouls in large numbers.

The bomb Su Xiao threw attracted primitive ghouls who were far away.

The fire never stopped, the explosion sounded in succession. The fight reached the climax when they just entered the underground space.

The smoke rose, and the smell of gunpowder simulated the olfactory nerves.

Perhaps they had known that this will happen, Arima Kisho and others had brought a lot of bullets, the dense bullets almost formed a barrage.

“Boom, boom, bump, bump.”

The firepower lasted for 5 minutes, a large piece of primitive ghouls’ bodies was piled up not far away.

After being attacked by this kind of firepower, the number of primitive ghouls decreased rapidly, no longer after, no new primitive ghouls appeared.

Sure enough, the powerful hot weapon was the best way to deal with the ghouls.

Arima Kisho threw away the firearms that had their gun barrels’ became red. All bullets were almost exhausted, there were only three bombs in Su Xiao bag.

“The effect is good, it’s fortunate that we have prepared.”

Takatsuki Sen also threw away the gun in her hand. After this battle, she could only rely on kagune and Quinque.

As for why did not she carry more bullets or bring members of Aogiri tree, it was because of the ten meters gap between the steel passages and iron stairs.

The steel passage was not that wide so the large equipment could not be brought there. If the strength is not enough, the person will not be able to jump over a gap more than ten meters wide. Even if you jump over it, you may not be able to catch the iron stairs.

What’s more, during the trip, insufficient strength may drag others down. 

Arima Kisho led them to walk into the stone forest. Arima Kisho seemed to know the route and go straight to the east.

When they passed by a column which was erected, Su Xiao pressed on the column by one hand, rustle, some gravel fell. This place may have existed for many years.

“Compared to the last time I went here, this time is really smooth, sure enough, the weapons that human invented are even more terrible.”

The priest sighed, the old guy has surprisingly come here, listening to his tone, he didn’t come here smoothly last time.

”It’s not difficult to pass here. The next level will be hell, a hot region.”

Takatsuki Sen looked serious as if she recalled some bad memories.

After walking for about ten minutes, everyone walked out of the stone forest. Su Xiao obviously felt that the temperature began to rise, his forehead had already sweated.

As they gradually moved forward, Su Xiao found that the glowing vines on the top began to wither, and the number decreased.

Although the illuminating vines began to be less, the surroundings were not dark, and a dark red ray came from a far distance.

The temperature was getting higher and higher, Su Xiao even felt stuffy, he simply took off his shirt and threw away the windbreaker covered by rust and green moss.

Taking out a bottle of the fresh water, Su Xiao drank it all, after that he found that the other people were looking at him.

“I didn’t expect that Byakuya brought drinking water. How about sharing with me?”

It seemed that the priest also felt hot, the old face was full of sweat. They carried too many bullets and no space to bring water.

“I only brought a bottle, and I drank all of it.”

After that, Su Xiao also threw away the bag in his hand, the temperature around was getting higher and higher. If the bombs in the bag explode, it will be ridiculous.

After walking for a few minutes, the underground space was getting narrower, only a few tens meters left.

After getting here, Su Xiao finally understood why it was so hot, there was a lava lake in front of them.

The dark red lava was blinding their eyes and shined, there were some bubbles coming out from time to time.

Su Xiao was sweating all over his body. If he stays for a while, he will be in danger of dehydration.

The lava lake blocked their roads. The meaning of Arima Kisho was obvious. Continue to move forward. How could they pass this lava lake?

Using kagune to resist? Don’t dream about it, lava could burn kagune in three seconds, ghouls were very weak when they were in front of the great power of nature.

After scanning around, Su Xiao seemed to find a route.

“We are not passing from there, right?”

Su Xiao pointed at a steep cliff beside the lava lake. There was a stone road with 20 centimeters wide on the cliff. The stone road was narrow but very neat. It seemed to be cut out by someone.

There were a few iron pipes could be seen on the cliff. There should be a bridge here. The bridge had disappeared because the lava had eroded it for a long time, leaving only 20-centimeter wide stone road and several iron pipes.

“Two years ago, the bridge was still there. It seems that we’re unfortunate. The opposite stone platform should be our ultimate goal. I have searched for other locations, there is no other way.”

Arima Kisho pointed to a stone platform in dozens of meters away. The area of the stone platform was not small, and it looked at least a few hundred meters. Because of the position, Su Xiao stayed, Su Xiao could not see what was on the stone platform.

“I’m captain, let me do it first.”

Takatsuki Sen climbed up the cliff first, climbing for a dozen meters high, and stepped on the stone road that was only 20 centimeters wide. Her posture at this time was backed by the stone wall as she moved forward.

The lava was about ten meters below, the hot temperature made Takatsuki Sen hardly open her eyes, and her face became red immediately.

As the original team sequence, Arima Kisho was the second person to climb the cliff, after were the priest and Arata Kirishima, and then was Su Xiao.

When Su Xiao was leaning against the stone wall, and his foot stepped on only a narrow road with 20 centimeters wide, he finally understood what Takatsuki Sen meant the ‘hot hell’.

If his vitality was below 10 points, he might have fainted because of the temperature.

This was more exciting than jumping into the well before, one mistake and he will fall into the lava. Su Xiao could make sure that the lava below could burn him into a charred body in two seconds.