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R.P Chapter 125: Knight [EDITED]

Su Xiao’s body stayed close to the cliff, he side-stepped to gradually move forward.

Looking at the other four people, he noticed they were staring at the lava lake as if there was something horrible inside.

Although the current position was dangerous, it was not too dangerous, as long as they were cautious. So, these four guys may know something they didn’t tell him about.

Su Xiao was no longer keeping an eye on his feet, and began to pay attention to the lava lake below.


A bubble, as big as a washbasin, appeared on the lava lake and popped, splattering the lava quite high.

Fizzle, Fizzle.

The splashing lava hit Priest’s leg, creating black smoke and spreading the smell of burnt meat.

Priest grit his teeth because of the pain, but did make a sound.

Su Xiao frowned tightly. Was there something in the lava lake?

“Priest, are you okay?”

Arata Kirishima looked at Priest worriedly.

Priest’s face changed drastically, and he stared at Arata Kirishima.

“No problem. Remember, the hearing of that thing is sensitive.”

The voice of Priest just stopped as bubbles appeared on the lava lake.

Fizzle, fizzle.

The lava surged, as if a giant creature floated up in the lava lake. The other four people, except for Su Xiao, stopped in place, close to the cliff.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao’s eyes grew cold. These guys knew something and did not tell him. Thinking for a while, he slowly leaned forwards over the cliff n the cliff and even slowed down his breath.


The lava in the lake rose up to the sky, and splashed more than ten meters around.

Several small pieces of lava splashed on the five’s bodies. Su Xiao immediately closed his eyes and turned his face aside.


A few small pieces of lava splashed on him. As the lava touched the skin, his flesh was instantly burnt.

Su Xiao did not move and grit his teeth to endure the pain, because he saw Arata Kirishima’s entire leg was covered with lava, but he still did not move.

Although his whole leg was covered by lava, Arata Kirishima looked the same as usual.

The lava slipped down, revealing that Arata Kirishima’s legs were wrapped in a layer of Kagune, which were burnt.

After the lava rose, a dark red object floated up in the center of the lava lake. It was spherical, four or five meters wide, and colored similar to that of the lava, but this thing was not made of lava.

Su Xiao carefully observed and noticed that the color of the thing was brighter than the lava.

Lava surged, several tentacles emerged from the lava around the spherical object.

This thing was like an octopus, but why was the octopus in the lava? This was too unscientific.

How did that creature survive in the horrible temperature of the lava, or perhaps it was not a creature in the first place?

Su Xiao didn’t want to know what it was. He only knew that the strength of the thing was terribly high. The four ghouls accompanying him were standing motionless and observed the unknown object in the lava.

Su Xiao stopped breathing. He was the farthest from that thing, so if it attacked them, the first victim would not be him.

The ‘octopus monster’ was swimming in the lava lake. It seemed that it had no vision though, it could only perceive people by sound.

In addition to the sound of lava surging, there was absolute silence. About ten minutes later, the ‘Octopus monster’ had not noticed anything and slowly sank into the lava lake.


Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Takatsuki Sen, the leader of the team, angrily stared at Arata Kirishima.

Arata Kirishima felt very sorry, and his burn marks made it hard for Takatsuki Sen to blame him.

Takatsuki Sen continued to move forward, the other three did the same.

Su Xiao slowly began to move after noticing the four ghoul’s actions. His footsteps were very light, and he stared at the lava lake.

He didn’t know whether the sound from Arata Kirishima was intentional or unintentional, only he himself knew it.

Ten minutes later, the five people finally arrived at the platform on the opposite side.

Su Xiao stepped on the ground and quickly walked away from the Lava Lake, just as the others.

About a hundred meters away, Su Xiao checked the burns on his body, all were flesh wounds, nothing serious.

“Arata Kirishima, are you not going to give us an explanation?”

Takatsuki Sen’s eyes turned red.

She even had the intention to kill him, it seemed that she was incredibly angry about what had just happened.

It was reasonable, the four of them were almost killed by Arata Kirishima’s actions.

Su Xiao did not speak, he just stood a bit away from the crowd, so in case the infighting started, he wouldn’t be splattered with blood.

“Miss Takatsuki Sen, I apologize for the incident. I didn’t expect the hearing of the monster to be so acute.”

Arata Kirishima looked guilty, he seemed to be willing to accept any punishment.


Takatsuki Sen just wanted to speak but was interrupted by Arima Kisho.

“Forget it.”

Arima Kisho’s intention was obvious, even if Arata Kirishima had another purpose, they could not fight now.

“Mistakes are inevitable. We are a team now, don’t hold a grudge.”

Priest also spoke to mediate the dispute.

Su Xiao, standing a small distance aside, looked at the situation and smiled coldly, snorting innerly. A team? These four guys had been here before, yet no one cautioned him to not to make any sounds during the walk to the lava lake, or that there was that horrible monster there.

This so-called team, after coming here, had collapsed halfway. Their minds and actions were not consistent.

This stone platform, which was several hundred meters in diameter, should be their destination. The moment when the ‘source’ was found would be the time the team disbanded completely.

By then, no one could be believed.

“Since we have arrived here, let’s talk about it. Where is the ‘source’? Let’s destroy it.”

Takatsuki Sen spoke.

Priest and other three people looked at each other and seemed to guess each other’s thoughts.

“This is the first time I have gone past the lava lake, I have not been here before.”

“Me too.”

“I have never been here.”

The three men expressed their opinions, they all said that they had not been there.

“Then let’s look for it separately.”

While Takatsuki Sen was speaking, she was already moving.

“I disagree.”

Su Xiao spoke. The other four turned around and looked at him.

“The efficiency of searching separately will indeed increase. But what can we do if we meet an enemy we can’t fight? How can you be sure that there are no enemies here?”

Su Xiao’s opinion was actually quite reasonable, but in reality, he was just worried that others would find the ‘source’ and destroy it. The hidden task would fail, and 3 points of each attribute would be deducted, which he couldn’t accept.

“I agree with Byakuya’s opinion.”

Arata Kirishima supported Su Xiao.

“I agree.”

Priest spoke.

“Then let’s look for it together.”

Takatsuki Sen, the so-called captain, also knew that she could not command anyone present, she still had to obey the majority.

The group walked deeper onto the stone platform. They did not go far and vaguely saw a building with an altar on the deeper part of the stone platform.

After entering, Su Xiao saw that there was a column in the center of the circular altar. There was a three meter tall body, with armor next to it. The armor was surprisingly complete, the fingers and other parts were all there. If the eyes were glowing, this might as well have been iron man’s armor.

The column was half a meter thick and one meter high. It’s surface was engraved with a weird fish with a fat head and thin tail, a fist-sized crystal was placed at the top of the column.

The crystal was reddish, with some cracks on the surface. A reddish mist floated out of the cracks of the crystal, slowly rose, and eventually disappeared into the upper layer of the cave. It was possibly even floating to the surface.

[Hint: The hunter is within 20 meters of the ‘source’. Please get the ‘source’ as soon as possible.]

This reddish crystal was the ‘source’!

Not only did Su Xiao think that red crystal was the ‘source’, but Arima Kisho and others also thought of it.

“We seem to have found the ‘source’.”

Priest stared at the ‘source’, not disguising the greed in his eyes.


Stone platform suddenly vibrated, alerting the five people. But nothing happened even after ten more seconds.

However, next to the column, and unnoticed by everyone, the armor’s eyes gradually started glowing red. It was the color created when Rc cells were activated.

“Intruders, die!”

The armor yelled.