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R.P Chapter 126: Black Armor!

The sound of the armor was very dull and somewhat stiff.

The sudden speaking sound made Su Xiao stunned, he looked at the armor, he immediately noticed the bloody red in the eyes of the armor.

“What is this.”

Takatsuki Sen looked at the armor with shock.

In everyone’s doubtful sights, the armor trembled and its arm gradually approached to the ‘source’.

Crack, crack.

The stridulation of the steel came out, and the armor’s big arm made of steel grabbed the ‘source’, the armor’s face opened, it seemed to want to swallow the ‘source’.

“Stop it.”

Arata Kirishima screamed, he rushed at the forefront, Takatsuki Sen and Arima Kisho followed.

Su Xiao and the priest were in the same place. Su Xiao did not move because he felt that the armor was very dangerous. He even had a creepy feeling.

The armor’s steel palm opened, the ‘source’ fell into the armor’s face.


The armor’s closed, and the steel armor stood in the same place stiffly.

Arata Kirishima rushed to the forefront, his hands were covered with kagune to form two claws, the lividity sharp flashed faint light, which was extremely sharp.

Arata Kirishima threw himself in front and grabbed the head of the armor with one hand.

Boom, the claws cut crossed the surface of the armor which made a sound of the blade cut across glasses. The head of the armor was not damaged, but Arata Kirishima made it fly far away.

After the armor landed, it rolled a few times, it seemed to become a dead object.


A light red flame rose on the surface of the armor, and the armor was like a flame warrior.

The armor slowly stood up, its appearance changed greatly. If the armor was like a dead object, then the whole armor seemed to be alive now.

There was a vague red light inside of the armor, and the armor seemed to be filled with a kind of gelatinous substance.


The armor rose up his hand and breathed out red mist, held his fists tightly. The ground under its feet had fine cracks.

The armor just clenched its hands.

Su Xiao looked at the armor in front of him. A cold air rose from his foot and went straight to the top of his head. He suddenly had the urge to turn around and flee.

“Who am I.”

The armor said these words one by one, Arata Kirishima and other people who were rushing to the armor stopped, they also felt the horror of the armor.

After a few seconds, the armor seemed to remember something.

.”Well? Experimental product No.3? There were an even better one, No.4.”

The armor first looked at Takatsuki Sen, then looked at Arata Kirishima.”

“No.4 will still be more delicious.”

After the armor said this sentence, its foot stepped hard on the ground.


The stone chips splashed, and a large hole about one meter in diameter appeared in the position where the armor just stood. The armor had disappeared.

“How could it be possible.”

Arata Kirishima’s pupils tightened and jumped back with all his strength because the armor had already appeared in front of him. 

It hadn’t waited for Arata Kirishima to jump out. The armor had already passed an afterimage and appeared in front of Arata Kirishima again. The red-eye hole seemed to stare at Arata Kirishima.

The armor’s arm which was as thick as thighs lifted up, and punched Arata Kirishima’s head. The big punch surprisingly caused an afterimage.


Arata Kirishima’s head burst like a watermelon, red and white liquid splashed.

Arata Kirishima was killed in seconds!

After the other four people saw this scene, they felt pressure. What is this armor, it surprisingly was terrible like this.

The armor lowered its body, his palms easily penetrated into Arata Kirishima’s chest, just as easy as piercing the tofu.

Puchi! Puchi!

Arata Kirishima’s body gradually dried up and eventually became a dried body without a head.

”Delicious, hahaha.”

The armor made a dull smirk and looked at Su Xiao and others.

At this time, no one needed to be reminded, the priest and other people immediately approached Su Xiao, the four stood side by side in a row, staring at the armor.

This thing was too horrible, if they don’t cooperate, they will have no chance.

Su Xiao opened [Basic Detection] to obtain information of the armor.

[The mana value had been consumed by 10 points. The basic detection is used successfully, and the following information is obtained.]

Name: Mars (the first ghoul in history)

Strength: 30 (the ultimate in this world)

Agility: 24

Vitality: 26

Intelligence: 15

Charm: 10

Skill 1, first generation of the ghoul (passive): strength +15, agility +10.

Skill 2, Radiation of Source (Passive): Hp recovery rate increased by 200%.

Skill 3, primary Rc cell carrier (passive): no fatal weakness, immune spiritual control skills.

Skill 4, elite (passive) had expired.

Skill 5, absorbing originality (active): After using this skill, you can absorb Rc cells in ghouls’ body, and restore the HP according to the amount of Rc cell which was absorbed.

Skill 6, shocking the ground (active): slam down on the ground severely to form a high-strength shock wave, causing dizziness and oscillation to the enemy.

Skill 7, ? ? ?


After seeing this armor which was also the information of Mars, Su Xiao took a cold breath.

The python with blood eyes he encountered before also had 30 points of strength, but there was an essential difference between the two. The bloody eyes could have high strength was because of its huge body.

The one in front was only three meters high had such high power, the agility and Vitality were not low, even the full attributes were double figures.

Just after the armor moved, it caused afterimages, although this was related to Su Xiao’s dynamic vision which wasn’t strong enough.

“Let’s cooperate honestly. Otherwise, we will all die.”

Takatsuki Sen’s kagune in her body surged were transformed into a kakuja state.

“This is also my idea. Don’t know what the creature is this thing. After it ‘lives’, the vitality of Rc cells in my body begins to decrease.”

The priest’s false smile which kept hanging on his face disappeared, he stared at it seriously.

“After starting the fight, you try to hold him. I am responsible for going back.”

Su Xiao could only cooperate with the three people at this time. Otherwise, there was no possibility to win.

Takatsuki Sen stood in the forefront. She is more defensive in kakuja state. Arima Kisho looked for opportunities on the side. The priest was next to Takatsuki Sen. Su Xiao was responsible for finding opportunities to give Mars a heavy attack.

“Who allowed you to step into it, do you have permission from Boken Marquis?”

Mars spoke, but what he said made everyone was stunned in the room.

Boken Marquis? What generation did this guy live in, no, this guy in front was not human, but the armor made him maintain the human form?

“It seems that you mice from enemy country broke in, and want to steal our holy fish.”

Mars murmured for a while, this guy’s head should not be very good, he even did not remember himself before.


Takatsuki Sen rushed to Mars, and Arima Kisho aside pressed the Quinque box in his hand, and a sword-shaped Quinque appeared.

The sword-shaped Quinque had a very fine tip, but the sword was as thick as an arm, and the handle was long.

This was the SSS-class Quinque fukuro, the strongest Quinque made by CCG.

The priest found that after two people prepared to fight, he rushed forward without hesitating. He could not have other thoughts now. They may not be the monster’s opponent in front of them even if they cooperate. Arata Kirishima who was killed in seconds gave them a lesson of blood. If they don’t want to die, they can only temporarily abandon their purposes and cooperate.

Su Xiao did not rush forward with the three people. He ran to the side, and the trace he ran was a semicircle, intending to run behind Mars.

This was a very wise choice. If all four people fight with Mars in front, it will be a stupid choice.