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R.P Chapter 127: Giving out a treasure

The first one contacted with Mars was Takatsuki Sen, with the tragedy that happened Arata Kirishima, Takatsuki Sen was extra cautious.

At this time, Takatsuki Sen’s kakuja form was different from the past. The prominent kagune on the back and the two kagune swords on the arms disappeared. Instead, the kagune looked like a shield on Takatuki Sen’s arm. She gave up all the kagune for the attack and only focused on the defense.

The appearance of kagune depended on the imagination of ghouls, but there were very few ghouls who could do this. Takatsuki Sen as an SSS class who certainly could do this.

The thick arm shield with one meter in diameter was in front of her, she obviously set her mind.

Mars snorted coldly, a straight punch hit to Takatsuki Sen’s arm shield. This punch could be said to be a strong force, bringing a sobering fist wind.


Everyone felt shaking under the foot.

Mars’s fist wrapped in steel was like a hammer, hitting on the Takatsuki Sen’s arm shield.

Takatsuki Sen’s arm shield was full of cracks that were like a spider web, and the iron fist was deep inside of her shield.

Takatsuki Sen in the kakuja shell felt a huge force coming, and the outer kakuja shell was even distorted. her legs were deeply immersed in the stone platform, and the gravel splashed.

The power of the punch directly penetrated Takatuki Sen’s shield and twisted the entire kakuja shell.

If this punch hits on a human’s body, it will definitely turn it into ‘juice.’

Su Xiao who ran back saw this scene, his eyelids jumped instantly, he decided in mind secretly, he will not be attacked by Mars, never.

Although Takatsuki Sen was badly beaten by this punch, she was still able to defend Mars’s attack from the front. Arata Kirishima was killed by an attack in seconds, so this was an amazing thing.

Takatsuki Sen who was somewhat dizzy concentrated, the big mouth on kukuja’s outer shell opened widely and bit on Mars’s arm.

The red flames on Mars’s body surged, he seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied for not killing Takatsuki Sen in one punch.

“The fighter No.3 have been improved? there were biracial signs, a nice work.”

Mars looked at Takatsuki Sen as if he was looking at an item.

“But the empire prohibits the holy warriors from eating each other. If you lose your mind, you are not qualified to be called holy, so go die!”

Mars’s other iron fist rose up and wanted to punch Takatsuki Sen’s head.

Takatsuki Sen was not fighting alone, there was also the priest and Arima Kisho besides her.

Arima Kisho rushed to the side of Mars silently, used the Quinque ‘fukuro’ thorn into Mars’s chest directly, that was almost the position of the ‘source’.

The priest’s angle of attack was more direct, the sharp-shaded kagune pointed to the gap in the waist of Mars’s armor.

When the two attacked Mars, Su Xiao had already circled behind Mars, Qing Gang Yin opened, dragon flash in his hand shined with a pale blue arc toward Mars’s neck.

There were several precise links in the armor of Mars’ neck, his defensible ability must be weak.

Takatsuki Sen dragged Mars from the front, Arima Kisho and the priest were on both sides of Mars. Su Xiao went straight to take off the enemy’s head.

Mars, who was in the center of the four people, was not afraid at all. He lifted his one leg and stepped on the stone platform. It was Mars’s skill ‘Shocking the ground’.


The entire stone platform was shocked.

A shock wave spread out to the surrounding area. Su Xiao who felt dizzy was holding the sword to stab at the enemy, there were large pieces of white dots in front of him. This may be the situation of seeing stars.

Not only Su Xiao but also other people, their attacks were all interrupted.

The three people who kept the attack posture had no big deal, but Takatsuki Sen would be in the big dander. She was biting Mars’s arm.

Mars’s steel hand-held the neck of kakuja’s shell and twisted it.


A lot of blood was splashed on Mars’ black armor, Takatsuki Sen’s kakuja shell was directly taken off. He was not finished. Mars threw away the head and reached into to kakuja shell’s chest and wanted to take out something.

The big steel hand stirred in the kakuja shell for a while and dragged outward heavily.


Takatsuki Sen was surprisingly dragged out of the kakuja shell, Takatsuki Sen who was short was caught by her long hair in the air.

The ghoul’s outer shell fell into the ground.

The pain made Takatuki Sen awake from the dizziness. After seeing the steel man in front of her, Takatsuki Sen became desperate.

On the side, Arima Kisho and the priest were drunk, their bodies were shaking from side to side, and they walked haltingly, Takatsuki Sen who noticed that this scene was completely desperate.

“It seems that there are some values to do research, the body can be maintained.”

Mars held Takatquki Sen in front, and the thumb and index finger, on the other hand, twisted Takatuki Sen’s head, he seemed to be trying to crush Takatsuki Sen’s head.

The giant power from both sides of her cheek made Takatuki Sen resist by all her strength.

The kakuja shell’s head was even unscrewed by Mars, not to mention Takatsuki Sen’s body.

At this time, Takatsuki Sen was like a chicken, weak and helpless.

Just as Takatsuki Sen’s head was about to be crushed, a white sword light reflected into Takatuki Sen’s eyes.

Takatsuki Sen swore that she never was pleased with seeing a sword like this time. If she doesn’t die this time, she must get a good sword.

Su Xiao had a higher intelligence attribute and the time of dizziness was shorter.

He jumped silently behind Mars, holding his sword in both hands and stabbing Mars’s back neck.

There was a gap in the back of Mars’ neck, and the blade of dragon flash was not wide which was able to pierce into it.

The long sword entered inside of the armor, Su Xiao’s sword stopped in about ten centimeters. Dragon flash was like stabbing into a colloidal substance, and every inch ahead became difficult to pierce.

Mars mourned, after releasing Takatsuki Sen, his two big hands grabbed to the back of his neck.

This action made Su Xiao heavily shocked, Takatsuki Sen was like a chicken in Mars’s hands, he will be smashed if he is caught


Su Xiao’s feet stepped on Mars’s back and jumped high, his body was in the air and smoothly landed a distance away from Mars.

Not catching Su Xiao made Mars a bit angry, the red flames on his body rose.

Mars’s red eye swept around and stared at the priest.

When the priest just wanted to retreat, his arms were grabbed by Mars.



The bones of the priest’s arm were instantly shattered, but the priest was not a normal person, his kagune immediately moved toward Mars’s head.

Before it hits him, Mars had already put out the force and pulled his arm to throw the priest away.

The priest suddenly felt the sky was circling and his body flew at high speed.

Su Xiao, who had just got rid of Mars’ attack, his eyes widely opened after seeing this scene, Mars actually threw the priest as a weapon at him.

Su Xiao wanted to avoid, the priest was already about to hit him.


Su Xiao was hit and sent flying to slam on the rock wall behind him. Su Xiao felt that his whole person would almost fall apart. Although he was dizzy because of the attack, Su Xiao still jumped up from the ground and adjusted his position.

The pain came from the back. Blood rushed in his mouth, and he almost fainted from hitting the wall.

Su Xiao found that Mars did not rush to him which let him sigh of the relief.

Mars was too strong. If there are no gaps in the armor that he can attack the opponent’s body from, they will have no hope to win.

The priest on the side also stood up with an arm hanging softly.

Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen also came slowly, it will be impossible to defeat the monster in front of them alone.


Su Xiao shouted to attract the attention of Mars. The other three were shocked. This guy is crazy, they thought in mind.

Su Xiao suddenly had one more thing in his hand and stared at Mars.

“How about giving you this thing, and let us go? This is our country’s ‘treasure’.”

During the conversation, Su Xiao threw out something in his hand. The other three people were puzzled when they saw the thing in the midair, the guy surprisingly hid one.

Mars caught the thing that Su Xiao threw, and checked the thing that Su Xiao called ‘treasure’, he did not recognize this thing.

“What is this weird thing?”

It could be guessed from Mars’s words that he had existed for many years, so he certainly did not recognize the thing in his hands.

Not any modern person will closely look at thing like Mars.

Su Xiao had a detonator in his hand in the distance.

“This is a treasure, pay attention to see its texture.”

After that, Su Xiao pressed the detonator in his hand.