Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 130: Sale at breakdown price!

The resplendent blue light made Su Xiao turned over his head after blue light faded. Su Xiao had several items in his hand.

[You get the ‘primary Rc cell stock solution’.]

[You get ’primitive absorption’ (skill scroll).]

[You get the soul crystal(small) x2.]


Primary Rc cell stock solution

Quality: blue

Type: a genre of blood relationship item (rare item)

Effect: After use, there is a 90% chance to become a first-generation ghoul, and there is a 10% chance to fail. After the failure, the primary Rc cells will be automatically decomposed in the body and enhance the attributes slightly.

Rating: 50 (Note: Blue items rate from 30 to 70, the higher the rate, the more precious the item.)

Introduction: The first difficulty in becoming a ghoul was to overcome ‘eating meat’.


Original absorption

Quality: blue

Type: a genre of skill scroll.

Effect: When launching this skill, you need to contact the enemy’s body to determine the physical attributes. If the judgment is passed, absorbing 5% of the enemy’s life values every second to recover yourself. The recovery amount is 50% of the absorption.

Note: The amount of recovery is determined by the enemy’s physical strength. If the enemy has 10 points of physical strength, you have 20 points of physical strength, it will restore the amount according to the percentage of 10 points of the physical strength, instead of the percentage of your life value.

Pre-conditions: Need the blood relationship of ghouls (above than the second generation)

Rating: 39 (Note: Blue items rate from 30 to 70, the higher the rate, the more precious the item.)

Introduction: This? Is this suck stars magic?


Su Xiao’s mood at this time could not be described as happy.

“Sure enough, things like the unlucky hand doesn’t exist at all.”

The cyan smoke drifted in front of Su Xiao, the effect of the lucky flame disappeared, and a certain aura appeared again?

Although the value of the item was not low, Su Xiao gradually frowned.

[The original Rc cell stock solution] was the item of blood relationship that he had never obtained. From Mars, he could see the power of this thing.

However, Su Xiao had a feeling that this thing should be a ‘simple version’, which could not be as powerful as Mars.

And Su Xiao could not use this thing. Needless to say that he rejected to eat people. It was still unclear whether the [original Rc cell stock solution] had confliction with the shadow of the law.

He could only choose careers. It will be better not to combine them. This was a bloody lesson from the predecessors.

Once there was a man who successfully learned mind reading in the hunter world. This was undoubtedly an enviable thing. It was not difficult to develop and had great potential. It was also very strong in the middle and late stages.

When the man was wandering in the trading market, he found a kind of high-level flesh, and the high-level flesh could enhance Hp.

In the man’s perspective, the enhancement of life value may enhance the mind, so he transplanted the flesh, but not until the transplant succeeded, the man who was on the way to the operation was dead. It was said that the man was very ‘peaceful’ when he left. His eyes exploded out.

Without certain conditions, Su Xiao will never use [primary Rc cell stock solution].

As for the skill scroll [Original Absorption], even if Su Xiao wanted, he could not use it, the preconditions did not match.

Su Xiao deliberately used this scroll, the reincarnation paradise only reminded him that the pre-conditions were insufficient, did not say that he could not learn it because of the devil physique.

As same as Su Xiao’s conjecture, he just could not learn mana skills, and other skills could be learned normally.

Putting the two blue items he just got in front of him, he began to pick and choose among the items in front of him, sorting out the items left behind and the items that needed to be sold.

Soul Crystal (small) x5, this must be left behind.

Type C battlefield syringes, scarlet cards (cold fish), evil spirits roaring, lucky flame, Crushing Elf and Quinque of knife genre were unnamed, all of which needed to be left behind.

The remaining items were:

kakuhou (SS) x1, kakuhou( S grade) x1, kakuhou (A grade) x2, kakuhou (B grade) x1.

Destiny coin

Silk Bra

Primary Rc cell stock solution

Original absorption

These things need to be sold.

Su Xiao wanted to turn these items into paradise coins, and then strengthened, unlocked or upgraded the skills of the shadow of the law.

He had three days to do all this, there were a lot of things to do, but time was kind of plenty.

Putting on clothes at random, Su Xiao put all the items away and walked out of the exclusive room and entered the reincarnation paradise.

When he just opened the door, there were endless selling sounds, arguments.

“The latest information, guides from the variety of derivative worlds.”

“Say again, how many paradise coins is this thing?”

“The price is two thousand if you don’t want to buy, get out, don’t waste my time.”

Su Xiao walked through the noisy crowds, he did not stop at the booths on both sides of the street. These booths had nothing good, and the prices were so high that most of them were deceiving newcomer.

Good things won’t be sold here, they will all gather on the trading plaza. There had many people, and workers’ booths could balance the price, there would not have the situation that the normal thing had a high price.

If the contractor gets a piece of equipment worth 500 paradise coins, he may sell it for 5,000 paradise coins, but the workers are different. They raise the price to 550 or 600 paradise coins at most, taking the route of small profits but more sells.

This undoubtedly promoted the circulation of goods, allowing contractors to have chances to have more equipment or items, and the speed of becoming stronger will accelerate and form a benign circle.

It was no wonder that the reincarnation paradise gave workers some privileges. They were stable the currency’s value in the reincarnation paradise, making the currency to circulate faster.

After passing through various buildings, Su Xiao arrived at the Trading Square.

The Trading Plaza was endless. There were crowds of people, and the stalls were neatly arranged. A person was sitting in or behind the booth, or a few options floated on the booth. It was a function when no person in the booth, which was opened by the contractors who return to the real world. They put the equipment here and waited for a sale. 

Although this function was convenient, they should pay 5% of the fee after the transaction, so contractors who had plenty of time will not do it.

Su Xiao came here to sell things. He had arranged the things he had to do in three days.

First, he needed to change the things that he would not use into paradise coins, then strengthen the attributes, opens the new skills of Qing Gang Yin, and then go to the trial field to be familiar with his body which became stronger. Summoning a Mirror who has mastered at sword skills.

There were a lot of things, Su Xiao had to do it in a hurry.

Walking to the front of a booth, after paying the booth fee of 10 paradise coins, he began to fill in the price of the items for sale.

[The original generation of Rc cell stock], [original absorption], [destiny coin] These three items shined blue light and placed a pile of kakuhou next to them randomly.

[Silk Bra] This piece of equipment was thrown aside, in many blue and green items, it became worthless.

Su Xiao gave the

[original Rc cell stock solution]

and [original absorption] a high price. Those who wanted to buy these two items will bargain, and the possibility of a direct deal was not great.

As for the [Destiny Coin], Su Xiao hesitated for a while. The price of something brought bad luck to others was still not too high. In the end, he priced at 3000 paradise coins. This was a blue item after all.

And that pile of kakuhou, Su Xiao sold at 60% of the price of the same weapon in the same rate, the price was very fair, he did not want to waste time on one or two hundred paradise coins and people, he did not have that time.

After the name of the ‘Boutique’ was given to the stall, the booth was opened.

In less than a minute, several people stopped in front of the Su Xiao booth. The three blue items made them slobber, but they didn’t have money.

“Man, can you sell this bottle of [original Rc cell stock] for 10,000 paradise coins?”

A newcomer contractor asked weakly.


There was some laughter around, and the newcomer stepped back with embarrassment.

“Ten thousand was too little, it will start from 50,000 paradise coins.”

Su Xiao did not go to laugh at him. Everyone had been weak. If the person bargains, he will be the guest, he will not sell because the offer is low, but he will never laugh at his guests.