Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 131: You’re shameless!

At the attraction of three blue items, the more people gathered, the more the contractors even notified their friends about the situation here.

“A lot of kakuhou, did this guy kill through all of the ghouls’ world?”

“Who knows, but the bottle of [the original Rc cell stock solution] is the best, no side effects, even if it fails, it still can enhance some attributes.”

Many contractors discussed around, but no one came for bargain anymore.

The threshold of 50,000 paradise coins was too high, beyond the range of most contractors could bare.

A big red-faced man panted and pushed the crowd away to get to the front of the booth. He saw the three blue items but did not really care. Instead, he stared at those kakuhou.

“Friends, I want these kakuhou, how about the price?”

Su Xiao looked up at the big man, the eager in the person’s eyes let him know that he would buy without lowering the price. “They are at the market price. I can’t say that this is the cheapest on the market, but not much lower than mine.”

Red face big man nodded, the price of these kakuhou was indeed fair, if he keeps bargaining, it will mean he could get a good bargain.

“It is true, okay.”

After that, the red face big man bought all of kakuhou on the booth, Su Xiao received 5100 Paradise coins.

The first transaction was successfully completed, which was a good start.

After Su Xiao sat in the booth, he did not hawk-like everyone else. He didn’t need to hawk at all, there were more and more people around him.

Less than ten minutes later, Su Xiao was surrounded by three layers of contractors.

Seeing this scene, Su Xiao frowned, there were too many people, and the people around him were just watching, they would not buy, which made him annoyed.

He could not evict these contractors at all, he did not hold the trading market. Although Su Xiao was not merciless in the battle, he was not arrogant.

Just as Su Xiao was worried, more than a dozen contractors around him suddenly disappeared and were sent to a distant place.

The dozen or so contractors whispered and wanted to squeeze into the booth to watch. A transparent film blocked them.

This was the trading mechanism of the reincarnation paradise. If a person does not have the intention to purchase and stays in front of a stall for a long time, the reincarnation paradise will transfer the person to a distance and stop him from staying close to the booth for at least half an hour.

Looking at this scene, Su Xiao was relieved, his booth’s sale would be affected by these contractors who were surrounded only for watching.

“Go, go, go, why do you stay here but not buy anything?”

A beautiful female contractor squeezed into the front, the female contractor was eye-catching in both appearance and temperament, but her breast somewhat made people disappointed.

After seeing the female contractor, Su Xiao’s eyes widen at sight and silently changed the price of the [silk bra] from the original 1600 paradise coins to 6100 paradise coins.

The female contractor rushed through the crowd to the booth, her eyes stared straight at the [silk bra]. This equipment could be seen from the introduction that it had an effect of adding a cup, and her flat breast finally had a solution to become bigger.


The female contractor spoke but suddenly stopping, she blinked and looked at the price of [silk bra] unbelievable. 

“It was 1600 paradise coins. I clearly saw it from a distance, how can it become 6100 paradise coins now?”

The female contractor looked at Su Xiao with anger.

“Cough, you may be wrong.”

Su Xiao looked calm and could not be seen from his expression to find out that he changed the price.


The woman contracted was angry, she knew that Su Xiao did it on purpose. So she turned around and wanted to leave.

After looking down and seeing her flat breast, the female contractor hesitated.

“I only have 2,500 paradise coins. If the price is higher than this, it will exceed my tolerance. I tend to become stronger between the bigger breast and the stronger power.”

Su Xiao nodded and revised the price of [silk bra]. Although the person really wanted this equipment much, this equipment could not directly increase combat power. It was still surprising to sell 2,500 paradise coins, he could not be greedy.

After discovering that Su Xiao changed the price, the female contractor did not say anything and bought it directly, 2500 paradise coins were got.

“Well? This thing is not bad.”

The female contractor picked up the [destiny coin] and played it in her hand.

“Hey, beauty, I kindly remind you, this thing was dropped from a fake protagonist, the gain is very strong, but you may lose a lot when you got a deduction, and there is a chance of 1% that nothing will happen.”

A kind contractor gave a reminder.

“Thank you, man, but my luck has always been good. I have flashed when opening the treasure box twice.”

After that, female contract directly purchased the [Destiny Coin], this time she even did not even bargain.

“Awful ‘Europeans’.” Su Xiao whispered.

The female contractor heard Su Xiao’s words, her face was full of smiles, and her red lips were slightly open.

“What, is this big man have unlucky hands, so pitiful?”

After sending a kiss to Su Xiao, the female contractor stepped on the high heels and walked away. The slender legs wrapped in black stockings were particularly attractive made the contractors around watch.

Su Xiao did not speak but sighed, flashing twice was indeed strong, this woman’s luck he had nothing to say, of course, except this woman was bragging.

Looking at the items on the booth, in addition to [primary Rc cell stock] and [original absorption], other items have been sold out, it was less than a half hour, nice goods won’t stay for long.

[You receive (anonymous) contractor’s message, yes/no view.]

The remainder of the reincarnation paradise made Su Xiao quite surprised. He actually received a message similar to the mail.

After turning on, Su Xiao was speechless, the contents of the message were as follows:

“Tell you, your two blue items, our ‘Fraternity’ wants it. If you know who you’re talking about, just hand over the two blue items. Otherwise, I will kill you in the derivative world.”

Su Xiao smiled bitterly and shook his head. Which stupid person is this? If it is really a big force to blackmail him, will they choose to be anonymous?

What’s more, even if there was a large force to extort Su Xiao, he will not compromise to them.

He could just fight by his life in the derivative world. They all had one life. Who will be afraid of?

Su Xiao turned off this message he didn’t want to care about the person.

In the next hour, Su Xiao received several similar spam messages, and he ignored them all.

After a long time, another message appeared. Su Xiao was already impatient. He just wanted to delete the message directly and found something wrong. The message was not long.

Su Xiao saw a paragraph after opening the message.

“Friends, I am very interested in those two things. Don’t sell them alone, give me a half hour, I will go there quickly.”

Finally, he met one who was sincere, did not need the person to say that Su Xiao will not choose to sell one of them alone.

The two used will enhance each other, after using the [primary Rc cell stock solution], they could directly learn [original absorption], the combat power will be enhanced a lot.

These two blue items were the best for one type of person, that was, the main attacker with higher physical strength.

[First-generation Rc cell stock solution] was a blood relationship which was tended to close fight, and [original absorption] required physical strength determination when launching it.

If the main attacker uses this skill, he could completely seize the enemy in front of him, while causing good damage, but also trapping the enemy and restoring his own health point.

Even if a deputy attacker with not strong physical strength, if he can get these two blue items, he can turn over his situation and become the team’s main attacker. Status and treatment will be increased dramatically.

The buyer’s message did not make Su Xiao disappointed, as he rushed to the booth in less than twenty minutes.