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R.P Chapter 132: Harvest and becoming stronger

The buyer was a white person with blond hair and blue eyes, holding a slender staff, an aqua blue sorcerer’s robe which had mysterious rune.

“Sorry for the wait.”

This buyer was a famous sorcerer, he was different from those arrogant ones. This sorcerer was humble and gave people a kind of favorable feelings naturally.

Didn’t know why Su Xiao suddenly had the feeling of wanting to make friends with him. This feeling just appeared which shocked him, he knew that the person’s charm attribute was not low.

The idea of wanting to make with each other dissipated, the charm attribute of the person did not affect Su Xiao.

Paying attention to Su Xiao’s look, the sorcerer smiled apologetically.

“Friend, don’t misunderstand, my charm attribute is very high, I’m not deliberately affecting your senses. My name is Adam, the head of the Fraternity Adventurous team.”

When he heard the ‘Fraternity’, Su Xiao scowled.

” Fraternity? I seem to have heard of this adventure group.”

Adam smiled and waved his hand.

“It’s just a little famous…”

Adam had not finished his words, Su Xiao had contacted the reincarnation paradise to spend 2 paradise coins to make a tip of the garbage message he received before to float in front of Adam.

Adam was stunned at first, and then he had no choice but to laugh bitterly.

“My team members absolutely, absolutely will not do such a silly thing, wealth and fame beget jealousy, some things will be inevitable.”

Su Xiao did not say anything, this was just to prepare for the bargain.

“Maybe, let’s not talk about this, how much are these two blue items you want to pay.”

When it came to business, Adam looked serious.

“If I didn’t come here, I was going to pay 30,000 to 40,000 paradise coins, but now I may not need to spend some money, you gave me a sharp feeling, you are a master of close fights.”

Adam’s face was full of confident smile, he was a person who had leadership, gentle but dignified.

“Oh? What are you going to pay.”

Su Xiao also smiled, Adam was not the kind of silly person, the person said that meant to exchange things.

“This thing.”

Adam had a skill scroll in his hand and showed its attributes to Su Xiao.

[heart eyes]

Quality: blue

Type: skill scroll of the passive genre. (rare item)

Effect 1: Enhance the perceivable ability to predict the enemy’s attacks during the close fight, even if the attack is from the back, it can be accurately captured.

Effect 2: Capture enemy flaws in a close fight, this effect needs to master close fight. (Mastered, sword specialization: LV.3)

Rating: 69 (Note: Blue items scored from 30 to 70, the higher the score, the more precious the item.)

Introduction: When you fight, you don’t just look using your eyes. When the enemy’s attack is faster than the speed of light, you must perceive it in your mind.


After seeing the skills of [heart eyes], Su Xiao’s move his eyes from it.

Enhancing perception, capturing enemy flaws, and perceiving attacks from behind. This [heart eyes]’s effects were the best for a close fight.

And this thing was a passive skill, it would always be open after learning, which meant that the chance of Su Xiao being attacked in the dark side may be greatly reduced.

“Good skills, the score is also up to 69, but yours is a blue skill scroll, mine is two blue items.”

Although Su Xiao was extremely eager [heart eyes]’s skills in mind, Su Xiao will not show it.

“It can’t be said like this, the skill scroll scored by 69 is rare, and it is a passive skill.

Passive skills worth twice than active skills. You should know that, friend.”

Adam was not fooled easily, and the two began to bargain.

Adam’s idea was to use the [heart eyes] scroll to change [primary Rc cell stock] and [original absorption].

Su Xiao meant to let Adam pay 10,000 paradise coins, Adam obviously wanted his two blue items.

“The dispute doesn’t work. It is better to do this. Let’s take a step back. I brought these two items for a teammate. I need these things, please.”

Adam’s tone was even demanding.

When the two sides negotiated, Adam should not say this kind of words. Perhaps these two items were too important for his friend, and Adam could not bear the risk of not getting it.

“If he can’t get

[original Rc cell stock solution]

, my brother’s strength will not be improved, this represents my brother will die in the cruel paradise, that is my good brother who had experienced countless events with me, please.”

Adam begged twice. This was the leader of a Fraternity adventure group that led dozens of people. Adam rarely had this attitude.

In fact, the value of these two items of Su Xiao was lower than [heart eyes] skills, but it was not much lower.

[Heart eyes] scroll’s price was unquestionable. If it sells it to Su Xiao, a master in a close fight, needless to say, 40,000 paradise coins. Even 50,000 paradise coins, Su Xiao had to accept reluctantly.

And his two blue items were at most more than 40,000 paradise coins. The [original Rc cell stock solution] was an item of blood relationship, after all, it was from the Ghouls’ world with Lv.3, which was the low force world.

“I don’t want to raise the price anymore. I admit that these two items are not as good as the

[heart eyes]

scrolls, but you need them.”

Adam nodded and admitted that he was now in the disadvantage.

“If you need, you have to have the consciousness to buy higher price, add five thousand paradise coins, one side was indeed too greedy.”

Su Xiao just finished his words, Adam put the [heart eyes] skill scroll in front of Su Xiao, the meaning was very obvious, he agreed with Su Xiao’s request.

After paying [the original Rc cell stock solution] and [original absorption], Su Xiao won the

[heart eyes]

and 5000 paradise coins.

“How can I call you?”


Su Xiao chose to say his fake name.

“Let’s give contact information to each other. If you have such good goods in the future, please inform Fraternity first. I will not be a poor man like this next time, but I can help you quickly sell valuable items.”

When the deal was completed, Adam looked good, and he didn’t feel bad after paying a higher price.

Su Xiao nodded and exchanged contact information with him. This contact number was very safe, and it could not be used to view the person’s information or track the location.

All the items were sold, Su Xiao checked the paradise coins he had: 47,272 points.

Now that these paradise coins were not used, he was going to strengthen the attribute points first.

Five minutes later, Su Xiao arrived at the strengthening hall in the center of the reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao entered the property enhancement warehouse. A prompt appeared.

[Welcome to use the property enhancement warehouse, please pay 100 paradise coins to launch.]

After paying the paradise coins, Su Xiao’s various attributes appeared in front of him.

Strength: 14 (already reduced equipment bonus)

Agility: 13

Vitality: 10

Intelligence: 12

Charm: 3

[Hunter can freely assign attribute points: 15 points]

[Drip, the main attribute of the hunter is detected as strength, agility, intelligence. Please enhance these three attributes as a priority.]

There was a total of fifteen attribute points. Su Xiao was first at the strength and agility attributes. He was deeply impressed by the power and agility of Mars.

In the end, the attribute points assigned by Su Xiao were 6 points added to strength, 5 points added to agility, and 4 points added to intelligence.

[The attribute distribution is completed, the enhancement will start, it will accompany with huge pain. Yes/No use anesthesia function, this function is free.]

“Do not use.”

The enhancement warehouse gradually operated, and a kind of deep pain in the bone came. After the experience of two derivative worlds, Su Xiao’s willpower became stronger and stronger.

The skin of his whole body began to turn red, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead, but even then he still bit his teeth to endure and did not make any sound.

Without knowing how long he had been in pain. Su Xiao, who had been strengthened, was sweating as if it was raining, it looked like he just got out from the water.

After strengthening attributes, his attributes became:

Strength: 20

Agility: 18

Physical strength: 10

Intelligence: 17

Charm: 3


The strength and intelligence attributes had a gap of three points. The three main attributes should at most have 3 points gap, it cannot be enhanced if the gap is higher than 3 points.

Just as Su Xiao was preparing to leave the property-enhanced warehouse, the hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[The strength attribute is the affinity attribute of the shadow of the law, the strength attribute has reached 20 points, the hunter can choose one of the following rewards.]

1.    Super strong: Power +2.

2.    Violent Muscle: Increase the attack speed by 10%.

3.    Fighting more became braver: +5 when the strength attribute is being judged. (it only added when strength is being judged)

4.    The eternal breath: increasing the chance of getting out of control skills by 20%.