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R.P Chapter 133: Upgrading Skills! [EDITED]

Su Xiao leaned on the inner wall of the property-enhanced warehouse. He bit powerless because he just strengthened the attributes. At this time, he needed a few minutes to recover.

With the time of rest, he looked at the options in front.

1.    Super strong: Power +2.

2.    Violent muscle: Increase attacking speed by 10%.

3.    Fight more, be braver: +5 when the strength attribute is being judged. (Only counts for the judgement)

4.    The eternal breath: increasing the chance of getting free of control skills by 20%.

Super strong directly increased strength, so it was a good choice. Violent muscle increased the attack speed, which was suitable for a Berserker type of warrior, but Su Xiao was pursuing the way of attacking an enemy’s weak spot, to kill them in one move, so the second option was excluded.

Option 3 looked kind of okay, but compared with option 4, it felt worthless.

So it was a choice between one and four. 2 free attribute points were valuable, but Su Xiao intended to get the option four: increasing the chance of getting out of control skills by 20%.

Su Xiao, who always fought alone, he was afraid of being attacked after being caught in a control skill. Once that happened, he would die.

So ‘increasing the chance of getting out of control skills by 20%.’ was especially valuable to him.

In the end, Su Xiao chose the fourth option. The options in front of him disappeared. He vaguely felt his body change in ways that were hard to describe.

He clenched his fist, making several cracking sounds, then nodded with satisfaction. 20 points of strength felt totally different from earlier.

A sudden increase in strength of 6 points made him feel full of strength, as if he could break a mountain with a punch.

Su Xiao frowned, because of the great change in attributes he could not control his body normally. He would have to go to the trial field to get used to it.

But he couldn’t for now, as Su Xiao still had other abilities that he wanted to upgrade. It would be the most effective to go to the trial field once all the abilities had been upgraded, to get used to them.

Su Xiao did not leave the property-enhancement warehouse immediately. After paying the 100 paradise coins, the warehouse was sealed, no one except for him could enter.

Taking out the [heart eyes] skill scroll from the storage space, Su Xiao used the skill scroll.

[You have mastered (heart eyes) passive skills.]

[Detecting extent of compatibility between the Shadow of the Law and (heart eyes)’s passive skills…]

[Detection completed. Compatibility over 95%. (Heart eyes)’s skills are automatically included in the list of the Shadow of the Law’s skills.]

Skill 4

Heart eyes: Lv.1 (passive)

Effect 1: A significant increase in perception. 5% of chance to perceive an attack from a blind spot.

Effect 2: 1% of chance to catch an enemy’s attack or flaws during defense. After successfully capturing a flaw, user will enter the ‘Ultra-limit’ state.

Ultra-limit: All potential is temporarily released. Effect lasts for 2 seconds, 24 hours cooldown.


Su Xiao did not feel surprised when he saw the skills of heart eyes.

Currently, the skills were not strong, they seemed somewhat weak even, but this was not the case in a real combat situation.

Heart eyes were now only at level 1, which was the initial stage. Although the extent of compatibility between heart eyes and the Shadow of the Law was high, heart eyes was not truly a skill of the Shadow of the Law.

If he wants to upgrade heart eyes, he can just go to the [Skill Upgrade Hall] next door, he only needed to use some paradise coins, it shouldn’t even need a single soul crystal (small).

Only upgrading the Shadow of the Law required the soul crystals, while ordinary skills only needed paradise coins.

Su Xiao thought for a while, pondering whether he was going to upgrade his heart eyes skill.

Most of the skills learned in the Reincarnation Paradise needed to be upgraded to a high level to show their full effect. Without upgrading heart eyes, the two blue items he traded for it would be wasted.

Su Xiao walked out of the attribute strengthening hall and went in front of the skill upgrading hall, which people were afraid to talk about.

As for why people were afraid to talk about it, that was because upgrading skills here was very expensive.

Like the attribute strengthening hall, the skill upgrade hall was very majestic, it looked like a palace. There were pillars more than ten meters tall standing in the hall, and the ground was so clean it could even reflex one’s figure.

Unlike the attribute upgrading hall, it was not desolate. Occasionally, he could see some contractors walk around.

Just as Su Xiao walked into the skill upgrading hall, a girl with silver hair and rabbit ears, which didn’t appear to be headgear, welcomed him. The furry rabbit ears occasionally twitched, and black silk stockings made her long legs incredibly attractive.

“Hello contractor, I am worker 0103, Bunny.”

The girl with silver hair and rabbit ears ran in front of Su Xiao, then she bowed to Su Xiao, revealing her white breasts.

Su Xiao was a little surprised, he was coming to upgrade his skills, not to visit the red-light district. What was going on here with the seduction attempts using rabbit ears, uniforms, and big breasts.

“Contractor, this is your first time to come to the skill upgrade hall, right? I am here for the reception, and I will introduce you to the relevant matters, free of charge.”

The girl’s voice was soft, and she had a sweet smile on her face, gesturing for him to ask his questions.

“What services are you…? Ahem, what functions do you provide?”

Su Xiao coughed and looked at the girl.

“Sir, we are the regular institution certificated by the Reincarnation Paradise, it’s not what you think, even though this dress is a bit shameful.

The contractors will meet a lot of dangers in the derivative worlds and are highly nervous. Therefore, in the facilities of the Reincarnation Paradise, we try to let the contractors be as relaxed as possible.”

The girl then led the way and introduced Su Xiao the skill upgrading hall in detail.

There were two large areas, one was the active skill upgrading area, and the other was the passive skill upgrading area.

“Sir, this is the passive skill upgrading area. You can choose a skill upgrade room here, but you should be aware that you will fall asleep when your skills are upgrading. That is completely normal.”

The girl went with Su Xiao to a skill upgrading room as they chatted.

“Sir, you must really like rabbits. I am a genuine rabbit eared girl, it’s very charming right? It looks cute, doesn’t it?”

“Hm, it looks kind of ok, but I prefer to eat grilled rabbit heads.”

Su Xiao just finished his words, when he noticed the girl with silver hair and rabbit ears was looking at him with a pitiful gaze.

Her face seemed to say “rabbits are so cute, why would you ever want to eat them?”.

Arriving to the skill upgrade warehouse, the girl with silver hair ran two steps ahead and took the initiative to open the skill upgrading warehouse for Su Xiao. What a thoughtful service.

“I wish you good luck in becoming stronger.”

The girl was guiding newcomers, showing off her body, acting cute and introducing everything, the rabbit-eared girl with silver hair should be very busy.

Su Xiao gave her 10 paradise coins as a tip.

“Thank you, Mr. contractor.”

The girl smiled sweetly, this time she smiled from her heart.

Su Xiao did not say anything. He turned around and walked into the skill upgrade warehouse. The door closed behind him, and a virtual screen appeared in front of him.

[Please select the skills you want to upgrade.]

Su Xiao could only upgrade (heart eyes) here, so he directly chose it.

[Improve (heart eyes) passive skills. Price is 1000 paradise coins, pay yes / no.]

Seeing the price of upgrading heart eyes, Su Xiao was surprised. No wonder the other contractors were afraid of talking about this place.


After paying the 1000 paradise coins, Su Xiao felt the light dim around him, his whole body was in darkness, and even his body gradually integrated into the darkness, leaving only a beating heart floating in the air.

At this moment, he seemed to be able to use his ‘heart’ to perceive everything around him. He perceived the darkness and the slight lights surrounding him

Su Xiao woke up after five minutes.

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.2.]

Looking at the heart eyes skill, the value was slightly improved, but nothing obvious.

Su Xiao continued to improve the heart eyes skill, and the feeling of being in the dark reappeared.

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.3.]

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.4.]

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.5.]

The notification of the Reincarnation Paradise appeared again and again, until heart eyes reached level 5.

[Your skill (heart eyes) has been upgraded to Lv.5. Since this skill is upgraded to Lv.5, you can get additional bonuses. Please select one of the following options.]

1.    Slight increase in perception.

2.    Increase of 5% of perceiving an attack from behind.

3.    Increase of 1% of capturing an enemy’s attack or flaws in his defense.

Su Xiao decisively chose the second option, ‘increase of 5% of perceiving an attack from behind.

He was a pure human, there was no possibility of having eyes on the back of his head.

After heart eyes was upgraded to Lv.5, Su Xiao did not stop and chose to continue upgrading.

He wanted to upgrade heart eyes to the full level today. For a close ranged fight, the skill just miraculous.

[Because heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.5, the upgrade fee has increased to 2000 paradise coins.]

Su Xiao had a headache as he saw the increased upgrade cost, but he could only persist.