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R.P Chapter 134: Extreme Blade! [EDITED]

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.6.]

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.7.]


[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to Lv.10!]

[Heart eyes (passive skill) has been upgraded to max level. After a skill is upgraded to max level, you can get additional rewards. Please choose one of the following options]

1.    Slightly increase perception.

2.    Increase of 10% of perceiving attacks from behind.

3.    Increase of 3% for capturing flaws in an enemy’s attack or defense.

4.    Increase the state of ‘Ultra limit’ for 1 second.


He hesitated for a moment, then chose the second option. When choosing the same one, the effect would be more obvious.

After the heart eyes skill reached Lv.10, all the values had changed dramatically. At this time, heart eyes showed the full might of a blue skill scroll worth 50,000 paradise coins.

Skill four

Heart eyes: Lv.10 (passive skill) level Max

Effect 1: Greatly enhance perception and perceived range, 65% chance to perceive an attack from a blind spot.

Effect 2: 10% chance to catch flaws in an enemy’s attack or defense, upon capturing a flaw, user will enter the state of ‘Ultra-limit’.

Ultra-limit: Temporary release of all potential. Lasts for 3 seconds, with a cooldown of 12 hours.


Su Xiao walked out of the skill upgrade warehouse, he immediately felt that the world outside was very different.

He could hear what two contractors about ten meters away whispered to each other.

A woman with cat ears and a too tight maid’s costume turned and secretly adjusted the underwear under the costume, Su Xiao could even hear the stridulation between the underwear and the skin.

He entered a state of super perceival!

A pistol inserted in the waist of a contractor that took huge steps fell to the ground, the metal collided with the ground and made a loud noise!

There was a scream in Su Xiao’s ear, and his head subconsciously leaned back. He withdrew from the super perceival state, and the surrounding world returned to normal. Even after he left that state, he was still very sensitive to his surroundings.

When the heart eyes skills were upgraded to Lv.10, he needed some time to adapt. When he adapted to the changes brought from heart eyes, his reaction in combat would be greatly improved.

Exchanging heart eyes for two blue items and paying 14,000 paradise coins to reach the full level was definitely worth it for the effect he got now.

Although heart eyes did not increase his attack ability, it could make him more acute in battle.

Su Xiao had not yet tried the skill of heart eyes to capture an enemy’s flaws, but this should also be a very strong ability.

Su Xiao returned to the exclusive room to rest for a while and sat down.

There were a few clear crystals in his hand, he was ready to unlock new skills for the shadow of the law.

He was able to unlock new skills of the shadow of the law before entering the ghouls’ world, but he did not do that. At that time he was not familiar enough with the skills he had mastered.

Now it seemed that the original choice was wrong, the skills of the shadow of the law were very practical, Azure Steel Shadow performed very well in close ranged fighting, and the sword specialization had become his core skill.

Su Xiao was not clear what the core skill of the shadow of the law’s profession was, but his core skill was the sword specialization.

Now, he was not eager to improve the sword specialization, he wanted to first unlock the new skills of the shadow of the law.

[Skill 5, locked, unlocking requires soul crystal (small) x1, 1000 paradise coins.]

After consuming the soul crystal (small) x1 and 1000 paradise coins, Su Xiao successfully unlocked the fifth skill of the Shadow of the Law, it was originally the fourth skill, but heart eyes replaced the position of skill four.

[You have unlocked skill 5 of the Shadow of the Law: Extreme Blade]

Skill five

Extreme Blade: X.

Skill effect: You can use this skill to connect with an initial weapon. The maximum level of the initial weapon is white. After connecting with the initial weapon, you can use this skill to sacrifice the same type of weapon.

When the initial weapon is white, this skill can only sacrifice white quality of the same type of weapon.

After sacrificing a weapon, the value of the blade will reach 100%, the initial weapon will be promoted from the original to the next higher quality.

Once the initial weapon is connected, it can’t be changed. Even if the initial weapon breaks, you can use the skill of Extreme Blade to recover it. (Recovery requires soul crystals (small) x5.)

After the initial weapon is connected, the additional attributes of the initial weapon will be cleared, and Extreme Blade will give a new additional attribute.

Skill Introduction: We will never abandon our only companion, no matter what, we live and die with the sword.


Su Xiao was shocked after seeing the newly unlocked skill.

Silently taking out Dragon Flash, Su Xiao looked at the shining blade of Dragon Flash.

This sword was similar to Samurai Ryuma’s Shusui, but it looked very different.

The curve of Dragon Flash was very small. Compared to Shusui, Dragon Flash was a tiny bit longer, so it looked sharp and slender.

Although Dragon Flash was only a white-quality weapon, as long as he kept sacrificing weapons, the final quality of Dragon Flash would be extremely high.

Moreover, Extreme Blade could only connect to a white weapon. Su Xiao had never seen a white weapon that was better than Dragon Flash. Dragon Flash was originally a blue weapon, it became a white weapon because it was damaged.

Su Xiao activated the skill of Extreme Blade, and a notification appeared.

[Yes/No connect white quality weapon (Dragon Flash)? Once connected, this can not be changed.]

Su Xiao took a deep breath and made his choice. A mass of blue light spread from his hands and wrapped around Dragon Flash.

[Connecting…. Ding! Dragon Flash, blue-grade weapon, judging value…]

[Dragon Flash is at the highest value of a white weapon, connected successfully.]

As the blue light entered Dragon Flash, Su Xiao’s face changed. He suddenly had a strange feeling.

For the time being, he didn’t check the new attributes of Dragon Flash. Su Xiao turned back and left Dragon Flash behind him.


The sharp Dragon Flash cut into the ground, Su Xiao closed his eyes to focus, and he felt a blue sword-shaped illusion in his perception.

Su Xiao walked forward, away from Dragon Flash.

Even after Su Xiao had walked nearly ten meters away and behind a wall, he could still perceive his Dragon Flash.

Su Xiao was delighted with the new Dragon Flash, at least he did not need to worry about it being destroyed.

Going back to Dragon Flash, Su Xiao pulled it out of the grand and checked the new attributes.

Dragon Flash (value of the blade: 0%)

Origin: the Shadow of the Law

Quality: white

Durability: 50/50 (damage had been perfectly repaired)

Attack power: 6? 17 (attack power is the value when weapon attack in reference)

Equipment requirements: the inheritor of the Shadow of the Law.

Rating: 10 (white quality limit)

Extreme Blade Effect 1: Sharpness +1

Extreme Blade Effect 2: One of the additional attributes from a sacrificed weapon can be attached. The additional attribute can be replaced when another weapon is sacrificed, but the replaced attribute will permanently disappear. (Not selected)

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, new life!

Price: Can’t be traded.


The damage of Dragon Flash had been repaired because of Extreme Blade, and there were two more useful abilities.

The effect 1 was to increase the sharpness, which was necessary for each blade. The sharpness attribute would improve with each upgrade of Dragon Flash.

As for effect 2, it was very interesting. It could capture an attached attribute of the sacrificed weapon, but at the same time, it could only have one. After sacrificing a weapon, you could choose whether to replace the existing attached attribute.

The effect 1 was the growth ability, the effect 2 was the selective ability, and the sword could continue to grow stronger, but at a price.

Perhaps, as long as he had enough paradise coins, Su Xiao would soon be able to upgrade Dragon Flash to a blue-quality weapon, as there were many swords on the trading market.

He had been looking for a good sword before, but now he had this good sword which he could personally cultivate.