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R.P Chapter 136: Bankrupt [EDITED]

After returning to his exclusive space, Su Xiao put Dragon Flash on the desk, along with the two white weapons that he would sacrifice.

As he activated the Extreme Blade skill, Su Xiao’s hand suddenly emitted some sort of black smoke, which swirled and stirred around, seemingly alive. The smoke closed in on the two white weapons, and enveloped them.


The two white weapons, which were wrapped in the black smoke, made creaking sounds and seemed to be smashed to bits.

After a few tens of seconds, some strange white crystals came out of the fog and floated to Dragon Flash.

Dragon Flash directly absorbed the crystal fragments, its surface released a cold light, the blade’s edge got sharper, and the sword turned tougher.

Su Xiao somehow felt that Dragon Flash was more gorgeous than before, but the appearance of the Dragon Flash had not changed, it was like an illusion.

Looking at the attributes of Dragon Flash, he noticed that the blade value of Dragon Flash had reached 76%.

Su Xiao was pleased, he felt relieved. He’d been afraid that Dragon Flash would become a ‘foodie’, if he could not afford the number of swords it needed to absorb, he would feel embarrassed.

Now, he only needed to buy one more white quality weapon, and Dragon Flash could upgrade to a green weapon.

Su Xiao looked at the two white weapons on his desk.

After the fog receded, the two white weapons looked like they’d been shredded. The blades were broken to pieces, and the handles also had cracks.

He tried to pick up one of the broken swords, but just as he touched it, the sword fell in on itself, leaving only a pile of dust.

He shook his head with a bitter smile, this Extreme Blade skill was really fierce. He couldn’t begin to guess how many sacrifices would be needed to cultivate an Extreme sword to the limit.

Su Xiao once again rushed to the trading market to buy a white weapon, and returned to his desk in less than ten minutes.

The black fog emerged, Su Xiao chose to sacrifice the white weapon, his eyes were full of expectations.

After Dragon Flash absorbed those white crystals, its surface was suddenly bathed in green light.

Seconds later, as the green light flashed away, Su Xiao picked up Dragon Flash and immediately felt the difference.

It was sharper, but he still had the same familiar feeling when holding it.

The information after Dragon Flash was upgraded was as follows:

Dragon Flash (Blade value 0%)

Origin: The Shadow of the Law

Quality: Green

Durability: 50/50

Attack power: 10? 29 (upgrade 3? 12)

Equipment demand: the inheritor of the Shadow of the Law.

Rating: 30 (green tier limit)

Extreme Blade effect 1: Sharpness +2 (1 point increased)

Extreme Blade effect 2: One of the attributes of a sacrificed weapon can be attached. The attached attribute can be replaced when a new weapon is sacrificed. The replaced attached will disappear permanently. (Not selected)

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, new life, grow.

Price: Unable to trade.


Su Xiao touched the edge of the Dragon Flash with his finger, and instantly felt a sting, even after only touching it lightly. His skin would be cut open with little effort, Dragon Flash seemed to be at least twice as sharp.

Putting down the Dragon Flash, Su Xiao took out the sword type Quinque, which he had obtained in the ghouls’ world.

This sword type Quinque was made from the store manager’s Kagune, and had a score of 27.

Su Xiao prepared to sacrifice this sword type Quinque, he did not need it anyways.

The black fog appeared once more, Su Xiao ignored the pain of his wallet and moved the fog closer to the Quinque.

A weapon with a score of 27 was worth at least 6,000 paradise coins.

Now, he felt heartache, but was also expectant for the outcome, danger could never be overcome without taking risks after all. And today, he threw his caution to the wind.

Besides the paradise coins needed for the trial field, Su Xiao was ready to sacrifice everything to turn Dragon Flash into a blue weapon.

With his current sword specialization of Lv.5, plus a blue quality Dragon Flash, he would be quite powerful.

What’s more, he also had good abilities such as heart eyes and Azure Steel Shadow.

A good sword, nice sword skills, and a few passive skills, these were Su Xiao’s main means of fighting. Although his fighting style was a bit simple, once he upgraded his abilities to a high level, his combat power would be definitely not weak.

With Azure Steel Shadow as his only active combat skill, Su Xiao understood that the occupation of the Shadow of the Law wanted him to focus on this skill’s use instead of giving him multiple of mediocre skills.

Having a lot of skills was really powerful in the early stage, but in the middle and late periods, these skills wouldn’t keep up, bringing disaster.

Su Xiao would not act shortsighted, he always considered future development.

After five minutes, the sacrifice was successful, the sword Quinque was turned into a pile of dust.

Su Xiao took a sigh of relief after seeing the blade value of Dragon Flash. Even though the Quinque ‘only’ had a score of 27, Dragon Flash’s blade value reached 71%.

It would take at most two or three low-grade green quality swords for Dragon Flash to be upgraded to blue quality.

As for buying a green weapon with a high score, they were just too expensive, one cost six or seven thousand paradise coins, that would really make Su Xiao poor.

Su Xiao ‘decisively’ left the exclusive room and went to the trading market again.

“Hey? It’s you, we meet again.”

The middle-aged man with mechanical eyes stood up and stopped Su Xiao with enthusiasm.

No wonder that the middle-aged man with mechanical eyes was passionate, Su Xiao bought three white weapons on this day.

Su Xiao smiled bitterly, that was not coincidental at all, he came to the market three times in just half an hour, his legs already growing tired.

“What do you want to buy this time, old customer, I will give you a good price.”

Su Xiao shook his head. The middle-aged man with mechanical eyes only sold white equipment. He now needed green sword type weapons.

“Do you have any green sword weapons?”

When he heard Su Xiao’s question, the middle-aged man with the mechanical eye was obviously stunned.

“What? Brother, you have bought three white weapons already. Are you trying to be a middleman? I am already selling second hand, it will be third hand if you do…”

The middle-aged man with mechanical eyes kept talking, he was really talkative.

Su Xiao waved his hand.

“My fighting style is a bit special. Now, I need two green swords. Do you have some?”

The middle-aged man with mechanical eye thought for a while.

“I don’t, but I know who can sell you some, come with me.”

The middle-aged man with mechanical eyes brought Su Xiao to the edge of the trading square. There were not many people here, and only a few booths.

The two stopped in front of an old man’s booth. The old man was sleeping on a flower bed behind him. There were several pieces of green equipment in the booth. These items were marked at extremely high prices, obviously, he did not intend to sell them.

“Old donkey, stop sleeping, I brought you a big customer.”

The old man called old donkey had even been drooling in his sleep, and obviously felt unhappy to be suddenly awakened.

“What? Ah, it’s robot-eyes. Well, why don’t’ you go to your own store, why’d you come to me?”

The old man wiped the drool from his face and put his hand into his shirt with a sleepy look. After scratching his armpit for a while, he put his hand in front of his nose and smelled it.

After taking a sniff, old donkey wrinkled his nose, and looked far more awake.

“This guest wants to buy two swords of green quality. You should have some in stock, so I wanted to introduce him to you.”

When old donkey heard that Su Xiao wanted to buy two green quality swords, his eyes widened.

“I have indeed picked up some green equipment recently, but the war is about to begin. The prices will definitely rise soon.”

“Hey, don’t count on that, you will be sent to the battlefield by the paradise if you dare to raise prices.”

The old man’s face trembled, as if he thought something horrible, then he shook his head and looked at Su Xiao.

“Green quality swords, right? Let me take a look.”

Soon, two green sword weapons appeared in the hands of the old man.

“A score of 16 and a score of 15, the total is 8,000 paradise coins. No bargaining. I recently got a lot of green quality equipment, that I’m about to sell, if you bring new customers, I’ll give you 200 as a fee.”

Su Xiao recalled the approximate price of green weapons. This old man did not overprice at all, he was even 100 to 200 paradise coins cheaper than the usual market price. The stalls of the workers were really reliable.

Su Xiao paid the money quickly and walked back to his exclusive room with the two green weapons.

Old donkey looked at the back of Su Xiao, didn’t know what he was supposed to think.

“Old donkey, you’re looking lost?”

Robot-eyes took out a box of cigarettes and handed one to the old donkey.

“I’m a little curious, such a powerful guy that mastered close ranged fighting, how would he choose two low-grade green weapons like these. He didn’t look particularly poor… It’s weird.”

Looking at the back of Su Xiao, the old man blew out smoke.

“Don’t think about him, how about you, old donkey, have you passed the test to upgrade to a contractor? Being a worker is not a long-term solution, it is too difficult for us to become stronger.”

“What? It’s not that easy, my attribute points are too low to take on many simulated scenes.”


While old donkey and the robot-eyes were chatting, Su Xiao had returned to his exclusive space to begin to sacrifice more weapons.

It was just like the previous time, but it took longer.

Ten minutes later, blue light reflected on Su Xiao’s face.

He finally stopped fighting with a white quality weapon, the weapon changed!