Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 138: Make a big fortunate!

The wound gradually healed and Su Xiao stood up.

“You surprisingly can escape the attack of Tsuba me ga eshi, the way of avoiding makes me very familiar.”

Sasaki Kojiro was standing in the same place as if he was looking at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao took off his broken top. He was extremely unlucky today, and he summoned for two mirrors. One had Chuunibyou after appearing. The other was even more amazing. He killed him once he appeared.

“Haven’t you mastered heart eyes?”

Sasaki Kojiro’s words made Su Xiao stunned.

”Yes, I have mastered the ‘ heart eyes’.”

“It turns out that it is, then we may have a common topic. Although your heart eyes had been developed to the extreme, you’re somewhat unfamiliar to use, and I still need to teach you the sword skills, and your strange physical state, it will more suitable to teach you in combat.”

“I agree.”

As soon as he finished his words, Su Xiao had already rushed forward with the dragon flash.

Compared with the teaching method of koshiro, Su Xiao was more interested in this teaching method of Sasaki Kojiro.

He could not only teach him sword skills but also could practice practical skills.

If he’s in the derivative world, it is impossible to fight with Sasaki Kojiro, he was likely to be killed.

The sounds of weapons collided had continued to come.

“Don’t just rely on the eyes, use the sixth sense to perceive the surrounding situation, the eyes are used to capture the enemy’s flaws, just like now.”

In the battle, Sasaki Kojiro deliberately showed the flaw to Su Xiao.

At this moment, Su Xiao’s pupils suddenly tightened, staring at the flaw in the right shoulder of Sasaki Kojiro who was waving the sword.

[‘Heart Eyes’ captures the enemy’s flaws successfully and has entered the ‘ultra limit’ state, it lasts for three seconds.]

With a bang in the brain, Su Xiao felt that everything around him had slowed down, and Sasaki Kojiro who had a pose of keeping his sword out, the dust around floated in the air were almost static.

It was not the world became slow, but his perception was magnified to the limit, his senses were accelerating.

Su Xiao took the sword at a normal speed. At this time, he thought that Sasaki Kojiro was too slow.

The blade cut through the clothes of Sasaki Kojiro, Sasaki Kojiro withdrew a bit and just escaped Su Xiao’s sword, and slammed to Su Xiao by backhanding the sword.

The blade slammed into Su Xiao’s neck, Su Xiao’s body was bent back, he clearly perceived that the tip of the sword swept over his nose, his legs stepped on the ground, and he jumped out.

After he landed, the world returned to normal, the feeling that the world slowed down disappeared.

“Cough, cough, cough?”

Su Xiao breathed heavily, that state had consumed a lot of his physical strength.

“What happened just now?”

“That is the ability of the ‘heart eyes.’ After you capture the flaws of the enemy, you can enter the state of ‘ultra limit’. Don’t worry, you can recover your physical strength within five minutes.”

After listening to Sasaki Kojiro’s explanation, Su Xiao felt that he had made a big fortunate this time.


Five hours later, Su Xiao was tired and left the trial field. After summoning the image of Sasaki Kojiro, he spent another 5,000 paradise coins to extend the time of Sasaki Kojiro to stay.

The method that Sasaki Kojiro taught sword skills was very ‘special’. Most of the time was to let Su Xiao fight with him and then try to kill Su Xiao.

In the words of Sasaki Kojiro, it is a very convenient way of practicing without dying. The professor’s sword may be forgotten, but it is sure to be impressed by what sword is killed.

In this way, Su Xiao was cycling between being killed and recovered. If he can’t hold, he will rest for a while, Sasaki Kojiro will explain the fighting skills during the break.

Although did not know how many times of ‘being killed’, Su Xiao learned a lot of combat knowledge, and also adapted to the changes in the body after effects of improved attributes quickly disappeared.

After the staying time in the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao mostly conducted [real combat training] in the trial field. He did not summon Sasaki Kojiro again, the knowledge he taught had not been thoroughly understood.

[Combat training] All over the mechanical doll made Su Xiao calmer when he faced group fight.

However, the more the mechanical dolls he killed, the more mechanical dolls appeared. Su Xiao was usually besieged to die by mechanical dolls after his physical strength exhausted.


[The time for the hunter to stay had reached the limit in the reincarnation paradise and will return to the real world. Please remember the regulations of the reincarnation paradise.]

[You cannot use ways to reveal anything of reincarnation paradise in the real world. Otherwise, you will be warned, if the warning was useless, you would be forcibly executed.]

[The hunter cannot use the ability which was gained in the reincarnation paradise in the real world, except for personal attributes and passive skills.]

[Most of the equipment or items acquired in the reincarnation paradise are locked, it will not be taken out in the real world, and will be restored after returning to the reincarnation paradise.]

[Transmission begins, location: the real world.]

An unconsciousness appeared, he was hit an attack by the hindbrain, Su Xiao cursed in his mind.

When he regained consciousness again, he was already in his temporary house.

Although he only stayed in the derivative world and the reincarnation paradise for about a half month, Su Xiao had a feeling of being separated from the world.

First, he looked at the trap which was set on the door and near the window, they were not triggered. It seemed that here was safe.

Su Xiao now had three main attributes at around 20 points. As long as he did not go against the military, the average person could not hurt him.

Of course, except for the other contractors in the real world.

However, Su Xiao should be stronger than the average contractors in the real world. In the real world, active skills could not be used, and he could only rely on attribute points and passive skills.

Even he was in the derivative world, Su Xiao was at most able to open Qing Gang Yin because his other abilities were unaffected in the real world.

Su Xiao sat on the sofa and pondered for a while. Now, when he was not going to find the information of his enemy, he guessed through the previous clue that the news of finding the enemy needed to go abroad, it was a very dangerous place. Whether he could find the information was just the conjecture through the clues. 

Even for the current Su Xiao, he may die there.

Not enough, he was not strong enough, he had to be patient and could not waste his efforts.

Su Xiao took a breath, the flashing red lights in his eyes receded. He forced himself to calm down.

Except for revenge, Su Xiao was not a dangerous person to society. He is a person who relied on his parent.

After purchasing a laptop with nice equipment and handling broadband, Su Xiao started to watch anime.

Now it was not whether he liked to watch anime, but he also must understand the story of anime.

However, after three days of watching, Su Xiao found that watching anime was also a way to relax his mind and body.

Practicing sword skills, watching anime, being hungry and buying food, continuing to watch anime, sleeping…

Time was lost in a flash, Su Xiao quickly received the call for the reincarnation paradise.