Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 139: The sorcerer who always spites

[Drop, the new derivative world is about to open, the hunter will return to the reincarnation paradise, please make sure there are no witnesses around.]

[Transferring…, the transmission is completed.]

The familiar exclusive room was in sight. Didn’t know why, compared with the real world, Su Xiao felt that the contractors in the reincarnation paradise were more realistic.

The dangers in the derivative world magnified the goodness and evil of human nature, the kind people were more kind, the evil ones were even eviler.

Everyone took off the mask of hypocrisy and brought real masks to cover their faces.

[Hunter level: Lv.5, you can be notified 25 minutes before entering the derivative world, the hunter will enter the derivative world in an hour, please be patient.]

Su Xiao left the exclusive room, he prepared to purchase some restored medicines before entering the derivative world.

As for why did not he buy before, it was because there were not many workers who sell the restored products at ordinary times, most of them were contractors, and the price was quite expensive.

Before starting a new derivative world, those workers who have accumulated a lot of recovery products would gather in a specific area in the Trading Square to sell the restorations.

Although the price was not cheap, it was not expensive, it was within the range of acceptance.

After Su Xiao arrived at the southeast corner of the Trading Square, he found that there was already crowded.

“Restoration will be sold at breakdown price, don’t miss it when you pass by.”

“The old name of medicine king….”

Su Xiao walked through the crowd, he was looking for a booth, the one that he purchased the restoration last time.

Soon Su Xiao found his goal. It was a worker with a white coat. He was called a medicine can.

Squatting in front of the booth, Su Xiao began to choose the restorations he needed.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, this time I will give you a cheaper price.”

Medicine can suddenly speak, and the smile was in his eyes.

The person surprisingly remembered him which made Su Xiao quite surprised.

“I’m going to enter the derivative world, so I can go buy some restorations.”

During the picking, Su Xiao found several restorations.

[Alchemy Secret Medicine]

Origin: Fullmetal Alchemist

Quality: white

Type: Restoration

Effect: After drinking, it could quickly restore 18% of Hp

Rating: 8

Description: The taste is stranger, and the effect is more excellent.


[Vital source]

Origin: Akama ga kill!

Quality: white

Type: Restoration

Effect: After drinking, it could quickly restore 15% of Hp and restored a certain degree of injury.

Rating: 9

Introduction: Extracting from several plants, it was not allowed to drink continuously.


[Delicious Chocolate]

Origin: Reincarnation paradise, The sweetheart dessert shop.

Quality: white

Type: Restoration

Effect: After eating, you could slowly restore 60% of Hp.

Rating: 7

Introduction: Don’t eat it while fighting, because it’s too delicious and will distract you.


[Alchemy Secret Medicine] x1, [Vital Source] x1, [Delicious Chocolate] x3, these were what Su Xiao chose.

In his storage space, there was a [Golden Fried Rice] that restored 50% of Hp and a C-type Battlefield Syringe that quickly restored 30% of Hp. These were enough.

“Let me calculate it.”

The medicine can check the price of three kinds of recovery products and Su Xiao’s introduction. After short bargaining, Su Xiao spent 3,100 paradise coins to buy these restorations.

Looking at the restorations in the storage space, and the new attributes, Su Xiao even looked forward to the arrival of the next derivative world.

”I’m really looking forward to the next derivative world.”

Su Xiao’s whisper was heard by the medicine can who looked at Su Xiao with amazement as if he was watching a monster.

The general contractor would have an expression of going to an execution ground before entering the derivative world. But the guy in front of him surprisingly had some expectations?

“Brother, being positive, the derivative world is very dangerous. Don’t be careless.”

The medicine can kindly remind, Su Xiao was his old customer after all.

”Thank you, but I really like the feeling in the derivative world.”

After that Su Xiao left the booth of the medicine can, the medicine can shake his head and sighed.

“Ah? Another crazy guy again, the derivative world is simply hell.”

After buying, Su Xiao’s only had 6467 paradise coins left.

After hanging around for a while in the trading market, Su Xiao found a group of people in front of the booth not far away.

“Give me a cheaper price, I only have 20,000 paradise coins left, and I can’t really pay it.”

“No, at least 25,000 paradise coins, l will not sell less than this price.”

“Why are you so obstacle, the next derivative world is about to begin, are you going to bring this treasure into the coffin?”

The two men in dispute were a young man with yellow hair who held a staff and a knight with full armor. 

At the booth, a green boutique staff with a rating of 30 was placed.

The sorcerer with yellow hair wanted to buy this stuff, but the bid did not satisfy the seller. He may not have sufficient paradise coins, and the knight was not allowed to lower the price. This staff was indeed worth the price, but considering that the derivative world would open soon, selling it cheaper was also a good choice.

The equipment of the sorcerer, especially the staff and the sorcerer’s robe were very expensive. Although the sorcerer looked good in the bright side, he was somewhat bitter in the dark side.

Su Xiao casually looked at other things on the booth, after seeing the attributes of a piece of equipment, his heart tightened.

It was an egg-sized iron ball. There was a mechanical eye on the front of the iron ball. Su Xiao had found this kind of equipment for a long time, but he did not found it, it was not because the thing was expensive, but because of the lack of the quantity.

Picking up the delicate iron ball, Su Xiao asked:

“How about this’s the price?”

The knight stall had not spoken yet, the sorcerer with yellow hair on the side took the lead.

“Don’t mess up, you can buy at other booths, don’t you see that I am bargaining? You’re fucking annoying.”

The sorcerer with yellow hair treated Su Xiao as a doormat when he was asking price probably was because his bargaining was not smooth.

“5000 paradise coins, no bargaining.”

Su Xiao thought for a while and bought the metal ball in his hand, and did not pay attention to the sorcerer with yellow hair aside.

“Hey, this thing is not worth 5,000 paradise coins.”

The sorcerer with yellow hair suddenly stopped Su Xiao, Su Xiao looked at him with confusion.

“Investigative equipment is rare, but the investigation equipment of green quality is between 4,300 and 4,500 paradise coins. You bought a higher price.”

Su Xiao chuckled, although the sorcerer with yellow hair spoke sharply, he had a warm heart.

“Looking for a long time, I don’t care for these hundreds of paradise coins.”

The sorcerer shook his head.

“It’s bad luck for us to meet this kind of obstacle seller. I have a bad attitude just now, sorry.”

The sorcerer with yellow hair turned and looked at the knight.

“You are a fucking obstacle, your equipment on your body was also awkward, the knight armor with a whip, so talented.”

The sorcerer with yellow hair scratched his head, after messing his hair and stepped on the ground. He murmured that “Don’t blame me, leader.” and took out a green knight sword.

“The last chance, this Knight sword plus 15,000 paradise coins, would you like to exchange?”

The knight hesitated for a while and eventually agreed with this trade.

The sorcerer smiled and took over the staff, he like a child who got a new toy.

“It’s good, right? the boutique staff with a score of 30. Friend, where is your next derivative world? If we’re in the same derivative world, I can take care of you, without paradise coins.”

Su Xiao smiled bitterly and shook his head, the sorcerer with yellow hair was kind, he was a bit talkative and spoke sharply.

At this time, the remainder of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[The hunter will enter the derivative world after twenty-five minutes: Attack on Titan!]