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R.P Chapter 141: The second zone

The Wall. Rose was broken, three rocks that were kicked off destroyed the towns severely.

“What’s wrong with this? What happened?”

A farmer with a hoe looked at the ruins a few meters away with horror, there was a house which was not spacious but could keep out wind and rain, but now there was only a large piece of gravel and broken wood, there was his home.

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible.”

The farmer stepped on the ruins and madly used his hands to dig the ruins under his feet. Even if his hands were injured and had unguis incarnates, the farmer still wanted to find his wife and daughter under the ruins.

Not to mention that the ruins were massive, his family may already die, even if the farmer found them.

This scene constantly appeared in the Wall. Rose, humans’ stabile lives were instantly broken.

“Do those titans come again? Just like five years ago.”

A survivor, who survived from the accident of the Wall. Maria broke five years ago, staring at the big hole on the wall with shock, only the outdoor of Wall. Maria was broken last time, it was completely broken after Armored Titan broke through the inner door.

This time, the colossal titan surprisingly kicked the Wall. Rose directly and kicked out of three holes in the Wall. Rose. The situation was somewhat abnormal.

After the Wall. Rose was broken, the civilians lived inside of the wall subconsciously fled toward the inner place, Wall. Sina.

But Wall. Sina was the area for aristocrats, the most central part of the three walls, and the range around the Wall. Sina was much smaller than the range around the Wall. Rose. Accommodating these people was impossible. They could not even live there normally, it was even more impossible to let these civilians survive.

The crowd ran beside Su Xiao, Su Xiao glanced at the three holes in the Wall. Rose, and sighed in his mind. This colossal titan was a bit powerful and may be stronger than the titan in the original plot.

At this time, Su Xiao was hesitant, all three holes needed to be defended, but which direction should he defend?

Su Xiao did not need to worry about his question, the reincarnation park had arranged.

[The attack and defense mission begins, the first zone on the east side, the second zone on the west side, and the third zone on the south side.]

[Determining the strength of all contractors…, in the arrangement…, the hunter was assigned to the battle zone: the third zone.]

[The arrangement of the battle zone had been completed, please rush to the third zone within five minutes.]

Su Xiao looked at the hole in front, the third zone was in front of him.

One zone was on his left side, the second zone was on the right side, the third zone was in the center, the rear was not broken.

Rushing to the three zones, Su Xiao saw the titan’s figure in the far distance, the three titans had entered the wall, the height was about five meters, seven meters, and ten meters.

Fortunately, the three titans stopped after entering the Wall. Rose, they were attacked by fierce firepower.


A rocket boom exploded on the seven-meter titan’s face, the fire surged and the smoke surrounded.

This must be the attack of the contractor. The rocket artillery did not exist in the world of inside the wall, they at most had advanced artillery.

Su Xiao who was running looked at the titan who was bombed, the smoke dissipated, the face of the seven-meter titan disfigured, the teeth and skulls exposed, and the entire jaw was blown out.

If the normal creature suffers from this kind of injury, it must be dead. But the titan was different. The titan had only one fatal point. The small area with one meter wide and ten centimeters long in the back neck. In addition to attacking there, the injuries in other places could be recovered.

Sure enough, the seven-meter titan’s head surrounded by the steam gradually recovered, it seemed to can completely restore in a minute or two.

Bang, bang?

There was a slight vibration on the ground, which was the walking sound of the titan.

After the three titans invaded inside of the wall, the fourth titan appeared. It was a titan up to 12 meters. When passing through the hole of the city wall, the titan even had to bow down to enter, which showed that its body was huge.

The Titans would only be more and more, now the four Titans were only the spearhead.

There was some good news. Although the four titans entered the wall, their paces of walking stopped immediately, and the body was still slanting. It seemed to be attacked by the contractors.

After Su Xiao arrived in the third zone, he found that there were more than 30 contractors gathered here, and there were still contractors came gradually.

“All contractors, please pay attention, I am the deputy head of Lycoris radiata adventure group bloody rose.”

A slender lady with long hair shouted and attracted the attention of all contractors.

Bloody Rose was a code name, no one would use the real name in the reincarnation park.

Bloody rose put her long burgundy red hair on the shoulder, a delicate deep yellow leather armor wrapped her petite body, holding a long-barreled gun on her hand, the long barreled gun was covered with spiral lines, this was a blue quality weapon.

The shout was very loud, and the contractors who were about to rush to the Titans stopped.

“We don’t have much time, please listen to me. There are now three zones. Don’t worry about the situation in the first zone. Our Lycoris radiate adventurous group has already defended there. As for the second zone, it is guarded by the Fraternity. I think everyone has heard them.

In this derivative world, there are two permanent adventurous groups, one is the Fraternity, and the other one is Lycoris radiate.

There is no problem in the first zone and the second zone. The most troublesome one is the third zone. Therefore, our head Icy luna sent me to help you for defending the third zone.”

When they heard the words of the bloody rose, more than 30 contractors were silent for a while.

“I have heard of Lycoris radiate adventurous group, which is an adventurous group composed entirely of female contractors. It is said to be very strong.”

“I, I would follow Miss bloody rose.”

“As long as the task can be completed, I would follow anyone.”

Under the leadership of several contractors, other contractors also agreed.

“Miss bloody rose, please make orders, how do we arrange the formation.”

After most of the contractors made the statements, bloody rose’s red lips slightly tilted.

Although the contractors were here to discuss countermeasures, the four titans did not break through the line of defense. Several contractors dragged the Titans. It seemed that these people had been persuaded by bloody rose to help her to gain time.

“Everyone, you can tell me about your advantages. I will arrange the formation according to your fighting styles.”

After a few words from bloody rose, she had become the leader of the third zone, but the contractors were not stupid, although they said they would follow bloody rose, they actually had their own purposes.

“My name is a bull, my strength is great, I am very resistant.”

One of the middle-aged men holding the shield walked out of the crowd. The big man was strong. At first glance, he was a pachyderm type.

Bloody rose’s eyes widen the sights after seeing the bull. This kind of wild tank was not common.

“You’re bull, right? Lycoris radiate adventurous group welcomes you.”

After that bloody rose patted bull’s shoulder, the slender fingertips swept through his neck.

Bull swallowed and glanced at the bloody rose’s nice figure.

Is this woman a fairy?

“The handsome guy standing on the side, introduce your advantage.”

Su Xiao scowled and replied after he thought in mind fast:

“Byakuya, long-range gunman.”

The broken Elf appeared in his hand, the flashing green light made Su Xiao’s identity of gunman very credible.

“Oh, I will arrange you later.”

Bloody rose lost interest in Su Xiao and didn’t even look at him anymore.

Su Xiao was also happy. The situation was unclear. He had to observe it before deciding what to do.