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R.P Chapter 143: Prisoners [EDITED]

The ten-meter-tall Titan had fallen, and the other three Titans were bogged down, the situation was good.

Under the siege of melee and ranged fighters, two of the Titans were quickly killed. Only the twelve-meter-tall Titan was left.

The melee fighters had surrounded the last Titan, who dumbly walked in a circle, but wherever it went, the contractors there would retreat before it could hit them.

After Dust’s attack, these contractors were no longer closing in on the Titans and only focused on kiting them, leaving the responsibility of killing the enemy to Dust.

Bloody Rose did not stop this situation, she was in the crowd, although she was waving her long-barreled gun dazzlingly, she did not actually attack.

Dust had used three skills without expression, the elements were surging once again, and Dust was ready to use his fourth skill.

Su Xiao raised his hand and fired two shots. The firepower of the contractors near him was much higher than his. Most of the gunmen fired with semi-automatic rifles and left several holes in the Titan’s head.


Dust waved his staff, a tornado whistled to the 12-meter giant.

The shrieking of the wind was deafening, the surrounding gravel and hay were all caught up in it. The originally transparent tornado quickly turned grayish black.

This tornado, which moved incredibly fast, surprised the contractors close to the titan, having them jump aside immediately.

The tornado enveloped the Titan and turned bloody red in just a few seconds. Then, the strong wind faded, and the Titan, which was already severely wounded, fell.

Although Titans had muscles, blood, and internal organs, they would not leave a body after dying. Their remains would turn to gas in a few minutes, disappearing without a trace.

The four Titans were killed, and for the time being, it didn’t look like another Titan was approaching the hole in the wall.

Su Xiao had some doubts, this was too easy.

[Announcement: The attack and defense battle of the trial stage in the third zone has been completed. The Titans will formally attack in five minutes.]

The sudden announcement made contractors in the third zone worry. The four Titans just now had merely let them become familiar with the derivative world, and the regular attack would have even more enemies?

[Because the trial stage in all zones has been completed in the specified time, the attack and defense contribution values will be calculated.]

[First place: Adam, the attack and defense contribution value of 56.]

[Second name: Icy Luna, the attack and defense contribution value is 50.]

[Third place: Dust, attack, and defense contribution value 48.]


[When the attack and defense war is won, the top five contractors will be given an additional reward.]

[The reward for the first place: soul crystal (small) x5.]

[The reward for the second place: random piece of blue equipment x1.]

[The reward for the third place: random piece of green equipment x1.]

[The reward for the fourth place: 3000 paradise coins.]

[The reward for the fifth place: 1000 paradise coins.]


Su Xiao scowled. The reward for the first place was extremely attractive and killing Titans would get him the contribution value he needed.

However, the nail that sticks out, will get hammered down. It was not yet time to ‘farm’ contribution points, since there were the heads of the two adventurer groups and the sorcerer Dust on the list, and they were in the same region he stayed in.

The attack and defense war would only start in five minutes. The contractors that fought in melee came closer, most of them were coming for Dust.

“Dust, hello, I am Bull. I can cover you when you use skills.”

The only tank in the third zone, Bull, did not seem silly. He had just exchanged glances with Bloody Rose and was now talking to Dust.

“Mr. Dust, your staff, it’s a green boutique, right? It’s really too strong.”

As he was being flattered by most of the contractors, Dust got up and patted non-existent dust from his robes.

“Everyone, I am a new member of the Fraternity. Our boss asked me to help you out. I prefer practical actions more than words.”

After these few simple words, more than 30 contractors came close to Dust, and the remaining contractors hesitated from choosing sides.

They had to choose, either support Lycoris Radiata or Fraternity. Otherwise, they would be isolated.

Although they had been organized by Bloody Rose this last battle, their performance had been rather poor. They had only put down the five-meter-tall Titan, and the others were all killed by dust.

Less than two minutes later, there was no one on Bloody Rose’s side, so Dust was promoted to the leader of the third zone. The power structure had changed just like that.

“Byakuya, don’t you want to go to show your loyalty? I’m thinking about doing that, he is a powerful sorcerer and seems reliable.

Enthus played with the shotgun in his hand, looking like he wanted to go over.

“I don’t care about that.”

Su Xiao spat out a cloud of smoke and thought about how long these contractors could last.

“Oh? You want to stay alone? How about the three of us ally with each other.”

Bloody Rose shook her thin waist as she came closer and sat on some gravel near Su Xiao.

“Don’t you care that I’m a gunman?”

Su Xiao lifted the revolver in his hand. Bloody Rose looked at Su Xiao for a moment, then finally shook her head.

“What about you, bro? How about the two of us band together, wouldn’t that work nicely?”

The corner of Enthus’ eyes twitched, he looked at Bloody Rose with a faint smile.

“That’s great, let’s become allies.”

When the two discussed how they wanted to cooperate, Su Xiao heard air jets from a distance.

Three figures were running at a high speed on a roof, which was few hundred meters away, wearing the military uniforms which only existed in this Titans’ world. White shirts, dark yellow tops which only covered to the chest area, white trousers, and deep yellow knee-high boots.

The biggest feature of these three people was the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ on both sides of their waists. It consisted of two metal boxes on each side of their waists, which were one hundred and ten centimeters long. There was a barrel of highly compressed gas at the bottom of the metal box, which could be used for acceleration. It allowed people to jump farther and faster.

Two hilts were linked to the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, with one-meter-long blades on the hilt, which could be replaced at any time. The hilt could also control the gas injection.

This strange weapon was the main means for the native people to deal with the Titans. The blades, which were about one meter long, were similar to paper cutters, they were extremely sharp but easy to wear down.

For this reason, there were six blades attached to the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, for replacement when necessary.

The 3D Maneuver Gear could be regarded as the black technology of this world. It was first nailed to a building with the attached hook, which then tightened, to let the body pull forward.

If people could master the 3D Maneuver Gear, they could perform actions like flying through the towns with high buildings, so as to fight with Titans.

Of course, even if there were no high buildings, they could nail the hooks to a Titan’s body, but the risk was higher, and a newcomer could easily die.

Looking at the three people closing in at high speed, Su Xiao’s eyes widened, he recognized the three of them.

The original protagonist Eren Yeager, the super popular female character Mikasa Ackerman and the immature genius Armin Arlert.

As the three main characters of the original plot appeared, some of the contractors looked at them with curiosity.

“There is a gap here too? Damn.”

Eren Yeager just landed and rushed to the hole, looking panicked. Although he was passionate, he was too impulsive.

“Eren, calm down, we are not sure whether there are any Titans, don’t get too close there.”

Mikasa Ackerman stopped Eren, but he was unwilling to stop, and wanted to go to the hole to look for Titans.

“Mikasa is right, we should understand the current situation first, and there are prisoners here to, we can’t let our guard down.”

Armin was somewhat alert as he looked at Su Xiao and others.

“Shit, if they dare to do anything, I will put them back to prison. As members of the Survey Corps, they were imprisoned. It really discredited the Survey Corps.”

When he heard Eren’s words, Su Xiao could guess the identities the Reincarnation Paradise had given the contractors.

They should be former Survey Corps members, who were arrested for crimes and were now atoning by doing service.

This identity would normally not stand up to close scrutiny, but under the balance mechanism of the Reincarnation Paradise, even if Su Xiao and others took out rockets and bombarded the Titans, the natives would not doubt them.