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R.P Chapter 145: The red letter day

After Su Xiao solved the two Kiko Shu, the pressure on the battle line slowed down noticeably.

“Who dares to escape, I will kill it.”

Su Xiao screamed and let the contractors who wanted to withdraw strategically stopped.

Some contractors were obviously angry, but after seeing Kiko shu’s corpses under Su Xiao’s feet, they immediately hid their anger.

“Now we are a grasshopper on the rope, as long as we actively defend, it must be no problem.”

After bloody rose communicated with the contractors, Su Xiao quickly rushed to the third Kiko shu.

He didn’t really care whether most of the contractors escape, he would not fail with the mission. He had another purpose.

However, it was still necessary to solve these titans who had broken into the wall.

Compared with the ordinary titans, Su Xiao felt that Kiko shu were easier to deal with.

Although the speed of Kiko shu was very fast, these Kiko shu had a habit of preferring to swallow or bite humans.

It was the action of bowing that made Su Xiao easily kill Kiko shu.

But not all of them did this, for example, the one in front of him was special.

When he rushed to the third Kiko shu, it also noticed Su Xiao.

Kiko shu stared at Su Xiao with dull sight. The original slow pace became quicker, the two legs with three or four meters long ran fast, and the upper body swayed from side to side as if it was very happy.

Boom, boom, boom.

The ground had loud sounds, and large buildings’ remains were kicked flying.

Su Xiao held the sword in the same place. This Kiko shu was different from the previous one. It belonged to the type of that walked like humans. Cutting its neck was difficult.

The roar came to his ear, a big muddy foot stepped down.

Su Xiao jumped to the left slightly to evade.


The gravel splashed, Kiko shu’s step made a light hole on the ground.

A strong wind blew Su Xiao’s short hair, his cheeks pumped. If he is stepped on, he will die. Don’t talk about the 12 points of vitality. Even if he has 20 points, he will be stepped into a pile of meat.

He could never be stepped or bitten, or he will die.

Su Xiao made judgments in mind and stabled his body, a slash of sword light crossed, Kiko shu’s leg was cut off.

Kiko shu’s attack power was indeed strong, but the defense was not very strong. At least for Su Xiao, the titan’s body could not stop his attack.

The sword specialization had improved two levels, dragon flash had promoted to a blue weapon, and the enhancement of various attributes of his body made him grow a lot.

A small leg was cut off, Kiko shu’s huge body fell forward.


The large and somewhat complete building was crushed, Kiko shu lied on the ground, it seemed that he tried to stand up.

Su Xiao rushed for a few steps and jumped on the back of Kiko shu, stepping on the back of Kiko shu, he was like stepping on a piece of somewhat hard plastic.

He quickly arrived at the position of back neck, a sword, two swords, the flesh of the back neck was smashed, a large piece of steam rose.

Su Xiao incessantly cut three Kiko shu, he was not breathless, it looked very easy for him.

After cutting the back legs and then smashing the back neck, under the perception of the heart-eye skills, Kiko shu had flaws all over its body, the two Kiko shu were dead under his sword in five minutes.

The benefit of the sword made the contractors present stunned.

Under the negotiation of bloody rose with bull and other contractors, they all came to the hole reluctantly and blocked the titan at the hole again.

After incessantly five Kiko shu appeared, Titans’ attack outside of the city wall was significantly weakened.

[Your talent ‘psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 10 points of mana, and the current mana is 313 points.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 8 points of mana, and the current mana is 321 points.]


[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is launched, permanently adding 9 points of mana, and the current mana is 349 points.]

Entering the new derivative world, Su Xiao’s talent ability could also take the mana.

It may be that the more mana values which took this time, Su Xiao obviously felt that some kind of energy was growing in his body.

Su Xiao checked on Kiko shu’s body, looking for a long time to find a white treasure chest, which made him somewhat helpless.

The chances of the ordinary titan dropping the treasure chest were not high, the chance of killing Kiko shu should be higher than the ordinary titan. Even so, the chances of killing Kiko shu to get treasure cases were not high.

However, with the experience of killing hundreds of ghouls could not get treasure cases, Su Xiao had become accustomed to it. He had no feelings at the moment, and even wanted to ‘kill the individual’ in this ‘red letter day,’ but now there was no reason.

“Bloody rose, it had nothing to do with you for me to leave the front line, at most I fail the mission.”

A dark-skinned man who was carrying a wooden spear, standing in front of bloody rose, who was a real African.

Contractors with various skin colors in the reincarnation were common.

“No one will be willing to fail the mission. There is that powerful person, there is no problem to hold the battle line.”

The reason why bloody rose was trying to let this black man stay was not that how strong the person’s strength is, but she didn’t want to lose power in their defense. If the contractors are in danger and leave, the defensive line will break.

“Byakuya, come help me to persuade him.”

Bloody rose secretly gave Byakuya a wink, probably was to let Su Xiao come to help.

The black man tilted his lips with disdain. In fact, he knew that they had hope. Compared with the reward of the main task, he would be rewarded more by fighting alone. He relied on the main task and clearance values to become stronger. He had other ways to become stronger, there were some ways to break the rules, he was profitable by himself, the other contractors of the entire derivative world were unlucky.

Su Xiao heard the greeting of bloody rose and walked slowly after two seconds of thinking in the same place.

“What? You want to leave the third districts? The consequences are very serious.”

Su Xiao stood in front of the black man with a gentle smile.

Bloody rose stood aside, she frowned tightly, she wanted Su Xiao to persuade him, but Su Xiao’s current move was not attached to her imagination.

“Where I go is my freedom, you control…”

The black man had not finished his words, the horror appeared in the eyes.


A head with a shocked expression flew up, the black person even did not know why Su Xiao killed him till he died, just because he refused to stay in the war zone?

Large blood splashed on bloody rose’s face, now this rose was indeed stained with blood.

Bloody rose was stunned and looked at Su Xiao unbelievably.

“Why do you kill him?”

“Well? I reminded him that the consequences of leaving are very serious.”

Bloody rose no longer spoke, she looked at the back of Su Xiao with full of alert. This kind of powerful person who killed people when they could not communicate was very dangerous. 

Was Su Xiao killing people when they could not communicate? Of course not.

[The hunter had cleared the No. 14030 offender and now the hunting mission has been completed (1/3).]

The black man was an offender. From the experience of the last world, the actions of the offenders were generally secret, the whole process would not be with other contractors. This time, he appeared in the war zone making Su Xiao somewhat surprised. After the unknown purpose was reached, he would flee immediately.

The black man offender obviously wanted to act alone, if he let him go, it will be endless.

If the black man made trouble during the attack and defense tasks, it would be trouble, so Su Xiao took a shot to avoid the troubles.