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R.P Chapter 145: The Red Letter Day [EDITED]

After Su Xiao killed the two Kiko-shu, the pressure on the battle line was noticeably lessened.

“If any of you try to escape, I will kill you myself.”

Su Xiao shouted at the contractors who wanted to withdraw, stopping them immediately.

Some contractors were obviously angry, but after seeing the Kiko-shu’s corpse under Su Xiao’s feet, they immediately hid their anger.

“We can hold on, as long as we actively defend the hole, we can do it!”

After Bloody Rose encouraged the contractors, Su Xiao quickly rushed at the third Kiko-shu.

He didn’t really care whether any of the contractors escaped, he would not fail the mission even without them. But he had another purpose.

However, it was still necessary to kill the titans that had entered the wall.

Compared with the ordinary titans, Su Xiao felt that the Kiko-shu were easier to deal with.

Although the Kiko-shu were very fast, they seemed to prefer swallowing or biting humans.

It was this action of lowering their heads that made it easy for Su Xiao to kill them.

But not all of them did this, for example, the one in front of him was special.

When he rushed at the third Kiko-shu, it also noticed Su Xiao.

The Kiko-shu stared at Su Xiao with dull eyes. Its originally slow pace quickened, with its three- or four-meters long legs it ran very fast, its upper body swayed from side to side, as if it was happy.

Boom, boom, boom.

Every step of the Kiko-shu shook the ground, and any remaining buildings were sent flying.

Su Xiao held his sword steady. This Kiko-shu was different from the previous two. It belonged to the type of that walked like humans, so cutting its neck was difficult.

He heard a roar as a big muddy foot stomped down.

Su Xiao jumped to the left to evade.


Gravel splashed as the Kiko-shu’s stomp made a hole in the ground.

Strong wind buffeted Su Xiao’s short hair. If he hadn’t dodged, he would be dead. Even if he had 20 points, he would still be mashed into a puddle of meat, never mind his meagre 12 points.

He could never be stepped on or bitten by a titan, or he would die.

Su Xiao made some judgments and stabilized his body, a sword glinted, and as the strike finished, the Kiko-shu’s leg was entirely cut off.

The Kiko-shu’s attack power was indeed strong, but its defense was lacking. At least for Su Xiao, the titan’s body could not stop his attack.

His sword specialization had improved by two levels, Dragon Flash had grown into a blue weapon, and the enhancement of his attributes had strengthened him a lot.

As its leg was cut off, the Kiko-shu’s huge body fell forward.


A large and somewhat complete building was crushed as the Kiko-shu fell on it, but it seemed that the titan tried to stand up.

Su Xiao rushed a few steps forwards and jumped on the back of the Kiko-shu, to him, it felt as if he was stepping on a piece of hard plastic.

He quickly arrived at the position of the back of its neck, and with one more strike, the vital spot in its nape was cut, causing lots of steam to rise.

Su Xiao had killed three Kiko-shu one after another and wasn’t even out of breath, he had actually made it look easy.

After cutting off its leg and then slashing through its nape under the perception of the heart-eye skill, Su Xiao saw flaws all over the body of the remaining two Kiko-shu, which fell to his sword in less than five minutes.

Seeing Su Xiao in action had stunned the present contractors.

Under the orders of Bloody Rose, Bull and other contractors all reluctantly went to the hole to block the next titan from entering.

After five Kiko-shu had appeared one after another, the Titans’ presence outside of the city wall was significantly weakened.

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, permanently adding 10 points of mana. Current mana is 313 points.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, permanently adding 8 points of mana. Current mana is 321 points.]


[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, permanently adding 9 points of mana. Current mana is 349 points.]

Entering a new derivative world, Su Xiao’s talent’s ability could once again take mana for him.

It may be because of the large mana values which he absorbed this time, but Su Xiao could feel some kind of energy was growing in his body.

Su Xiao checked the Kiko-shu’s bodies, looking for a long time for a white treasure chest, which made him feel somewhat helpless.

The chance of an ordinary titan dropping a treasure chest was not high, and while higher than that of ordinary titans, the chance to get treasure cases from Kiko-shu were not much higher.

However, with the experience of killing hundreds of ghouls without getting treasure chests, Su Xiao had become somewhat accustomed to it. While he didn’t feel too bad, he had looked forward to opening his next treasure chest on this ‘red letter day’.

“Bloody Rose, my leaving the front line had nothing to do with you, at most, I will fail the mission.”

A dark-skinned man carrying a wooden spear stood in front of Bloody Rose, he was a real African.

Contractors with various skin colors in the Reincarnation Paradise were common.

“No one would be willing to fail the mission. We have that powerful person, so there is no problem to hold the battle line.”

The reason why Bloody Rose was trying to have this black man stay was not because of his strength, she just didn’t want to lose manpower from their defensive line. If all contractors left at the earliest sign of danger, the defensive line would never hold.

“Byakuya, please help me persuade him.”

Bloody Rose secretly gave Byakuya a wink, hoping to have him help her.

The black man looked at her with disdain. In fact, he knew that they had hope. Compared with the reward of the main task, he would get a better reward by fighting alone. He didn’t rely on the main task and clearance values to become stronger, he had other ways to grow. He had his ways to break the rules, so it would be more profitable for him to be by himself. He didn’t care about the other contractors in the derivative world.

Su Xiao had heard Bloody Rose and slowly walked forwards after thinking for a bit.

“What? You want to leave the third district? The consequences are very serious.”

Su Xiao stood in front of the black man with a gentle smile.

Bloody Rose stood aside, frowning slightly. She wanted Su Xiao to persuade him, but Su Xiao’s behavior was not like she’d imagined.

“I can go where I want to, you don’t control…”

The black man had not yet finished speaking as horror appeared in his eyes.


A head with a shocked expression flew through the air. The black person did not even know why Su Xiao had killed him, was it just because he refused to stay in this warzone?

Blood splashed on Bloody Rose’s face, now this rose was indeed stained with blood.

Bloody Rose was stunned and looked at Su Xiao, disbelieving.

“Why did you kill him?”

“What? I told him that the consequences of leaving are very serious.”

Bloody Rose no longer spoke, she looked at Su Xiao in full alert. A person with his strength and the character to kill people when they were talking was very dangerous.

But was Su Xiao just killing people without letting them defend themselves? Of course not.

[The hunter has killed the offender No. 14030. Hunting mission has been completed (1/3).]

The black man had been an offender. From his experience in the last world, the actions of the offenders were generally kept secret, as they would not stay with other contractors. This time, the offender had appeared in the war zone, surprising Su Xiao somewhat. But he knew that once this guy’s unknown purpose was reached, he would flee immediately.

The offender obviously wanted to act alone, and if he let him go, he probably wouldn’t find him again.

If the offender decided to caused trouble during the attack and defense task, who knew what could happen, so Su Xiao took his shot to avoid that.