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R.P Chapter 148: Greed! [EDITED]

A Spark rose from the crackling fire, gradually dispersing as it sailed through the air.

“This is today’s harvest, one green treasure chest and three white treasure chests.”

Bloody Rose sat close to the bonfire, the four treasure chests arrayed in front of her.

Su Xiao was not interested in these four treasure chests. He was only curious about how Bloody Roses would distribute their contents, to not only to win over the other contractors but also benefit the main defense.

“You all saw what happened today. Everyone is clear on whom contributed more and whom contributed less.

With only four treasure chests, there are more wolves than meat, so to speak. In this case, we could divide the Paradise Coins, equipment, and items to the main defensive forces.”

Bloody Rose glanced around, she seemed to be asking the others for their opinions.

A contractor that was going to speak up chose to stay silent in the end, as he was being pulled back by his companions.

In addition to Su Xiao and the other three notable people, there were thirty-nine contractors present. These four treasure chests would at most have slightly more than 1,000 Paradise Coins far from enough to be evenly distributed.

This was pretty much a ‘consolation prize’, which made these contractors feel better. After all, they used a lot of bullets today, which also had to be purchased by Paradise Coins.

The treasure chests were opened, and unsurprisingly, the four treasure chests held a total of 1,600 Paradise Coins. Besides the Paradise Coins, there were two pieces of equipment and three materials.

[Love leg bones]

Origin: Attack on Titan

Quality: Green

Category: Weapons (blunt)

Durability: 23/23

Attack power: 10~17

Equipment requirements: Strength attribute of 10 points or higher.

Equipment effect: Smash of love (active): The power of the whole body is used to destroy the enemy. Damage is determined according to the strength attribute.

Rating: 16

Introduction: Fanny, I love you, please turn my leg bones as a weapon after I die, so that I can continue to accompany you. If you encounter bad people, use me to hit them, including your future husband.

Price: 1900 Paradise Coins.


[Skull Shield (White Shield)]

[Pure Titan’s bone (White Material)]

[High durability nails (white material)] × 2


Obviously, the most valuable was [Love Legs Bone], the white shield was also good, followed by the [Pure Titan’s bone].

Su Xiao glanced over the items, but had lost interest, so he turned his gaze to Bloody Rose, who was about to start her performance.

Bloody Rose looked a bit bitter now, although she was sure that a few of the people present didn’t care about these items, it would be very troublesome if the distribution wasn’t even.

“How about we distribute the items according to the ‘attack and defense contribution value’?”


Dust laughed coldly.

“I will give you the shield, I just want the Titan’s bone.”

Bloody Rose’s face turned sour. The green tier equipment was reserved for Su Xiao, even Dust would not argue against that, after all, if they angered this boss, they’d lose their strongest fighter, and while him and Bloody Rose would be okay for a while, they wouldn’t hold out for long, likely not even for a single day.

[Pure Titan’s bone], although it had a lower score than the shield, it was valuable to the team. If you are lucky enough to find out the structure, you will make a lot of cannon fodder in every time you enter the derivative world.

Bloody Rose picked up [Love leg bone] and handed it to Su Xiao. After Su Xiao took it, he did not look at it, and simply stored it in his storage space. This thing was of no use to him, so he’d just sell it.

After Bloody Rose and Dust negotiated for a while, [Pure Titan’s bone] eventually went to Bloody Rose, though no one knew the contents of their negotiation.

Enthus just laughed and said nothing. The carebear was immensely helpful during the battle, shocking everyone, but their own positions in the rankings had plummeted.

“Since the distribution is over, I’m going to leave now. I will be back tomorrow morning.”

Bloody Rose stood up and asked the contractors on her side to follow her. She wanted to try having these people avoid contact with Dust, as even though these contractors were not too strong, they were still a combat force.

Right now, Bloody Rose had almost as many of the contractors on her side as Dust had, since her performance in battle and her excellent commanding ability had won them over.

“I have to go back to the boss, see you.”

After Dust left, only Su Xiao and Enthus were left by the campfire. As for the Eren and the other two natives, who always kept a distance of about ten meters from them, no contractor paid any attention to them. Their identities as prisoners had stopped them from communicating with the protagonists, especially Eren, who hated ‘evil’ people.

“It went just about as you expected. When do you start?”

There was a strange glint in Enthus’ eyes.

“Get ready now.”

Su Xiao took out all kinds of food from his inventory, enough marinated meat for a barbecue, a large grill, and even a few lobsters, each forty or fifty centimeters long.

“How many Paradise Coins have you spent for this? Such large lobsters are rare in the Paradise.”

“About 80 Paradise Coins.”

“Are you rich?”

Su Xiao would always choose better food when conditions permitted, and he knew how to cook, as he had lost his parents very early. After all, a lot of knowledge was necessary for him to live on his own. He did not have the protection and teachings of parents when he was in his teens. The environment he stayed in had let him feel the evil of the world. He knew better than anyone just how evil people could be.

In that environment, it had been fortunate that he didn’t end up a psychopathic murderer.

A small dagger rushed through the air as he processed the lobsters and other seafood. After the campfire had reduced to glowing coals, Su Xiao began to cook the food.

Fizzle, fizzle.

The barbecue was quickly done, and the unique smell of the lobster spread.

Enthus sluggishly observed Su Xiao’s skillful technique, this guy that killed people without blinking an eye was cooking food, and was surprisingly good at it.

The aroma of the barbecue attracted three pairs of sparkling eyes.

Eren stared at the skewers of barbecues in Su Xiao’s hands. The scorched scent of the barbecue continued to stimulate his sense of smell and taste. Eren really wanted to rush overs to grab the barbecue and eat it.

The life on the walls was very difficult. After their home was destroyed five years ago, Eren had never eaten meat. Only nobility and officials could enjoy meat on the wall.

The sound of someone swallowing saliva reached Eren’s ear, turning his head he saw that it was his friend Armin.

It was a terrible thing for teens to have only bread or potatoes as their meal.

At this point, even Mikasa’s eyes were shining, like a little wolf which had been hungry for a long time. But Mikasa’s idea was a bit different, she was thinking about how to grab it.

Greed was one of the seven deadly sins. Was that so easy to control? Of the seven deadly sins, greed was even ordered above lust.

“Eren, where did these people get the meat from, and what are these strange bugs? It smells so good.”

Armin, who grew up in the wall, had never seen a creature like lobster.

“Huh? Yes?”

Eren stared straight ahead, he probably didn’t hear what Armin was saying.

“Soldiers of the training corps, you have worked hard. Do you want to have dinner with us? Please don’t worry, this is a beast that my companion has hunted outside of the wall. It is completely legal.”

Enthus invited them.

How sad, to have to use ‘legal’ in these circumstances. After the Wall Maria was broken, it was illegal to eat meat privately. Meat had to be turned over to the Military police regiment, in exchange for food. If one was found eating meat privately, the punishment would be arrest.

Was it ridiculous to be arrested for eating meat? No, it was just sad.

However, there was an exception, that is, the Survey Corps could eat meat. As the Survey Corps often went outside of the wall, it was normal to hunt and have something special to eat.

“Okay, okay.”

Eren couldn’t help but stand up and follow Armin, while Mikasa hesitated. She felt that the man with the knife was very dangerous, he gave even her the chills when he’d been fighting, but Eren had already stepped forward. She could not let Eren go alone.

Soon, the three sat around the fire and watched the barbecue in Su Xiao’s hands.

Several skewers of barbecue were handed to Eren and the others, but the three did not eat, they observed Su Xiao instead.

Su Xiao scowled, the three were still a little vigilant, so he simply picked up a skewer to eat first.

Hum? The meat was cooked for a bit too long, it was slightly overcooked.

Seeing that Su Xiao had eaten, Eren and Armin also began to dig in. After chewing on his portion, Eren’s eyes widened.

He had never eaten such delicious food!

Eren couldn’t even eat meat inside of the wall, let alone enjoy the variety of spices. The barbeque of the streets of China instantly captured the stomach of the three people.

“Don’t worry, there’s a lot of food. Take a drink, this tastes very good.”

Su Xiao took out a few bottles of wine with low alcohol content, handing it to Eren and others. After a sip, they were already addicted by this slightly spicy but sweet ‘fruit drink’.

“How many percent?”

Enthus’ letter appeared through the system. The two were close, so they could send each other letters even without knowing each other’s number.

“8 %, so the taste of the alcohol is not too strong, and it contains a small amount of caffeine. They should’ve never drunk alcohol before, so that’s enough.”

Enthus gave him a thumb up.

Su Xiao looked at Eren, who was eating happily, and fire reflected in Su Xiao’s face.

If things didn’t go well, this would be Eren’s last meal.