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R.P Chapter 151: Come on, Eren beast

Running on the street, Su Xiao and the Titan which was made by Eren getting closer.

Suddenly there was a black shadow in front, Su Xiao stopped immediately and stared at the figure wearing a black hood.

“Brother, do you want to buy some good products?”

The voice of the man with hood was a bit filthy, giving Su Xiao a feeling of ‘brother, do you want to buy a CD?’

“I do not buy, don’t block my way.”

He did not know the person’s background, Su Xiao was ready to move forward.

“Don’t be nervous, I am the Black Yacht Chamber of Commerce. I don’t know if you have heard it.”

Su Xiao, he did hear Black Yacht Chamber of Commerce, a group of workers who dared to take risks specialized in doing business in the derivative world.

Su Xiao held the sword and rushed forward, he smashed on the man with a hood. The man with the hood did not escape.


A crisp sound came.

[You are attacking a neutral worker, the other party has lost 1 point of absolute armor, and the absolute armor has 5 points remaining.]

Yes, this guy was indeed a worker of Black Yacht Chamber of Commerce. It was said that this group of merchants has spent a lot of money developing a kind of energy armor. There were 6 points of absolute armor, but after wearing this armor, they could not attack the enemy. 

The reason why the Black Yacht Chamber of Commerce was a group of workers took risks because these merchants often appeared in the derivative world and sold the goods or supplies to the contractor at a high price.

The contractors called them ‘black merchants’, but normal contractors would not kill them.

Black Yacht Chamber of Commerce had a rule that all contractors who killed their members would never be traded with once they discovered them.

This was not the most important thing. These merchants would make circular orders in the reincarnation paradise. They would want the contractor and show the person’s number in public. It was said that they had wanted a contractor who was Lv.9 and offered 180,000 paradise coins for him!

The end of the contractor could be imagined.

After being cut down by Su Xiao, this black merchant was not mad at all. This was the way they prove their identity.

”Guest, do you want to buy equipment, items, or supplies?”

The attitude of the black merchant became enthusiastic.

Su Xiao pondered for a few seconds, the titan that Eren turned into should not die soon. He wanted to see if the black merchant has a thing.

“Do you have a skill scroll for the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’? The higher the level would be better.”

When he heard Su Xiao’s words, the black merchant’s eyes widen at sights.

“Guests, of course, entering the titan world need to carry that thing, the value of the skill scroll for ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ in the reincarnation paradise was not too high, but the number was scarce, now the price in the Titan world will double.”

The black merchant found through the storage space and took out a white quality scroll.

[3D Maneuver Gear is proficient lv.10. (temporary skills, it will disappear after leaving the world)

Quality: white

Type: Skill scroll (Temporary)

Rating: 10

Introduction: After using this scroll, you can master the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, because it is a temporary skill scroll, this skill disappears after leaving the world.


This was a scroll of ‘proficiency level’, the technical ability was divided into basic, proficiency, specialization, master and so on.

The ‘proficiency level’ was much better than the ‘base level’, and the skills acquired after using the scroll was lv.10.

Even so, this scroll was only a white quality with a score of 10, and the temporary attributes made the value of this scroll greatly reduce.

It could only use in only one world. If it is in a reincarnation park, the value of this scroll does not exceed 500 paradise coins, but the price of this scroll in the Titan world was not easy to estimate.

Su Xiao was looking for it in the trading market before he knew that he would enter the titan world. This thing was too rare for him to find.

“How much?”

“10,000 park coins.”

It was a black merchant, turning prices for twenty times.

Su Xiao did not have 10,000 paradise coins, but this scroll was very valuable in the titan world.

If he is proficient in using the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, his power of dealing with the Titans will increase by at least 30% or even more.

“I guess the guests do not have so many paradise coins, this is a very normal situation in the derivative world, we also accept exchange goods.”

The black merchant stopped talking and waited for Su Xiao to make a choice.

Su Xiao didn’t want to be wanted now, and even if he killed the black merchant, he couldn’t get a scarlet card. Reincarnation paradise had reminded before after the contractors died would not drop the scarlet card in this world.

When Su Xiao thought of the scarlet card in his mind, there was a scarlet card in his storage space. He just opened the poor character of one scarlet card, so he did not open another one.

Taking out the scarlet card, Su Xiao wanted to exchange this thing.

“Scarlet card, I am embarrassed with this, the value of the scarlet card is too random…”

“This is the sorcerer’s scarlet card.”

The black merchant’s eyes widen at sights.

“Guest, can I identify it? It doesn’t need to transfer ownership of the item.”

Su Xiao threw a scarlet card, the black merchant took out an item like a card reader and brushed it with a scarlet card.

“It is indeed the Scarlet Card of the sorcerer, it’s also from Ice sorcerer which was rare, plus 1000 paradise coins.”

Su Xiao directly put the scarlet card back and stopped looking at the black merchant.

“Guest, wait, I just joked, let’s exchange, deal.”

The speed for the black merchant to change attitudes was very speechless. Su Xiao did not talk nonsense with him, and immediately used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ reel.

[You have mastered the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ lv.10, this skill will be forgotten after leaving the world.]

[This passive skill can be used after obtaining the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’.]

Su Xiao had a lot of memory appearing in his mind, the structure, use, and maintenance of the 3D Maneuver Gear.

The sudden extra memory made Su Xiao feel uncomfortable for two seconds, but he quickly recovered. He now had a vague feeling that he could use it skillfully if he gets a ‘3D Maneuver Gear’.

Temporary skills and permanent skills were not the same. Permanent skills were gradually mastered and always remembered in the brain to form an instinct.

Temporary skills were a bunch of memories that flew into the brain, making people feel a little dizzy.

“Guest, do you want to buy a set of ‘3D Maneuver Gear, it’s only 300 paradise coins.”

Su Xiao shook his head. Only a fool would buy it. The 3D Maneuver Gear of the titan world was very easy to get. Just wait for the titan to invade the city completely, and then he could take a set from the dead soldiers.

Su Xiao looked at the titans which invaded the city at the entrance behind. The original people would fight to meet these titans in a short time. The complicated situation would be better for him to be lazy. He was a lonely fighter. The more chaos inside the wall would be better, the order was pursued by those adventurous groups.

No one defended front was expected. Even if Su Xiao has been holding the battle line, blood roses and dust will find ways to avoid the hole from being blocked. Instead of keeping making efforts, it would be better to think of another way.

If he doesn’t want to master the general information of each zone, Su Xiao will not guard it for one day.

Walking through the building, Su Xiao quickly arrived near the titan who Eren turned into.


The ‘Eren Beast’ screamed, and a wave of air spread out.

Eren turned into a Titan about 15 meters tall, his muscles rose all over his body, no lips, his mouth spread to the ear to reveal two rows of flat teeth, a pair of sharp ears like an elf.

Some people called this the elf titan. Actually, this Titan was called the attack titan. The overall quality of the nine titans was relatively better.

It was not as sensitive as a female titan, nor has the defense of an armored titan, nor the power of a colossal titan.

But this kind of Titan had a kind of belief. To pursue freedom and continually run, to fight for freedom, it belonged to the type that was not strong but good at adapting.


Another roar, Eren turned into a titan for the first time, he was apparently irrational, and Mikasa was gliding in front of Eren with a ‘3D Maneuver Gear’.

Looking at the hateful expression, this girl was absolutely going to smash Eren’s neck and cut the stomach of the titan and rescue ‘Eren’ inside.

If this kind of thing happens, Mikasa will definitely be desperate after knowing the truth, because she killed Eren by herself.

Su Xiao also counted on the ‘Eren Beast’ to help him move the stone. After that, Eren dying would  not matter. He had a mission called “shocking sky and waves”. The task only could increase the completion rate by killing the protagonist.