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R.P Chapter 152: This is what it feels like to fly [EDITED]

“Die, you damn titan!”

Mikasa was gliding through the air, the rope of 3D Maneuver Gear nailed to the shoulder of Eren. After spraying more gas from the back of her waist, Mikasa was flying to the nape of ‘Titan Eren’, where the body of Eren was. If she cut his nape, it would be equivalent to cutting Eren’s head off.

Titan Eren glanced at her and slapped Mikasa away, not recognizing her at all. He had only one idea in his heart, that is, killing all the Titans.

Usually, Mikasa could dodge this kind of attack easily, but the aftereffects of the hangover appeared. Mikasa tried adjusting the direction of her body, but bumped into the chimney on a roof with high speed.


Mikasa fell down on the roof, stunned. The sloping roof caused Mikasa to roll down. This house was more than ten meters high, if Mikasa falls, she will injure heavily.

A figure with yellow hair rushed out, the person caught Mikasa’s arm, it was Armin.

The two fell on a roof, because the blade in her hand, Mikasa’s leg had a deep wound.

“Mikasa, are you okay?”

“Nothing, there must be something wrong with what we drank yesterday.”

Mikasa was dizzy because of bumping into the roof, her face was stained with dust.

Boom, bang.

Eren didn’t look at Mikasa and Armin, he was walking in the direction of the Wall Rose, there were many titans there.

“Why isn’t he interested in me? It’s a good opportunity to attack us, and it should be impossible for him not to notice us at this distance. What is going on?”

The intelligent but immature Armin looked at the titan that was Eren with doubts.

Eren was still moving forward. His pace was not fast, but every step took him quite far, he would be in contact with the general titans in less than two minutes.

When the ordinary titans saw Eren, they strangely ignored the civilians and began to surround Eren.

There were about five ordinary titans, and the highest one was 14 meters tall.

There was no pre-fight provocation, or any communication really. ‘Titan Eren’ and the ordinary titans just directly started fighting upon meeting each other.

Although ‘Titan Eren’ had no real conscious thought, he could remember his ability to fight even subconsciously.

Getting into a boxer’s stance, Eren hit a straight fist to a titan’s head.


The huge head was directly punched off, and Eren’s movements continued. He bit the nape of another titan, and bit down hard, causing the titan to fall to the ground.

“How, why, what is happening?”

Mikasa and Armin were staring at the scene in front of them, stunned. The titan was actually attacking the other titans.

Su Xiao observed ‘Titan Eren’ battle the titans from an alley. Eren’s attacks were so fierce, he had to avoid that battle.

Fortunately, the titan’s body was huge, and he was not fast.

The next problem appeared, he had to make Eren move the huge stone. Eren’s mental state was very unstable, but Su Xiao had long considered it, he only needed to wait for further developments to occur.

When the titans invaded the wall, Su Xiao did not believe that the corps inside the wall would sit idly by.

Recruits of the training corps appeared in the vicinity incessantly. These recruits were surrounding the Titans when they saw them.

“Armin, Mikasa, what is going on here? Why did the titans invade the wall, didn’t the head say that there was no problem?”

A group of people from the training corps that were with Mikasa arrived at the vicinity of the two.

Armin did not know how to explain it. They had guarded firmly yesterday, but the front line was broken early today.

At this time, a figure flashed in Armin’s mind. The man holding a long sword, killing the titans with a crushing posture, did that person lose?

The recruits of the training corps could not defeat the Titans, but not long after, a female investigation team member wearing glasses arrived.

“Something terrible thing happened, those bastards in the military police brigade.”

Hange Zoe stomped her feet in anger, she was originally sent to the second zone defense line, but she immediately came to the rescue after discovering that another zone was broken.

Although Hange Zoe’s was not as strong as Levi Ackerman, she knew more about the titans. She had studied the titans for many years, with a passion that could almost be called crazy.

Of course, that meant she loved to research the body structure of the Titans.

“Well, there are too many titans, unless the investigation corps is dispatched on a large scale, what…”

Hange Zoe’s body was stiff, she saw the ‘Titan Eren’ fighting the other Titans.

“What is going on here, that titan is attacking the others? No, I definitely have to capture this Kiko-shu, I have to.”

Hange Zoe’s cheeks were flushed, as if she had forgotten that the Wall Rose was broken.

“You and I will catch the Kiko-shu together.”

Hange Zoe asked a dozen members of the training corps and approached Eren with great momentum.

On the street near the battlefield, Su Xiao quickly rushed in a certain direction.

“Help, who can help me?”

The whispered cry for help reached Su Xiao’s ear, and his pace got faster.

A member of the training corps, with most of his shoulder bitten off, laid on the ground. Too much blood was under his body. After seeing Su Xiao, the soldier laughed with a cry.

“Save me, my injury is not heavy.”

Su Xiao squatted in front of the soldier, checking him over and thinking for a while.

“Are you a doctor? Please save me.”


Su Xiao untied the buckle of the person’s ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, and after untying several belts, he took off the person’s ‘3D Maneuver Gear’.

After closing his eyes for a while to memorize, Su Xiao skillfully put the 3D Maneuver Gear’ on both sides of his waist.

There were two sword handles attached to the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’. There was a rope at the end of the sword sheaths. Each sheath had a trigger that looked like a handguard. One was to control the jet gas, the other was to eject or tighten the metal rope.

Su Xiao did not intend to use the blades attached to the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’. They were not sharp enough, and easy to damage.

Taking out some tools from his storage space, Su Xiao simply modified the sword sheaths attached to the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, he first tied the two sword sheaths together, then removed the unused decoration, and sawed off the trigger from one of the sheaths.

In this way, Su Xiao could control the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ with one hand, the short trigger controlled the gas injection, and the long one controlled the metal rope, it should be easy to distinguish.

“You, what are you doing, why don’t you save me, are you not a doctor?”

The wounded person on the ground noticed that Su Xiao did not intend to save him, but was just using his ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, and screamed at Su Xiao.

“You will die, I suggest you leave your last words with blood.”

After that, Su Xiao grasped Dragon Flash in his right hand, and the sword sheath of the ’3D Maneuver Gear’ in his left hand.


The anchor of the front part of the metal rope was nailed into the outer wall of a high building. Su Xiao rushed for a few steps, then pressed the trigger to control the gas ejection.

A thrusting force came from the back of his waist, Su Xiao immediately tightened the metal rope, his body rushing towards the sky.

Su Xiao, who was gliding through the air, could not help but smile, this actually felt great.

Using the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to reach a roof a dozen meters high, Su Xiao rushed a few more steps, the metal hook lock popped out again, and gas was sprayed.

Su Xiao ran on top of the buildings with high speed, strong wind was blowing his face, his short hair was waving from the wind.

He spent most of his time gliding. After the gliding ended, he ran a few steps on a roof and then resumed gliding.

His current speed had increased by at least 30%, maybe even more.

The feeling of this kind of high-speed gliding was very refreshing, it didn’t take long for Su Xiao to take a liking to this.

This thing was basically making him spiderman.

After Su Xiao arrived near Eren, he noticed that the original characters, Hange Zoe, Mikasa, Armin and others were fighting Eren.

Because of the high-intensity exercise, Mikasa’s hangover reaction had been relieved a lot, and she was now able to dodge ‘Titan Eren’.

Mikasa had noticed that this titan in front of her had eyes that were exactly the same as Eren, and that it had occasional flashes of light in the dark green eyes, the same as Eren.