Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 153: Gap [EDITED]


The ‘Titan Eren’ screamed loudly, his fists swayed at Hange Zoe and Mikasa.

Boom, bang.

The surrounding buildings collapsed, smoke and dust rose.

It could be seen that Eren did not want to fight against the people surrounding him. His goal were the ordinary Titans in the distance.

“Try to trap him, be careful not to entangle the ropes of the 3D Maneuver Gear’.”

Hange Zoe screamed. As the captain of the second team of the investigation corps, if she wanted to cut Eren’s nape, she could do so easily, since this was the first time Eren changed, and he was not familiar with controlling the Titan.

However, Hange Zoe wanted to capture Eren alive, and there were no teammates from the investigation corps. Armin and the other recruits were obviously not a lot of help in the battle.

Several people were fighting with Eren. They couldn’t move Eren, and Eren couldn’t catch the people who used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to glide, so Eren let off his anger to the surrounding buildings.

Su Xiao dodged sideways to escape some flying tiles, and jumped to a vantage point, to have a better view of the situation of the entire Wall Rose.

In front of the hole in the direction of the first zone, a figure moved. From time to time, there was a silvery white light shining. He couldn’t see a titan, indicating that the defensive line in the first zone was stable.

It was the same for the second zone, Fraternity did not let any Titans get into the wall.

The third zone however had become the main entrance for the Titans, which were gradually spreading within the Wall Rose. They would completely occupy the third zone in one morning at most.

However, before the third zone was occupied, the first and second zone would act. Su Xiao did not believe that they would sit idly by. If they intervened, they would delay the time for the third zone to be occupied, he would have more time to act.

Checking the task options of the Reincarnation Paradise, the attack and defense task had now turned red.

[The Third zone have been 13% captured, please set up a defense line as soon as possible.]

The situation was very ‘optimistic’, as long as the occupation of the third zone was below 80%, there was hope for rescue.

Looking at a few people who were fighting with Eren, Su Xiao frowned. Thing were too slow, he wanted Eren to control the Titan first, at least have him turn into the titan two or three times, twice at the least. Since this was the first time for him to change, it was unlikely for him to recover his mind.

And seeing Eren’s vivid appearance now, he would not get out of the Titan mode for a while.

After confirming that there were no contractors around, Su Xiao used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to quickly approach Eren.

The hook shot off, and gas was ejected. After a few seconds, Su Xiao arrived nearby.

“What? Byakuya.”

Hange Zoe, upon seeing Su Xiao, temporarily gave up fighting with Eren and used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to come near Su Xiao.

Both feet fell on the roof, Hange Zoe rushed for two steps to stabilize her body after putting off the hook.

“Why are you here, weren’t you in prison? What’s the food taste in prison? Hahaha!”

It seemed that the identity the Reincarnation Paradise gave Su Xiao was familiar with Hange Zoe, and Hange Zoe patted Su Xiao on his shoulder with passion. It seemed like they were on good terms, former comrades maybe.

“Not bad, where is the team leader, and the other brothers of other investigation corps?”

“Don’t get me started, I’m so angry about that! Those dogs of the military police brigade, not enough that they act as watchdogs themselves, but they also forced us to do the same.”

Hange Zoe gnashed her teeth, it seemed that she was very dissatisfied with the military police brigade’s ways.

“Let’s not talk about that for now, first, you see that Kiko-Shu? That thing is amazing. It will attack other Titans, it may be a special kind, or it may be infected with a certain virus. In short, let’s capture it first, I will research it to find out why it attacks other Titans.

If it is a special kind, it won’t be much of an issue, but if it is infected with a certain virus or bacteria, once we extract that kind of thing, we can have the titans fight against each other.”

It was no wonder Hange Zoe was an expert in the study of Titans. Her first consideration was Eren’s value as a weapon.

“You want to capture him, I understand.”

Su Xiao showed up to speed up the process. There was a big stone just two hundred meters away, waiting for ‘Titan Eren’ to carry it.

But if Eren removed the Titan mode and recognized him, he would immediately smash Eren’s head.

“Let’s go! I finally have a reliable partner. Although these recruits are excellent, they just have too little experience.”

Puff, puff.

The ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ made the sound of a jet bursting, as Su Xiao and Hange Zoe rushed at Eren.

“You, step back and go to the side, just watch the fight.”

Hange Zoe screamed at Armin and the others, confusing them.

After seeing Su Xiao moving forward, Mikasa’s eyes were full of anger. Although Mikasa wanted to rush ahead and fight with Su Xiao, the situation didn’t allow for that.

Mikasa and Armin landed on a rooftop nearby. At this time, there had been many members of the training corps fighting with Eren, one of the female newcomers was standing near Mikasa.

The female newcomer had long yellow hair, which fell over one side of her cheeks, blocking one eye with the long bangs. The tall figure had an indifferent expression on her face. She was Annie Leonhart. She was a female Titan, hiding inside the wall in order to destroy the ‘walls of God’ and kill all the humans inside of the walls.

Annie was not a qualified spy. She always showed indifference to anything, and was commonly called aloof.

But Annie did not know that if she wanted to be a qualified spy, she needed to be integrated into the crowd, just like her spy companion, Reiner Braun, the Amor Titan. But Reiner Braun eventually got involved too deeply, and ultimately became schizophrenic.

When Annie found out that Eren had turned into a titan, she immediately came, though it was unknown whether it was the name of Eren, ‘Yeager’, or the attack titan’s power that Eren was using, that made Annie care.

“Is he…”

Annie murmured, her eyes glued on Eren, as if she wanted to find something in him.

“Do these two people really have no problem on their own? All of us together couldn’t deal with this Kiko-shu.”

Jean Kirstein looked at Su Xiao and Hange Zoe, who were rushing forward.

“I don’t know, but I can finally take a break. I’m so hungry…”

The gourmand Sasha Braus was holding her stomach, she wanted to eat even more than she wanted to fight with Titans.


A large amount of gas was ejected, Su Xiao rushed directly at Eren in mid-air.

“He rushed straightly over there; does he have a death wish?”

Several people in the training corps looked at Su Xiao with surprise. In their perspectives, Su Xiao was going to death.

Eren’s huge arms waved to Su Xiao, who used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ to change direction in midair and dodged Eren’s attack.

“I will attract its attention, you restrain him!”

Hange Zoe yelled and rushed in front of Eren, who was immediately attracted.

Su Xiao nailed the hook of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ on the back of Eren, and his body swung in an arc through the air, swaying at the height of Eren’s tendons.

He tightly grasped Dragon Flash in right hand, cutting through a semicircle in the air.


A large amount of blood sprayed out, as the blade had no difficulty in cutting the titan’s tendon.

The tendon of his left thigh was cut off, and Eren immediately fell forwards.

Looking at this scene, Su Xiao immediately put back the hook and began to freefall.

With a bang, Eren fell to the ground, collapsing lot of houses. From the wounds in his thigh rose smoke, and the wounds recovered quickly.

Su Xiao stood on the side of Eren’s body after landing, Dragon Flash in his hand continuously carving forwards as he was rushing from Eren’s foot to his head. In less than three seconds, Eren’s body was full of crisscrossing wounds.

The ‘Titan Eren’ wriggled on the ground, trying to stand up, but a lot of body tissue was cut open, and it would take a while to recover.

Su Xiao also cut off Eren’s entire left arm, then he jumped on Eren’s back.

The people of the training corps on the roof were already stunned. The Titan that they had no way to deal with had fallen in less than a minute under the hands of the Survey Corps.

“Is this the strength of the Survey Corps?”

Annie’s face was not so good, as she slowly walked toward the crowd.