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R.P Chapter 158: If you don’t speak well, I will kill you. [Edited]


Eren struggled on the back of the titan’s neck, but he was powerless, and he couldn’t break free of the muscles that wrapped him.

“It’s a magical scene.”

Hange Zoe touched the titan’s skeleton slightly and looked at Eren, who was struggling in the titan’s nape, she seemed to watch a treasure.

“It is necessary to get Eren to do research, and it is worthwhile to die.”

“Yes, I must get it.”

Erwin also leaned forward and looked up at Eren in midair.

Ding, a cracking sound came and the titan’s rib was cut off, Mikasa rushing out from the titan’s bones.


Mikasa used the ‘3D Maneuver Gear ‘ to approach Eren and helped him break free of those muscles.

“Head, if Eren Yeager is loyal to humans, then he might become a titan and lift a boulder to block the hole that was kicked by the titan.”

The timing was just right, Su Xiao gave advice.

“This idea may be feasible, it is necessary to see whether Eren Yeager really is loyal to humans.”

Erwin did not immediately agree, and Su Xiao did not persuade again. Not only would it be counterproductive, and it would be suspected, but it would be fine if Erwin had this idea.

Eren was got rid of the titan’s body, and the titan’s bone began to evaporate.

The steam lingered, and the surroundings filled with white.

“Everyone back!”

Around this white steam, everyone stepped back a dozen meters, forming a group outside of the steam with higher visibility, looking in alertly.

The titan that Eren turned into was too strange. No one knew whether the steam was poisonous. The members of the Survey Corps were cautious. They were always in dangerous situations, so this caution let them survive outside of the city which was dangerous.

“Mikasa, I need to leave here,” Eren suddenly spoke in the steam.

“Hey?” Mikasa was a bit shocked.

“I remember. I do have the ability to become a titan, and this ability was given by my dad. I can’t remember the things after that, but I have to go back to the basement, and I will know the truth of titans as long as I get there. The truth can save thousands of humans.”

Eren’s breathing was very fast, but he had already passed the initial panic.

“Back to the wall. Maria? Can we do it? There are a lot of titans.”

Armin considered it thoroughly, but he did not refuse the idea of leaving, because Eren was about to be executed.

“I can do it. I have a feeling? I can control the power of this titan. Now, this skeleton is only a part. If I use all my strength, I can become the fifteen meters titan. Probably… can.”

The three men looked at each other and eventually nodded.

“Go, go.”

“Oh? Are you ready to be deserters? Stay here and do jobs.”

Su Xiao’s figure with the dragon flash appeared in the steam. He heard Eren’s words, now the plan was at the most critical part.

Eren had been able to control the power of the titan initially. At least he had already realized that he could become a titan, it was a good start.

Now Eren only needed to show loyalty towards humans.

“You guy…”

Mikasa was somewhat desperate. She had the confidence to go alone, but if she brings the weakened Eren, they would not be able to escape.

The girl was still too confident. Su Xiao only showed the ability to kill the titan, his sword was actually more suitable for killing people. Even under Su Xiao’s blockade, she can’t escape herself.

Before Su Xiao’s sword skills, Mikasa was only beat into the ground. She only learned how to deal with the Titans.

“Shut up and listen to me. There is no time, the people of Military police regiment will close in when the steam disperse.”

Su Xiao walked in front of the three men. Mikasa and Armin were on alert, and Eren took a step back. This boy was afraid of Su Xiao. After all, he was stepped on by Su Xiao for a long time.

“Do you now admit that you can become a titan?” Su Xiao asked.

Eren hesitated and finally nodded.

“Good, then listen carefully to my next words. Eren shut up for a while. Your ability to express yourself is too bad.”

Eren wanted to explain, but didn’t know what to say.

“Armin, it is not bad that Eren can become a titan. As long as he can become loyal to humans, he can be alive.”

“Remember the big boulder that was kicked out from the three holes on the wall? If Eren can lift the boulder and block the hole, he will become the hero who saved thousands of people.

“Eren, you should know the most about the feeling of displacement. Now there are civilians in the wall. Rose is like this, just like you five years ago. You can save them, as long as you lift those rocks to block the hole.”

Su Xiao’s voice was not very loud, but the three heard him clearly.

”Can I save thousands of people who are as displaced as me?” Eren looked at his hands and couldn’t help but smile.

“Ah, you can.” Su Xiao was encouraging.

“Eren don’t believe him, this guy is a jerk who is full of lies.”

Eren seemed to have not heard Mikasa’s words. The opportunity to save thousands of people had already attracted Eren. He was, after all, a very fair boy.

“Mikasa, maybe this method is actually possible, and we can’t go now.”

Armin did not believe Su Xiao’s words, but the suggestion, he believed it.

“You really think about humans? You don’t even reject me like this monster, but let me save more people.”

Eren stared at Su Xiao, and Su Xiao’s cheeks swelled, was this silly boy grateful to him?

After hearing the words of Eren, Mikasa’s sight became black and closed her eyes in desperation.

At the moment, there was an idea in Mikasa’s mind, that ‘Eren is stupid, this guy is a bad guy’.

“Remember, don’t make any sound from your stupid mouth at a critical moment, let’s make it better.”

Su Xiao returned to the steam as it is was about to disperse.

“Eren, what do we do.”

Armin asked Eren for advice.

“Of course find ways to convince them that if I can save the civilians in the wall. Rose, it doesn’t matter if I die.”


Mikasa screamed in a hurry.

“It’s decided in this way. Armin will come to negotiate, and I will find a way to prove myself.”

The steam was completely dispersed, and Eren and others were greeted with guns. The people of the Military police regiment pushed back several cannons after they ran away. The cannons had been filled and could be fired at any time.

“Raise your hand and lie on the floor.”

Nile Dawk stepped forward powerfully, he decided to kill Eren and others with cannons directly, and now Eren had been handed over to Military police regiment.

“Nile Dawk, step back.”

Darius Zackley’s voice came.

“Commander-in-chief, you just…”

“The judgment has changed. Now Eren Yeager has been transferred to the Survey Corps.”

Darius Zackley stared at Eren, This was an opportunity for humans.

“But commander-in-chief…”

Nile Dawk’s words had not been finished and found a few people around.

Su Xiao, Erwin, and Hange Zoe were half-surrounded and approached Nile Dawk.

“You… what do you mean? Do you want to betray the kingdom?”

Nile Dawk was little flustered, the situation on the wall began to exceed his control.

“Now it is the time of war. I have the right to deny certain opinions of the royal family. From now on, the Military police regiment will enter the first-level to prepare for war and prepare to meet the Titans.”

The words of Darius Zackley made Nile Dawk stunned.

“We are going to meet the Titans, how is this possible?”

“Oh? The Military police regiment is not responsible for guarding inside of walls, right?”

Su Xiao’s words made Nile Dawk speechless, and Nile Dawk looked down. The situation was not good now. The commander-in-chief of Darius Zackley was obviously on the side of the Survey Corps.

Nile Dawk was still using his past experience to judge the current situation, thinking that Darius Zackley would be constrained by the royal family.

But he didn’t think about that the wall. Rose was broken, and if they keep in-fighting, the human will be extinct in a short time.

Even the royal family would remain silent now because they didn’t want to die. They had lost the biggest killer, the killer was hidden in Eren, but the royal family was still unaware of this.

“Eren Yeager, how loyal can you be to humans? Show it to me now, it is a matter of your life or death.”

Darius Zackley stared at Eren. If Eren couldn’t show his loyalty, he really would die.

The wall was broken, and the war was urgent.

Su Xiao winked at Armin, signifying it was time for him to start his performance. It seemed to say ‘If you don’t perform well, I will kill you.’


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