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R.P Chapter 161: The cruel world [Edited]

Eren has successfully become a Titan, but from the roar he let out it was clear he did not retain his consciousness.

“What the bastard is going to do?”

Mikasa stood up laborious and held one harm pressed to her chest. She felt that half of her body was bruised and swelling.

“No, I don’t know.”

Armin’s body was shaking, he had just brushed by the death.

“Are the members in the Survey Corps all such madmen? He really wanted to kill us. We must report to the military court after the war!”

Mikasa looked at Su Xiao with hatred, but now, it was not the time to think about this, everyone could see that Eren had not recovered his consciousness.

The hook lock of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ popped up, Su Xiao fixed the hook lock on Eren’s nape, the gas on the back propelled him quickly unto the back of Eren’s neck.

Feeling something on the back of his neck, Eren’s huge hand did not hesitate to clap the area.


A wave of air spread around, Eren staggered a few steps forward.

But Su Xiao stood on Eren’s shoulder. If he was hit by that attack, he would have definitely become a pile of meat.

The speed and defense of the titan were not too strong, but its strength was something else.

Su Xiao had a precise metal eyeball in his hand, the metal eyeball floated beside him. This was the detection equipment he bought for 5000 paradise coins.

[Havana’s Eye]

Place of Origin: School City

Quality: Green

Genre: Detect equipment

Durability: 30/30

Equipment requirement: 8 points intelligence

Equipment effect: life detection (active): It can detect carbon-based organisms and obtain the creature’s data. The data integrity is determined according to the intellectual properties of both parties.

Hint: Life detection (active) consumes 30 points of mana per second.

Tip: The life detection (active) cooldown is 1 hour.

Rate: 20

Introduction: As long as it is a carbon-based creature, they can’t escape from the tracking of Havana’s Eye.

Price: 2300 paradise coins.


Havana’s eyes floated in the air, red light rushed out wrapped Eren, scanning Eren.

[Comparing the intellectual properties of both parties… the comparison is completed, our intelligence is 2.125 times of the enemy, 100% of the enemy’s information will be obtained.]

The information is as follows:

Name: Eren Yeager (in the for of Attack Titan)

Life value: 76%.

Mana value: 80

Strength: 40

Agility: 15

Vitality: 31 (6) the data inside of the parentheses for the human form

Intelligence: 8

Charm: 13

Lucky: 4 (The son of fate, temporarily +3)

Skill 1: Attack titan’s power (active): After using, you can become ‘the attacking titan’, which will enter the violent state, and each time to enter the violent state will permanently lose 2% of life value.

Skill 2: The power of the ancestor titan (not activated): The only effect, you can command the mindless titans, the commanding that ancestor titan made mindless titan will unconditionally obey, (the command limit is 3700 mindless titans).

Skill 3: The son of fate (indestructible state): If Eren Yeager is unfortunately killed, the power of the two titans in his body will be randomly passed on to another ‘Eldia’, and the transferred person will become the next the son of fate.

Skill 4: Firm will (passive): Immune all mental control, such as hypnosis, mental induction, etc.

Skill 5: The disaster of the titan (passive): After inheriting the power of the titan, the Hp will drop drastically, the remaining lifespan is 7 years and nine months.


After viewing Eren’s information, Su Xiao’s eyelids leapt right up, not to mention the 40 points of powerful strength, the state of Eren’s ‘the son of fate was too strong.

Although Eren was now the protagonist of the plot, the next protagonist would appear immediately after Eren dies. The world’s son of fate was not in Eren, but the in the power of two titans in his body.

Nature was unkind. It treats it’s creations like sacrificial stray-dogs, now Eren was the stray dog. A dead protagonist had no value, so the Titan world will immediately generate the next protagonist. There would be no such thing as revenge for Eren.

The dead are the losers, you would have no value.

At this time, Su Xiao thought of the blood rose and dust’s actions. They seemed to have no intention to kill Eren but wanted to communicate with Eren.

This was a very abnormal situation. Killing protagonist in the world could get a lot of benefits, Eren should be a special case.

Kaneki Ken from the last world was already amazing enough. Now there was a more amazing, endless ‘protagonist’ that could be killed.

Or Eren was not the protagonist at all, rather the protagonist was the power of two titans in Eren’s body, or the power of the ancestor titan.

Thinking of this situation, Su Xiao scowled, he debated whether to kill Eren and see what changes will happen.

But right now Eren could not die. He hadn’t lifted the boulder.

After Su Xiao escaped Eren’s several attacks, the frequency of the attacks dropped significantly.

Su Xiao was jumping near Eren’s head. In less than a minute, Eren hit his face and gave himself a punch and blinded one eye.

The titan that Eren turned into began to stagger, Su Xiao took the opportunity to jump to Eren’s nape.

In the original story, Armin awakened Eren when he said touching nonsense for a long time on Eren’s nape. Su Xiao did not have that talent, he did not have the kind of leisure and elegance as well. 

With one hand clenching the dragon flash, the blade of Dragon flash flashed a blue glow, which was the unique light of the blue weapon.

The long sword cut through the flesh of Eren’s nape and cleaved out a large piece.

Su Xiao looked at the depth. There was still some distance from Eren’s body, so he cut again.


A thick piece of meat quickly turned into steam after falling, and Su Xiao was a third of the way into Eren’s nape.

Su Xiao could already see the back of Eren’s body and fixed the hook of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ beside it. Su Xiao was dragged in by the reaction force.

Eren’s eyes were dull, most of his body still wrapped in muscle. Su Xiao grabbed Eren’s head and pulled the muscles on Eren’s head down.

“Hey, wake up.” Su Xiao tapped Eren’s cheek. The titan that Eren turned into was motionless.

Mikasa and Armin on the roof in the distance were both shocked. Eren was directly pulled out in the titan state.

After being touched by Su Xiao, Eren’s pupils vibrated and seemed to be trying to regain consciousness.

Seeing the reaction, Su Xiao was happy it was working, so he gave Eren a punch.

“Ha?” Eren snorted, and his nose bleed and his pupils began to shine.

“Are you awake?”

“Yes, it seems to be.”

Eren gasped heavily. After seeing Armin in the distance, he relieved. It was originally acting, he almost thought it was true.

He was acting, right?

“Continue your mission.”

Su Xiao immediately leapt from the titan’s neck after awakening Eren and jumped to the nearby roof.

Eren looked at the boulder, and he felt that he could now control the body of the titan under him.

Taking a deep breath, the titan’s muscles gradually wrapped Eren once more, but this time his pupil was very bright.

Eren was first familiar with the feeling present, taking two steps by the titan and making a fist with both hands.

The vast power in the body surprised Eren, he was so strong.

Walking to the front of the boulder, Eren held the boulder with his hands.


Eren screamed and lifted the boulder on his shoulders.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every step that Eren walked would shake the ground up to 100ms away, and the titan’s body let out a large burst of sparkles, the whole body became black and yellow as if he would be gasified at any time, this boulder was somewhat beyond the range that Eren could bear.

Su Xiao took out a signal gun and launched it to the sky, the yellow smoke signal blown out.

The plan was 90% successful.


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