Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 17: Initial Success! (Edited)

After returning to the city, Su Xiao went directly to the noble’s home.

In the study, the Noble was checking the giant tiger’s teeth.

“Yes, yes, very good.” The noble took away the tiger’s teeth and looked at Su Xiao meaningfully.

“I didn’t expect you could really do it. Although this tiger wasn’t too strong, it did, after all, hide on Mt. Colubo and should’ve been very tough to kill. You’ve proven better than your uncle, so you will replace him in the future.”

With these words, Su Xiao replaced the position as the merchant in the black market. It was obvious how cold-blooded the noble was. All the merchant’s efforts in the black market have made for him had just been thrown away.

“I completed the mission. I’m ready to take over the position as the soldier’s team leader today.”

Su Xiao fixed the noble with a look as he said that. Relying on the character of this old guy was impossible after all.

“The soldier’s team leader? What are you talking about? I have never said…”

The words of the noble suddenly stopped, and his eyes suddenly dimmed.

[This person violated the regulations of the reincarnation paradise; personality is being corrected…]

A cold voice appeared in Su Xiao’s ears. This was the first time he heard such a tone from the reincarnation paradise.

It was a strange mechanical sound, without any emotional fluctuations, like it was talking about any random object.

After a short period of silence, the noble continued to say: “Since you have completed the task, you will now lead the team of soldiers. I will go to the palace to help you with the procedure. Within an hour, you will be the leader of the soldiers.”

The noble’s tone was dull and inconsistent, which incited doubt in the guard behind him.

Su Xiao carefully observed the noble. This strange behavior was definitely related to the reincarnation paradise.

The Noble did not abide by the contract, and Su Xiao had wondered if this would happen. The reason why he went to kill the ruler of Colubo Mountain in the first place was entire because the reincarnation paradise acknowledged that task.

So far, even though the reincarnation paradise acted very cold and had no emotional fluctuations, it had never been unreliable.

Cold and distant, but fair, this was Su Xiao’s impression of the reincarnation paradise.

So Su Xiao also wanted to find out what would happen if the Noble didn’t acknowledge his promise.

It looked like the reincarnation paradise directly controlled the noble from the current situation, forcing him to give the stipulated reward.

As for what was going to happen to the noble afterward, that was uncertain. Maybe he would be restored after a while, or he may even become mentally challenged.

Furthermore, Su Xiao had doubts about something before. And that was, whether the world of One Piece he currently was visiting was a real-world or a world created by the reincarnation paradise.

If it is a world created by the reincarnation paradise, then the noble’s identity was equivalent to an NPC (Non-player character), and it would not have reneged on a promise.

From the current situation, it appeared very likely that this was indeed a real world. At least everything that Su Xiao had come into contact with was real.

The so-called “derived world” appeared to be a world derived from people’s imagination and became a real world.

After leaving the noble’s house, Su Xiao began to plan the assassination of the king.

Although he was now the leader of the soldiers, this identity could not help him get close to the king, and even if Su Xiao were to see him, he couldn’t directly assassinate him.

There should be a lot of guards around the king. Even if Su Xiao were to fight them, nine out of ten chances would end with him dead.

The reincarnation paradise previously issued him a warning. If he died in the world of One Piece, he would die permanently, without a second chance.

It seemed like Su Xiao was in a difficult situation. Actually, he already had ideas to kill the king.

There were two critical points for killing the king. The first was to sneak into the palace. Su Xiao had never worried about this.

The second point was to distract the guards around the king. This was the most crucial part.

The guards around the king would be strong.

Under what kind of circumstances could he distract these personal guards?

Only the emergence of a strong enemy in the palace, which was likely to threaten the safety of the king, would incite the guard to take the initiative to attack.

Only then could Su Xiao start.

As for the strength of the king himself, Su Xiao was not really worried about it. If the king was strong, the possibility of successfully completing the task would be too low, and the difficulty of the main mission wouldn’t be only LV.3.

As for where he could find a strong enemy that could threaten the safety of the king, he would have to rely on the issue of burning the Gray Terminal.

That’s why he made efforts to obtain the status as the leader of the soldiers, just to get the power to decide when to burn the Gray Terminal.

Although the nobility of the Goya kingdom did not treat the people outside the city as human, the burning of the Gray Terminal will not be handled by royalty.

The reason was very simple. It would tarnish the image of the Kingdom and its leadership.

Therefore, the burning of Gray Terminal will be handled by some outside power, and in the world of One Piece, those were the pirates in the nearby sea.

Some strong pirates in the nearby sea have been informed that there was a big deal to be made in the Goa Kingdom. If they do well, they will get an aristocratic status as a reward.

The Identities as nobles held a massive attraction to those who were homeless or pirates.

So, there were several groups of pirates who had already arrived in the sea near the Goya Kingdom, waiting to be approached.

And tonight, the Goya Kingdom would choose a group among these pirates and let them burn the Gray Terminal the next night.

As soldiers were the armed strength in Kingdom, with Su Xiao’s current position as the leader, it was his responsibility to contact and negotiate with those pirates.

If he takes advantage of his current identity, he would definitely have the chance to assassinate the king.

According to the original story, the king did not want to give the identity of an aristocrat to pirates and was planning to cut them loose.

While Su Xiao was thinking, he had returned to the headquarters of the soldiers.

Compared to just a day ago, the situation here was very chaotic.

The soldiers standing guard in front of the door had disappeared. After entering the headquarters, Su Xiao saw more than a dozen soldiers in the lobby who were gambling, and a few even gathered to drink.

The smell of inferior tobacco, cheap alcohol, and sweat was everywhere in the lobby.

There was no boss here. Although Su Xiao was their leader, he would not manage the soldiers.

He just needed his current status, after all. As for the headquarters, it had nothing to do with him.

When he came to Brandon’s office, Su Xiao entered.

There were three people in the office. They were Hank and two guards of Brandon.

Hank sat on the sofa, and the two guards of Brandon stood on the sides of Brandon’s seat. The three were looking at each other, but no one dared to sit on the chair.

Su Xiao walked into the office and made the three people somewhat surprised.

Hank did not speak, but the two guards of Brandon spoke.

“Is this a place you can come and go as you like? Get out!”

Su Xiao’s eyes were downcast, and he didn’t even look at them. Instead, he walked over to Brandon’s seat and immediately sat down.

“You bastard, that’s not a seat you can casually sit on. Who do you think …”

A guard of Brandon approached Su Xiao with an angry face.

“Hey, you are fired. I will give you a minute to disappear.”

Su Xiao still didn’t look at them. He was actually thinking about the next plan. As for these people, he didn’t want to pay attention to them. That would be a waste of time.

The guard stood still and looked at Su Xiao with a violent expression.

At this point, the office door was pushed open, and a messenger entered with some documents in his hand.

“Mr. Byakuya, This is the proof of your new position as the team leader.”

The efficiency of the noble that was controlled by the reincarnation paradise was higher than he imagined.

The guards of Brandon were stunned and looked at Su Xiao.

“If you don’t want to leave now, you’ll stay here forever.”

Su Xiao looked at the two guards, then Hank reacted sharply and yelled.

“What are you doing? Greet our new boss!”

Hank was actually unwilling, but he was helpless at this point. He did not dare openly resist the orders of the Kingdom.