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R.P Chapter 20: Deception!

“Zhu, Zhu, Zhu…”

A burst of explosions came from outside the city.

The Krieg Pirates fired at the Gray terminal, and only a few hours before the time limit of the main mission is reached.

He was planning for three days and finally, the time has come.

Su Xiao walked through the night and began to approach the gate.


Outside the city, the Gray terminal.

At this moment, the explosion here had been connected, the fire was rising, and a large piece of burning garbage was blown up.

The homeless people who stayed at the Gray terminal were awakened by the sudden explosion, and the fire began to spread in the garbage mountain.

When the displaced people reacted and wanted to escape from there, the fire had spread completely.

The dismal of screaming echoed with the explosion and showed a scene from hell.

If hell does exist, then the current Gray terminal is hell.

The people of the Krieg Pirates, looking at the fire that gradually filled the Gray terminal, began to approach the city gate quickly.

They had discussed with Su Xiao before, and once the Gray terminal was burned, they will immediately head to the city gate, and Su Xiao would send someone to open the gate.

This kind of behavior that gives life to the hands of others, of course, Krieg will not agree.

So after the meeting, Su Xiao sent his friend, Hank, to go with the Krieg pirates.

At this point, Hank has disguised as a pirate, following Krieg.

“Quick, the fire will soon spread, and we will be in danger.”

Krieg shouted and his men behind him steps became quicker.

After three minutes, the Krieg Pirates arrived outside the city gate.

Before coming to the city gate, these pirates showed their smiles on their faces. They had already done the deed, and they only had to enter the city to live happy lives from now on.

Especially Krieg himself, already dreaming of becoming a noble.

Luxurious accommodation, exquisite food, and women, these were Krieg’s dream after becoming a noble.

At this moment, Krieg even wanted to abandon the identity of a pirate completely.

“Bon, bon, bon~.”Krieg knocked the gate.

“Open the door, we are the Krieg Pirates, and the Gray terminal has been fired by us.”

After Krieg knocked the gate, it was dead silence. In addition to the sound of the night wind blowing the flame, the city was silent.

“Hey, hurry up and open the door, the fire is about to reach this place.”

Still quiet, Krieg panicked a little.

Behind him was a fire that swallowed everything, and in front of it was a strong city gate, and they were trapped.

It will not take long before they are burned to death.

“What happened, why didn’t they open the gate.”

Krieg’s eyes were red as if he was an angry beast while he turned to stare at Hank.

Hank’s lips twitched. He was sent outside the city by Su Xiao. Hank was just an ordinary soldier. He didn’t know anything about the king’s intention not to keep his promise.

“No, no, wait, wait, let me try.”

Hank’s words are unfavorable, and he seemed to guess something.

“Hey, hey, hey~, open the door, I am Hank of the soldier team, Byakuya, come out!”

Hank began to shout, he called Su Xiao without honorifics.

“Byakuya, I will kill you, you bastard!”

Krieg understood that he was deceived by Su Xiao, and now they are just sacrifices.

His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at Hank.

“Burn him to death!”

After Krieg spoke this word, the men next to him immediately tied Hank, and several people joined forces to throw Hank into the sea of fire not far away.


I didn’t know this, Byakuya, you will die! ”

The flame began to ‘kiss’ Hank’s skin, and the screams of sorrow disappeared after a few seconds.

Just as the Krieg Pirates were almost desperate, a low male voice was uploaded on the wall.

“Hey, the people below, do you want to live?”

Everyone in front of the city gate shook.

“Who is it, get out.”

Krieg was somewhat irrational and looked at the wall with the help of fire. It was a thin middle-aged man.

When Krieg was about to talk, the barrels of artillery were dropped one after another.

Seeing the dynamite barrels that landed, Krieg had a horrible scream, and there was a sea of fire behind him. If the barrels touched the fire, they would be blown.

“Breakthrough the gate, and you will have little hope to live.”

After that, the middle-aged man on the wall turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

After hesitating for less than two seconds, Gin first rushed to the barrel of bombs and placed the barrels of explosives at the gate.

Krieg pulled off his black robe, revealing a yellow armor. He raised his arm and fired a bullet at the barrels.


Because of the impact, several pirates were caught in the falling debris and died.

But it is very worth because the gate has been blown open.

After the gate was blown, there were scattered bodies, which were the soldiers of the soldier team.

The Krieg Pirates stepped on the broken gate and walked into the kingdom.

They were angry and didn’t care about anything anymore as they decided to rob the kingdom.

“Hey, stop.”

Krieg looked at a dark corner with his arms flat and the muzzle on his shoulders pointing forward.

“Don’t shoot, I saved you.”

The middle-aged man on the wall before, walked out in the dark, with some fear in his eyes.

“Why do you save me, I didn’t recognize you.”

Krieg did not lay down his weapon.

“I have some enmity against Byakuya, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Krieg’s mouth showed a cruel smile.

“Where is Byakuya?”

“In the palace, he is accepting the king’s reward and is said to have been rewarded with aristocratic status.”

Words such as rewards and aristocratic identities stimulated Krieg because it was supposed to be his thing.

“Pon.” The gunshot sounded, the middle-aged man’s chest was pierced, and there was a bloody hole in his chest. Krieg actually shot his own savior.

“You bastard, you actually dared to throw bombs at me, do you want to kill me?”

After that, Krieg took people in the direction of the palace. He wanted to kill Byakuya, kill the king, and rob the castle to make up for today’s losses.

The middle-aged man lay down on the ground, bleeding from his mouth, as his body kept twitching.

Looking at the Krieg Pirates who were moving forward, the eyes of middle-aged people began to dim.

It was at this time that a young man with a cigarette came out of the dark corner.

“Take ~, give money to my wife and daughter, I have done according to your request.”

Su Xiao spat out a blue smoke in front of the middle-aged person.

“You did well, the money has been handed over to them.”

“That’s great, thank you, thank you~.”

After that, the eyes of the middle-aged man were completely dim and died.

The middle-aged man was a criminal with a death sentence and was rescued by Su Xiao in prison. The previous incident was only a transaction.

Su Xiao paid money, and the middle-aged person paid his lives, which was fair and unfair at the same time.

Looking at the Krieg pirates group that was far away, Su Xiao threw the cigarette in his hand and stepped on it.

“Krieg pirates, don’t let me down.”

Su Xiao disappeared into the night and rushed to the direction of the palace.



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