Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 22: Regression and Reward!

Pieces of glass splashed, Su Xiao ran into the corridor, adjusted his center of gravity in the air, and the sword was swung at the king.

The king backed to Su Xiao, and he did not notice Su Xiao was behind him. His face was full of shock.

The shining sword glides through, the knife was shining by moonlight which seemed beautiful, and the sharp blade cut through the air and made a whimper.


Su Xiao cut through the waist of the king, the blood splashed, forming bloody beads in the air. Then touched the ground and the wall, the blood beads broke open.

This sword, directly cut into the king’s waist, the king’s legs still stood in place, but his upper body and two broken hands had already fallen down.

In midair, the king looked strange and confused, looking at the two legs on the ground.

The king suddenly felt that these two legs were somewhat familiar.

Padda~, the king’s upper body fell, and strong pain after that seemed to engulf him.

The mouth opened, the king just wanted to scream, and Su Xiao’s second sword attack had arrived.

Still so fast, accurate, and ruthless, the blade passed, and the king’s head rolled down.

“Task completed.”

Shaking the sword slightly from the blood, Su Xiao killed the king with his own strength, in a world full of ‘monsters’.

To be able to do this, courage and intelligence were indispensable.

[You killed King of Goya kingdom, Philip Herbert.]

[Philip Herbert is the task’s target, unable to obtain the origin of the world, and your total world source is 8.9%.]

[Your ability as a hunter is activated, permanently adding 2 points of Mana, Your current Mana is 93.]

After the death of the king, a white treasure chest floated on his body.

Su Xiao, who had already opened several white treasure chest, directly chooses to open.

[You opened the treasure chest (white) and got the following items.]

[The World Tree Ring.]

Su Xiao had a ring in his hand. This ring was transparent and seemed to be made of a particular crystal.

[The World Tree Ring.]

Quality: white


Introduction: This is a ring made of the world tree’s Wood. Please don’t underestimate it, because its material is a world tree. It is the branch of the one piece world.


This ring had no attributes, and the quality was white. The introduction was not clear. Su Xiao directly threw it into the storage space and prepared to research it in the future.


A scream came, it was the queen.

Su Xiao frowned as the screams will attract others.

The footsteps quickly rushed forward, and with a sword to the throat, the screams stopped suddenly.

Being kind to the enemies is a foolish behavior, and Su Xiao knows this.

As long as people are enemies, he will not be kind to them.

Those who were indecisive were not suitable for fighting and even were not ideal for wondering in the reincarnation paradise.

[The hunter completed the main task: assassinate the king of ‘the Goya kingdom.]

[Main task difficulty is Lv.3, world difficulty is Lv.6, exclusive hunter trial succeeded]

[The identity of the hunter is officially unlocked (the abilities will be released in the next world)]

[The main mission is completed, the hunter will leave the world after 30 seconds and return to the reincarnation paradise, hunter, please prepare in advance.]


After many difficulties it was over, Su Xiao finally completed the task.

In just thirty seconds, he can leave the one piece world.

Although it was not safe in the reincarnation paradise, it should not be dangerous. Unless the reincarnation paradise wants to kill him, he will not be thrown into danger.


A loud noise came from below, and with the loud noise, the whole castle began to lean to the side.

This should be caused by the fighting between the guards of the king with Krieg.

“Humans unbelievably can be strong to this level.”

Su Xiao was not afraid of the strength of the two, but his mouth was smiling.

He had a feeling, maybe he will come to the one piece world again, but next time he comes here, he will never complete the task in a small country like now.

Maybe he will fight a legendary figure or participate in the war.

The premise of all this was that he was strong enough.

When the time came in thirty seconds, Su Xiao’s eyes saw darkness, and his head seemed to be hammered as he felt dizzy.

In the confusion of consciousness, he vaguely felt wrapped in a transparent film, moving at high speed, surrounded by seemingly blurred stars.


On the way of transmission, Su Xiao felt a shock around and was conscious.

“This is the reincarnation paradise. What a joke.”

Su Xiao looked at the surrounding with some confusion, and the scene that caught his eye was deep darkness.


A sky-high sword smashed the darkness, and in the darkness, a large piece of lightning spread.

Those thunder and lightning, as if it can devour all matters, even the darkness around them was swallowed, and the thunder and lightning were spreading to Su Xiao.

“Human? How can humans come to the void? Interesting.”

“This kind of time and space power is quite strong, You human come out! Fight with me! ”

A sound came with a bloody smell, yes, it was a bloody smell.

Although Su Xiao could not see what is going on, he felt that kind of strong power.

Standing up in the dark, Su Xiao looked at the source of the sound.

[Warning! The transmission was interrupted by an unknown powerful creature. It is suspected that this being is: Nether Sword. Start repairing…]

[Repairing, Zzzzz~, the repair was completed, transfer continues.]

Su Xiao’s eyes were black again, and he regained the former feelings.

In the void, a man with a long sword stood, his eyes were sharply perceptive surrounding.

“Is he fleeing? So boring! I wanted to fight with him. Forget it. The bald head called Saitama… was kind of okay, should I go find him to fight.”


The void was full of unknown dangers, and Su Xiao was somewhat unlucky and had encountered this danger.

When Su Xiao regained consciousness, he was already in a room.

The room was a bit strange, with completely closed walls on all sides, no windows or doors, and the ceiling was shimmering, making the room very bright and the temperature was comfortable, without feeling nausea.

As Su Xiao looked around, the notification of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Transfer completed, the hunter returned to the exclusive room.]

[Exclusive room is an absolute safe point, except for the hunter’s permission, no one can enter]

[The hunter returned to the reincarnation paradise. Starting to settle the mission rewards.]

Derivative World: One Piece.

Difficulty: Lv.6 (nightmare).

The origin of the world: 8.9%.

The number of completed tasks: 2. (Main mission: Assassination of the ‘Goa Kingdom’, the side mission: the collection of the noble.)

Comprehensive evaluation: A-. (Note: The score is E-to S+. The comprehensive evaluation is based on the sum of the world’s sources and the number of completed tasks.)

Because the world level exceeded the hunter level by 5, for the nightmare difficulty, the reward doubled.

Start collecting the origin of the world…

The origin of the world was collected and began to send rewards.

Acquiring rewards: 4 points added to all attributes, 10,000 paradise coins. (This bonus is the doubled value).

The overall rating is A-, the hunter level increased by 1 level, and has been upgraded to Lv.2. (The rating is based on the score, because the world is the world of trials, the upper limit is LV.1.)

After the settlement was completed, the reward had been automatically deposited to the hunter.


Su Xiao immediately opened the status and saw what the attribute points were.

“Sure enough, It didn’t let me down. This is the hope of becoming stronger.”

Su Xiao’s mouth is tilted up. Because it can surprisingly improve any attributes other than luck.

As long as he can become stronger, even losing his life is not a big deal.

In fact, he wasn’t desperate at all as he was enjoying this sense of adventure.

Su Xiao immediately wanted to use the attribute, but the reincarnation paradise suggested that it could only be used in the enhancement of attributes hall, which is a kind of facility in the reincarnation paradise.

The settlement had ended, and Su Xiao looked at it bluntly.

On the four sides was a strong wall, how should he go out?

At this point, a strange suggestion appeared in front of him.

[sell the world tree ring, the price is 50,000 paradise coins: Yes / No]

[World Tree Ring] was the item that Su Xiao obtained after killing the king. Now, the reincarnation paradise surprisingly wanted him to sell this item.

Looking at the current situation, if he refuses to sell, the reincarnation will not let him go out, it will keep him in the exclusive room.

He hesitated for a moment, Su Xiao chose no, he was ready to face death.



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