Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 22: Regression and Reward! (Edited)

Shards of glass splashed as Su Xiao vaulted into the corridor, adjusted his center of gravity while still in the air, and swung his sword at the King.

The King, who was backing away from the queen, did not notice Su Xiao watching through the window behind him. His face was full of shock.

The shining sword sliced through the air, reflecting the moonlight in a beautiful light show.


Su Xiao cut through the waist of the King, blood splashed, causing beads to spray through the air, tainting the walls and ground.

The sword cut completely through the King’s waist, the King’s legs still remained standing, while his upper body had already started falling.

In midair, the King had a strange and confused look, staring at the two separated legs standing on the ground.

The King suddenly felt that these two legs were somewhat familiar.


The King’s upper body hit the ground, and after that, sharp pain seemed to engulf him.

Opening his mouth, the King just wanted to scream, but Su Xiao’s second swing had arrived.

Fast, accurate, and ruthless, the blade passed again, and the King’s head rolled away from his shoulders.

“Task completed.”

Twitching the sword slightly to shake off the blood, Su Xiao had managed to kill the King with his own strength in a world full of ‘monsters.’
[E/N: This act is called Chiburui/ Chiburi (modern). The slight slash to shake of blood after killing the enemy]

To be able to do so, courage and intelligence were indispensable.

[You killed the King of the Goya kingdom, Philip Herbert.]

[Philip Herbert was the task’s target. You were unable to obtain the origin of the world, and your total world source is 8.9%.]

[Your ability as a hunter is now activated, permanently adding 2 points of Mana. Your current Mana is 93.]

After the death of the King, a white treasure chest floated above his body.

Su Xiao, who had already opened several white treasure chests, directly chose to open it.

[You opened the treasure chest (white) and got the following items.]

[The World Tree Ring.]

Su Xiao had a ring in his hand. This ring was transparent and seemed to be made of a particular crystal.

[The World Tree Ring.]

Quality: white

Rating: ???.

Introduction: This is a ring made of the world tree’s Wood. Don’t underestimate it, because its material is a world tree. It is the branch of the World of One Piece.


This ring had no attributes, and the quality was white. The introduction was not clear either. Su Xiao just threw it into the storage space and reminded himself to research it in the future.


A scream emerged from the queen.

Su Xiao frowned as the screams would no doubt attract others.

He quickly rushed forward, and with a sword to her throat, he silenced the screams.

Being kind to the enemies is foolish, and Su Xiao knew this.

As long as people are enemies, he would not show them kindness.

Those who were indecisive were not suitable for fighting and, as such, not ideal for wandering in the reincarnation paradise.

[The hunter completed the main task: Assassinate the King of ‘the Goya kingdom.’]

[Main task difficulty is Lv.3, world difficulty is Lv.6, exclusive hunter trial succeeded]

[Your identity as a hunter is now official (the abilities will be released in the next world)]

[As the main mission is complete, the hunter will leave the world in 30 seconds and return to the reincarnation paradise. Hunter, please prepare in advance.]


After many difficulties, it was over, Su Xiao finally completed the task.

In just thirty seconds, he would leave the World of One Piece.

Although it was not perfectly safe in the reincarnation paradise, it should not be dangerous either. Unless the reincarnation paradise wants to kill him, he would not be thrown into danger.


A loud noise came from below, and with the loud noise, the whole castle began to tilt aside.

This should be caused by the fighting between the guards of the King and Krieg.

“It’s unbelievable that humans can have this level of strength.”

Su Xiao was not afraid of the strength of the two and was smiling.

He had a feeling that he may come to the world of One Piece again, but the next time he comes here, it wouldn’t be to complete a task in a small country like this time.

Maybe he would fight a legendary figure or participate in the war.

The condition was natural, that he needed to be strong enough.

When thirty seconds had passed, Su Xiao’s vision went dark, and he felt dizzy.

He remained conscious, though, and vaguely felt like he was tightly wrapped up and moving at high speed.


After the transmission, Su Xiao felt a shock as he opened his eyes again.

“This is supposed to be the reincarnation paradise? What a joke.”

Su Xiao looked at the surroundings with some confusion; there was only darkness to be seen.


A sky-high sword flashed in the darkness, and out of a cut, large rays of light spread.

Along with thunder and lightning, as if it would devour all matter, the darkness around them was swallowed up, and the light was spreading to Su Xiao.

“A Human? How can humans come to the void? Interesting…”

“The kind of time and space power required is quite a lot. You, human, come out! Fight with me!”

A voice arrived, along with a bloody smell. Yes, it smelled of blood.

Although Su Xiao could not see what was happening, he felt a strong power pressing down on him.

Standing up in the dark, Su Xiao looked in the direction of the source of the sound.

[Warning! The transmission was interrupted by an unknown powerful creature. It is suspected that this being is: Nether Sword. Starting repair…]

[Repairing… Repairing… The repair was completed, your Transfer continues.]

Su Xiao’s vision went black again, and he regained his former state of moving while being tightly wrapped.

In the void, a man with a long sword floated. His eyes were sharply perceiving his surroundings.

“Is he fleeing? So boring! I really wanted to fight with him… Well, forget it. The baldy called Saitama… was kind of okay. I should go find him for a fight.”


The void was full of unknown dangers, and Su Xiao was somewhat unlucky and had encountered one.

When Su Xiao finally regained consciousness, he was already in a room.

The room was a bit strange, with completely closed walls on all sides, no windows or doors, and a ceiling that was shimmering, making the room very bright while the temperature was comfortable.

As Su Xiao continued looking around, a notification of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Transfer complete, the hunter returned to his exclusive room.]

[Your exclusive room is an absolute safe point, except for those with the hunter’s permission, no one can enter]

[The hunter returned to the reincarnation paradise. Starting to calculate the mission rewards.]

Derivative World: One Piece.

Difficulty: Lv.6 (Nightmare).

The origin of the world: 8.9%.

The number of completed tasks: 2. (Main mission: Assassination of the ‘Goa Kingdom,’ the side mission: the collection of the noble.)

Comprehensive evaluation: A-. (Note: The score is E-to S+. The comprehensive evaluation is based on the sum of the world’s source and the number of completed tasks.)

Because the world’s level exceeded the hunter’s level by 5, that being nightmare difficulty, the reward is doubled.

Starting collection of the origin of the world…

The origin of the world is collected. Sending The rewards.

Acquired rewards: 4 points can be added to any attribute, 10,000 paradise coins. (Values are already doubled).

The overall rating is A-. The hunter’s level increases by one and is now Lv.2. (The rating is based on the score because this world is the world of trials, the upper limit gained is 1 level)

The reward has been automatically added to the hunter.


Su Xiao immediately opened the status to check his attribute points.

“Sure enough, it didn’t let me down. This is the feeling of growing stronger.”

Su Xiao’s mouth is tilted up. Apparently, all attributes other than luck could be improved.

As long as he can grow stronger, even losing his life is not a big deal.

In fact, he wasn’t desperate at all, and he was enjoying this adventure.

Su Xiao immediately wanted to use the attribute points, but the reincarnation paradise interjected that they could only be used in the Attribute Enhancing hall, which was some kind of facility in the reincarnation paradise.

He had received his reward, and Su Xiao looked at the wall.

On each side, there was a strong wall. How should he get out?

At this point, a strange suggestion appeared in front of him.

[Sell the world tree ring for 50,000 paradise coins: Yes / No]

[World Tree Ring] was the item that Su Xiao obtained from killing the King. Now, the reincarnation paradise suddenly wanted him to sell it.

Thinking about his current situation, if he were to refuse to sell it, the reincarnation might not let him go out and confine him to the exclusive room.

He hesitated for a moment, then Su Xiao chose ‘No’. He was ready to face death anyway.