Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 23: What is The Difference! (Edited)

The suggestion disappeared, and the room was silent.

“Hm, I don’t think I’ll be confined here until I die.”

Su Xiao sat down and began to fight with the Reincarnation Paradise.

He noticed one thing, that is, the “World Tree Ring” in his storage space is a very precious item.

From the rating of [World Tree Rings], which was ???, it could be seen that the Reincarnation Paradise seemed to be unwilling to show the true value of this item.

[Please, hunter, sell the world tree ring so that the Reincarnation Paradise can absorb the power of that world.]

The notification appeared again. Su Xiao thought about it and asked:

“Talk to me about the derivative worlds, what’s your purpose, and what is this ring?”

Surprisingly, the Reincarnation Paradise actually answered.

[The Reincarnation Paradise and hunters are in a ‘symbiotic relationship. Hunters and other contractors enter the derivative worlds to explore and gain those world’s sources. The Reincarnation Paradise needs the power of the world to upgrade and maintain normal operations.]

[The world tree ring contains a lot of power of that world, please sell it immediately.]

[The following contents cannot be viewed due to insufficient permissions.]


Although there were not many hints given by the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao understood the most crucial aspect.

The reason why the Reincarnation Paradise sent him to the derivative world was that it wanted to gain the power of that world through him.

This so-called ‘power of the world’ should be able to be extracted through the source of the world, so the Reincarnation Paradise would give him rewards according to the amount of ‘source of the world’ he acquired.

The Reincarnation Paradise apparently needed to follow specific rules. Otherwise, it would not ask him to sell the [World Tree Ring] but would take it forcibly.

The position as a hunter proved one thing. That is, the Reincarnation Paradise could not directly execute a hunter, at least under normal circumstances.

If he doesn’t break the Reincarnation Paradise’s regulations, it could not punish him. This should extend to not only him but also to the other contractors, and that was the reason for the existence of hunters.

The so-called ‘Hunters’ were the contractors who deal with ‘Violators’ in the derivative worlds that being contractors who had not explicitly violated the Reincarnation Paradise’s regulations.

For example, if a contractor discovered loopholes in the regulations of the Reincarnation Paradise and used them to profit.

At that time, a Hunter would appear.

Needless to say, those ‘Violators’ would usually be strong and cunning.

Su Xiao was still sitting on the ground, practicing with his sword as if nothing mattered.

He had a bold idea to extort Paradise.

Although it might be risky, as he was a hunter, the Reincarnation Paradise would not do anything against him.

Su Xiao was basically betting on whether the identity of a hunter was important. If it was not important, then his efforts in the world with nightmare difficulty were practical of no use.

Time passed until finally, two hours later, a notification from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared in front of him.

[Special Task: Choice]

Difficulty level: ???

Mission introduction: Hand over [World Tree Rings] to the Reincarnation Paradise.

Mission information: None

Mission period: five minutes.

Mission reward: A ‘High-level inheritance.’


Su Xiao smiled. It seemed that the position as the hunter was worth more than imagined. The Reincarnation Paradise surprisingly even released a task to him.

After considering it, Su Xiao chose to accept this task.

To use the cold and ruthless Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao had a plan in his mind that will let him survive in the Reincarnation Paradise in the future.

[Special tasks: ‘Choice,’ completed, ready to issue rewards. Please prepare to receive it.]

Prepare to receive it? It seemed that this Reward was somewhat special.

After the Reincarnation Paradise gave this notification, a light appeared in the room and enveloped Su Xiao.

Su Xiao did not move. He looked ahead until the light blocked his sight. He could barely see a blue light flash from time to time.

At this moment, Su Xiao’s consciousness had come to a large hall.

The hall was so large that he could not even see the end.

Su Xiao looked around and noticed six statues with a height of hundreds of meters in front of him. The statue was of a human, just many times magnified.

“Inheritor, come closer.”

A majestic voice emerged, and Su Xiao tensed as the voice surprisingly emerged from one of the statues ahead.

“The agreement is sealed.”

Another statue said, while Su Xiao slowly approached, then the six statues talked incessantly.

“You are the last inheritor. Our inheritance will end with you.”

“We should disappear in the long river of time.”

“Those stupid magicians destroyed the balance between ‘the world’ and ‘matter.’ The so-called magic disturbs the rules.”

“Stupid magicians, even if my body is destroyed, my consciousness will last forever.”

Su Xiao stood rooted in place, and he felt numb. Those speaking statues in front of him were apparently even more powerful than he imagined.

Furthermore, these statues were not some kind of living beings, but only the remains of their consciousnesses, left by the strong existences they were when alive.

“Break and recover, break and recover in this sanctuary until you are reborn.”

“Inheritor, remember the title you and I share. We are ‘the Shadow of the Law,’ the natural enemies of all magicians!”

The six statues opened their eyes at the same time and looked at Su Xiao. He felt violent energy pouring into his body. He fell down and screamed.


“Huff, huff, huff….”

Su Xiao woke up in the closed room, breathing hard.

He was still in the exclusive room, and the previous scene seemed like an imagination.

[Reward has been given; exclusive room opened.]

After the Reincarnation, Paradise notified him, a door appeared on one of the walls in the exclusive room, so he could finally go outside.

However, Su Xiao did not do so right away. He felt that his body was full of energy, so full this energy might make him explode.

“What… is going on?”

Su Xiao had been unable to speak casually, as the energy in his body was rapidly changing him.

He could feel his blood pumping at high speed. Apparently, the unknown energy was not destroying his body but strengthening it in an unusually violent way.

The cells in his body changed. The most obvious change was his hair. His black hair turned slightly white, but the difference was minimal and somewhat difficult to detect.

Su Xiao fell down on the ground. He felt that he could not hold on much longer. If the change continued, he would die.

[Detecting the hunter’s life signs are abnormal, ready to start the recovery function. This function will consume the paradise coins you have. Do you want to start recovery: Yes/No.]

The sound of the Reincarnation Paradise sounded at this moment no longer cold in Su Xiao’s ears. Right now, it was just like the voice of angels.


The pain consumed his body and was gradually filling his consciousness.

As soon as Su Xiao agreed, green light enveloped him, and his paradise coins began to decrease rapidly.

In less than five seconds, the recovery function consumed thousands of paradise coins.

After a dozen seconds, the rampant energy in his body disappeared. It was completely absorbed by Su Xiao’s body, so the recovery function also ended at the same time.

Su Xiao groaned as he sat up and tried to move his body. He immediately found something strange.

“What the?”

He looked at his hands in disbelief. After absorbing the energy, he seemed to have become stronger.

Not just a bit, a lot stronger.

However, this increase in strength was not directly caused by the Reincarnation Paradise, so it did not give him a notification.

Opening the [Status], Su Xiao was stunned in his place.

The Reward he received for the world tree ring was far more amazing than he imagined.