Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 24: Unexpected

Contractor N. 13013 (to protect the hunter’s identity, this is a fake contractor’s identity, and no one can know the real one)

Name: Su Xiao (hunter)

Level: LV.2. (Rank 1). Every 10th level, the rank will increase, and the level promotion has no attribute bonus. The rank is the authority the hunter has inside the Reincarnation paradise, which corresponds to the world difficulty and task difficulty. )

Life value: 100%. (This attribute cannot be fully digitized and will change depending on the degree of injuries)

Mana: 153 (Intelligence × 10, the current Mana recovery rate is 4 points per hour.)

Strength: 12 (Attack power, physical strength, etc.)

Agility: 10 (movement speed, attack speed, etc.)

Vitality: 6 (health, defense, resistance, etc.)

Intelligence: 12 (Magic power, Mana, perception, etc.)

Charm: 3 (socializing, summoning, etc.)

Luck: 1 (Opening chests, Making items, etc., this property is hard to upgrade, please cherish the opportunity to improve it.)

Remark: The standard attribute for adult males is 5 points, and Luck is 1 point.

Hunter talent: after killing the target, Mana will permanently increase between 2-15 points.

The limit is 100 point per world.


After obtaining the inheritance of the [Shadow of the Law], Su Xiao’s attributes changed dramatically.

His strength increased to 12 points from the original 7 points.

The change in Agility was not that small, from the original 7 points to 10 points.

And the intelligence had also increased from the original 6 points to 12 points.

The enhancement of strength and Agility directly showed effect.

Su Xiao punched, and the wind howled with this punch, it was much stronger than before by several times.

After He moved forward quickly, Su Xiao stopped immediately, because he almost hit the wall. The speed increase made it hard for him to control.

This sudden increase in power made his heart beat faster.

If he has the present attributes in the one piece world, it will be easy to assassinate the king. It does not need to take three days, he can finish it in six hours.

This is power, how fascinating, even if he needs to lose his life to obtain power he will do it.

However, these attributes were suddenly enhanced, he still needed some time to adapt, if he fights, he will not be able to demonstrate his powers fully.

Once he adapts to his current attributes, his combat power will reach a shocking level.

“It’s a pleasant surprise to have the [shadow of the law].”

When he was about to close his personal information, he suddenly found his skill options were flashing.

Opening the skill panel, the change of the skill panel was not that small, from the original blank became a skill tree.

A notification of the reincarnation paradise appeared.

[Because the hunter only obtained the first occupation: [shadow of the law], the skill list changed accordingly.]

Shadow of the law (first)

First skill:

Qinggang Ying: LV.1 (active skills)

Conditions of use: After opening (Qinggang Shadow), the hunter will consume 2 Mana per minute, and the skill will automatically stop when the Hunter’s Mana is 1%.

Skill effect: After opening (Qinggang Shadow), each close attack will reduce the enemy’s Mana by 10 points and cause the same amount of True damage, the enemy will bear the pain of his Mana burning.


Second skill:

Sword Mastery: LV.1. (passive)

Skill effect: 10% increase in the power of close attacks and the proficiency when using swords will increase.

(Remark: Skillful ability was divided into basic <professional <specialization <master level, the higher the level, have higher the power, the probability of obtaining a special ability is small.)


Third skill:

Devil physique: Lv.MAX.

Skill effect: Unable to learn any spell type.

Fourth skill was not unlocked. Unlocking it will require a soul crystal (small) and 1000 paradise coins.


Su Xiao knew that he got a complete inheritance and that inheritance was an occupation (job).

This kind of occupation was called [The Shadow of the Law]. When he saw the superior skills, Su Xiao felt that this occupation was the natural enemy of the magicians.

After opening [Qing Gang Ying], each of his close attacks will burn the enemy’s Mana.

When a sorcerer has no Mana, he will be completely useless and would have only his staff to attack with.

But what made Su Xiao puzzled of whether there were sorcerers in the reincarnation paradise or not.

Although the shadow of the law had improved many attributes, and he had mastered two powerful skills, but it was not without disadvantages. He could not learn magic skills in the future.

Now considering these were too early and the four skills of the shadow of the law, Su Xiao was not in a hurry to open, he wanted to see the appearance of the reincarnation paradise first.

Pushing the door, the loud voice came, and the reincarnation paradise was in front of him.

Large buildings appear in Su Xiao’s sight. The buildings looked different, some were made of metal, some were made of masonry, and some were like some kind of creatures, and the surface leaked liquid from time to time.

Because of this row of buildings, the reincarnation paradise had formed a street.

Looking up, there was a layer something milky white on reincarnation paradise’s sky, like a big buckle covering the entire reincarnation paradise.

The ground under his feet was a kind of pale yellow. It was not soft, but very flat.

The area of the reincarnation paradise was huge. At least Su Xiao did not see its end.

The crowds dressed differently walking on the street, some were wearing full body armor, and some were holding a staff, wearing a robe, just like a sorcerer.

Su Xiao felt that he may have walked into an Anime cosplay event, and all kinds of strange people have appeared one after another.

Some even directly sat on the ground with a carpet in front of them as they were selling things.

“White 6-rated firearms, 700 paradise coins, the poor should fuck off.”

“5% life recovery medicine, 1000 paradise coins, 20% off with more than three bottles.”

“Seeking the protection from Sorcerer with a high price, my next world difficulty is Lv.3, the price is free to discuss.”

The tone of these people made Su Xiao feel familiar, which made him wonder whether the people in the reincarnation paradise were from the real world.

For example, the words “fuck off” and “Sorcerer” was rarely heard in the other worlds.

Su Xiao walked out of the room and began to wander around the reincarnation paradise. He needed to know about this place as soon as possible.

“Hey, brother, do you want to see my goods, it’s really cheap, I am going to enter a world soon, and I need the paradise coins to save my life.”

A man in a suit with a round face asked Su Xiao.

Su Xiao looked around and found that the person did not cover his face, but he still couldn’t see his face.

Su Xiao was stopping in front of the stall of the suited man, Su Xiao began to check the items sold by that person.

The goods were placed on a piece of black cloth, he did not fear anyone stealing from him.

Su Xiao picked up an item and immediately understood the reason.

[Bone of beast]

Quality: white

Genre: Material

Rating: 1 (Note: White material scores from 1 to 10, the higher the score, the more precious the material will be.)

Introduction: The bones of ordinary beasts.

[This item is owned by others, cannot be taken within one meter, cannot be saved in storage space. You need to purchase it so you can take over control over it.]


It seemed that in the reincarnation paradise, the safety of the goods is guaranteed.

But to be honest, the items in front of the suited man were not very good.

“This thing, is this handy?”

The suited man smiled twice but looked a little unpleasant.

“This is what I risked my life to get it. To kill the rhino, I almost died.

Its 30 paradise coins, although the score of the animal bone is not high, it is the material for making weapons. ”

Su Xiao shook his head and left the bones to continue hanging around.

“Hey, the new one over there, yes, it is you.”

A white, blue-eyed little girl shouted Su Xiao. After seeing the appearance of a girl, Su Xiao was petrified.

“Kanna, Kanna Kamui?”



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