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R.P Chapter 26: Growth (Edited)

Leaving the coffee bar, Su Xiao, lost in thoughts, walked on the streets of the Reincarnation Paradise.

According to the information provided by Xi Lo Lo, his first priority was to go back to the center of the Reincarnation Paradise and learned about the dozen or so important buildings.

First, he had to familiarize himself with the Reincarnation Paradise, then he would increase his combat power, and after that, he would spend his remaining points.

Currently, he had a total of 8,400 paradise coins to spend. Originally, he had had more coins, but he spent more than 3,000 paradise coins to recover from his pain during the inheritance, and he then paid 50 paradise coins to Xi Lo Lo. Now he had ‘only’ these 8,400 left.

After his preliminary exploration, Su Xiao had learned the value of the paradise coins.

After an ordinary contractor had experienced his or her first derivative world, contractors will generally receive about 1,000 to 2,000 paradise coins, which only can buy one weapon.

But the world he experienced was comparably more dangerous, so the number of paradise coins he had been rewarded with was much higher. He had gotten more than 10,000.

Walking along the streets of the Reincarnation Paradise and looking at the contractors with different looks different, Su Xiao decided he liked it there.

The Reincarnation Paradise was like a jungle. It cruelly tore apart all the false masks and showed the people’s true appearances.

Although it was a cruel place, it was also simpler.

If someone wants to fight, they can just decide life and death by having a battle. The arena in the Reincarnation Paradise was prepared for these people.

After wandering for an hour or so, Su Xiao had almost arrived at the center area.

Because he did not cover up his appearance, there were many of the people on the road looking at Su Xiao, but there was no one dumb enough outright provoke him.

There were several possible reasons for someone not to cover his face, perhaps he was just a newcomer, or he might be a very strong monster and did not care about covering up his face.

Su Xiao didn’t know that there were people looking at him, though.

The inheritance of the Shadow of the Law improved his attributes by 14 points.

The acquisition of attribute points was not easy. Ordinary contractors needed to experience 4 to 6 worlds to barely get 14 points worth of attributes. They were quite unfortunate.

When he was finally arriving in the central area of the Reincarnation Paradise, more than a dozen magnificent buildings come into Su Xiao’s view.

Unlike the shops of those workers, these buildings were much taller and more prominent.

[Attribute Enhancing Hall], [Equipment Enhancing Hall], [Trial Field], [Arena].

Su Xiao could only see these four buildings clearly, while the other buildings were covered by fog, most likely because he didn’t have permission to see them.

Su Xiao went immediately into the [Attribute Enhancing Hall]. Just as he passed the gate, Su Xiao suddenly felt dizzy. When he regained consciousness, he had appeared in a steel cube of several meters in width, length, and height.

“Kada, Kada.”

A mechanical sound emerged, and a screen appeared in front of Su Xiao.

[Welcome to the Attributes Enhancing hall, please pay the fee (100 paradise coins).]

He had already known that everyone would be transferred to a different hall, as well as that one needed to pay for using the Attribute Enhancing hall.

After paying 100 coins, a notification appeared in front of him.

Strength: 12-1 (equipment bonus is temporarily invalid)

Agility: 10

Vitality: 6

Intelligence: 12

Charm: 3

[Hunters can assign points themselves. You have 4 points available.]


[The hunter has an affinity toward these three attributes: Strength, Agility, Intelligence.]

Su Xiao was not surprised by the notifications given by the Reincarnation Paradise.

After inheriting the Shadow of the Law, he had received a hint that there would be additional changes when his three affinity attributes reach twenty points.

Each contractor usually chose the affinity attribute by himself. For example, a contractor focusing on close-range combat would select strength or Agility, while a sorcerer would select intelligence and so on.

Su Xiao’s situation was a bit special.

After inheriting the Shadow of the Law, his affinity attributes had been set.

Additionally, his affinity attributes had a certain restriction, that being, the difference between his three attributes could not exceed three points. Otherwise, he could not increase the higher Attribute in the Attribute strength hall.

This would undoubtedly limit Su Xiao’s growth. If he only had to strengthen one Attribute, that Attribute would reach 20 points pretty soon.

But his situation was not without benefits. By developing multiple attributes at the same time, as long as he can keep up with the pace of the contractors on the same level, he would definitely be among the top of combat strength and usefulness.

Su Xiao currently had 4 attribute points. After considering for a moment, Su Xiao assigned 1 point to the strength and the remaining 3 points to Agility so that his attributes were balanced.

[Strengthening started. Because of the great pain inherent to Strengthening, you can choose to use anesthesia. This option is free.]

“I won’t.”

Su Xiao replied decisively. Xi Lo Lo had inadvertently mentioned it before. During the Strengthening of attributes, it was better not to choose the anesthesia function because that would affect the gain per attribute point spent.

Still, most contractors chose anesthesia because the feeling of strengthening attributes was incredibly painful.

Since he wants to be stronger than others, he has to be able to endure more than them.

The enhancement started, and Su Xiao felt a sharp pain in his bones.

“No wonder people chose anesthesia.”

Su Xiao’s skin began to turn red and cold sweat appeared on the forehead. The feeling of strengthening his attributes was quite ‘exciting’.


Ten minutes later, Su Xiao, whose body was soaked in sweat, walked out of the attributes strengthen hall.

Although it was excruciating to strengthen his attributes, as long as he managed to bear the initial pain, it also felt somewhat good to get stronger.

Su Xiao did not know what other people felt, but he liked it.

The strength gained from suffering was the most reliable power. He would not choose to use the anesthesia function, not today and not in the future.

In fact, Xi Lo Lo had casually mentioned this. Except for a tiny number of “perverts”, most contractors would choose anesthesia.

Su Xiao’s attributes after the Strengthening and without weapons grew to 12 points in strength, 13 points in Agility, and 12 points in intelligence.

If he were to count the bonus of the [dead wife’s necklace], Su Xiao’s strength would reach 13 points, like his Agility.

Although Su Xiao was a lot stronger now, he was still not satisfied.

Since the attributes grew all at once, he couldn’t adapt to them, so now even walking felt a bit awkward.

His mind did not adapt to his new, powerful body. That required a lot of training, and there were no shortcuts for that.

But this was not a problem. The [trial field] in the Reincarnation Paradise is a good way to get used to his new abilities.

Looking at the [test field] in front of him, Su Xiao shook his head.

After he left the derivative world, he had not rested. And while being over there, he couldn’t rest as he needed to complete his mission.

Activating the brand on his arm, Su Xiao disappeared from the place and reappeared in his exclusive room. This was just a part of what’s provided by the Reincarnation Paradise. As long as one was in the Reincarnation Paradise, you could return to your private room at any time.

The comfortable temperature in the exclusive room made Su Xiao feel sleepy, so after lying down on the somewhat soft ground, he was already in deep sleep after just a minute.

The long-term tension from staying in the derivative world finally caught up to him.