Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 27: The Secret!

After dozen hours of sleep, hunger awoke Su Xiao.

If it is not because of the feeling in his stomach, he still wanted to sleep for a while.

Before going out of the exclusive empty room, Su Xiao frowned, it was too rudimentary here, there is no bed, it seemed that he needed to spend some paradise coins on decorating it.

Reincarnation paradise only provided the function of expanding the exclusive space, and could not exchange for furniture. This also required Su Xiao to purchase by himself.

“It’s really problematic, I need to solve these things as soon as possible today.”

Looking for a restaurant opened by a worker, Su Xiao only had a meal with three paradise coins.

The food tasted good, and the store manager was very enthusiastic.

It could be seen from the enthusiastic attitude that the workers were not easy to survive in the reincarnation paradise.

After dinner, Su Xiao looked on vendors of both sides of the street.

It was not difficult to purchase the furniture needed for daily use. A worker had invented a compression capsule. The size of all kinds of furniture was compressed to the size of the finger, which was very convenient to carry.

After paying 200 paradise coins, Su Xiao purchased the furniture needed for daily uses.

After solving the problem of eating and living, Su Xiao went straight back to the center of the paradise and came to the front of [trial field].

He can also stay in the reincarnation paradise for two days, and in these two days, he must adapt to the new strength in his body.

[Welcome hunter to use the trial field, please choose the mode.]

[Assist mode / manual mode]

Su Xiao pondered and chose the manual mode.

[Assist mode had been selected. Please select the summoning image level.]

There were three options in front of Su Xiao. These three options were a low-level image, intermediate image, and an advanced image.

The three options were marked with the price below, the primary image was 100 paradise coins per hour, the intermediate image was 1000 paradise coins per hour, and the advanced image was 10,000 paradise coins per hour.

After hesitating for a while, Su Xiao chose an intermediate image.

Before he observed in the reincarnation paradise for a long time, the equipment sold by the contractors was basically white equipment, and its rate was very low.

The only green-grade gun that Su Xiao saw was actually priced at 4,000 paradise coins and was sought after by many contractors.

The attribute of the green equipment was not as good as the dragon flash on Su Xiao’s waist.

Items sold by contractors may be better, but it was not easy to find.

Comparing with purchasing equipment, Su Xiao preferred to upgrade his own strength, the inner strength was more essential.

After Su Xiao paid 1000 paradise coins and evoked intermediate image for an hour, a milky white light appeared in front of him, and the light disappeared. A middle-aged man wearing white clothes appeared.

The surrounding scenes also changed and became a Dojo.

[Summoning the image of koshiro, from the one piece world.]

After seeing the tips of the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao was happy in mind.

Su Xiao was not clear about the strength of Koshiro, but as for his teaching ability, Koshiro was absolutely strong, Roronoa Zoro was was a living example.

Although Koshiro did not teach Roronoa Zoro any moves, he helped Roronoa Zoro to lay the foundation for becoming stronger.

“Hello, I am Koshiro, there is not much time, let’s start now.”

After Koshiro appeared casually, this was not the real Koshiro himself, just a mirror image.

Koshiro looked at the dragon flash on Su Xiao’s waist and nodded.

“A weapon similar to mine, that is simple, cut me with all your power.”

Su Xiao did not talk, the summoning costs 1000 paradise coins per hour which made his pocket feel pain, so he directly attacks Koshiro with his sword.

As Su Xiao’s current attributes, this sword can be described as fast and urgent, and the angle was very good, straight toward Koshiro.

Something made Su Xiao stunned happened, Koshiro didn’t even pull out his weapon,
just used the scabbard to block, then changed the scabbard angle.

Su Xiao felt that the long sword in his hand was uncontrollably shifted to the side, because of the excessive force, he also leaned toward the side in two steps.

The attack was so easily parried which made Su Xiao unwilling to accept it, but he could do nothing.

The real world in which he was located, and the one piece world where Koshiro was located, didn’t have the same level of power.

His skill of using swords which he trained hard in the real world was not worth mentioning in the eyes of Koshiro.

There may be some superior skills of using swords in the real world, but the rapid advancement of technology had made those skills of using swords useless.

“Okay, your understanding of swordsmanship is lower than I thought.”

Su Xiao swordsmanship was too low in Koshiro’s view.

Su Xiao’s heart was filled with frustration. His hard-work and training were not worth mentioning in his view, and he had no arguments to refute. This was true compared with Koshiro.

It was not shameful to be lower than other people. Just catch up will be fine. It was an embarrassing thing that he was reluctant to admit it.

“What do I need to do to practice the basic?”

Su Xiao randomly took out a few swords, and several white lines flashed.

“No, your foundation is very good, far better than most people. Very few people are willing to spend a few years practicing slashing, this simple and painstaking action.

Answering a question, how do you see the sword in your hand? ”

Koshiro wore white clothes for sporting, sat on the ground, smiled at Su Xiao, and with the eyes on the bridge of the nose, Koshiro seemed gentle.

“How do you see the sword in your hand? Well~~, the tool to kill people.”

Su Xiao’s answer made Koshiro shake his head again and again.

“If you have always had this concept, even if you have been practicing for a hundred years, you are just ‘swinging it’. It’s not swordsmanship.”

Su Xiao looked at the [Dragon flash] in his hand and did not speak.

“Perceiving the sword in your hand and turning it into an extension of your body. If you can’t even do this, then I can’t teach you anything.”

In the words of Koshiro, Su Xiao’s face turned black
He spent 1000 paradise coins to summon Koshiro, and he surprisingly let him train by himself.

Su Xiao immediately communicated with the reincarnation paradise and wanted to suspend the practice. After that, he will take the sword in his hand then continue training.

It was a pity that the notification that came from the reincarnation paradise said when it starts, the training can’t be stopped. He can leave the [trial field] now, but the paradise coins had spent won’t be returned, and the Koshiro will disappear.

In desperation, Su Xiao could only sit on the ground, put [Dragon flash] on his knees and start to feel.

“Don’t imagine your weapon in your mind, perceive it, feel its sharpness, feel. It has a unique atmosphere.”

It was not a waste to summon Koshiro. When Su Xiao perceived the sword in his hands, Koshiro began to guide him in detail and imparted some experience to Su Xiao.

These experiences, Koshiro will only teach his apprentice who had potential such as Roronoa Zoro, and now Koshiro was a mirror image that Su Xiao summoned, so this valuable knowledge was passed on to Su Xiao without any privacy.

Time passed by, and after a half hour, Su Xiao vaguely felt about [Dragon flash] on his legs.

Subconsciously pick up [Dragon flash], and the air around him made a humming sound.

Koshiro, who was on the side, nodded with satisfaction and began to guide Su Xiao.

An hour later, Koshiro dissipated in the air, but Su Xiao was still sitting on the ground, and he took swung his sword from time to time.

He felt that a door gradually opened to him. The skill of using swords he had practiced before was simply a swing. There was not much use except for the basic swinging posture.

Sometimes he would swing the sword and other times he would put it back into its sheath, Su Xiao stayed in his own world, without even noticing Koshiro’s disappearance.

Su Xiao’s obsession with the sword could be seen from adhering to three years of practice a kind of slashing action.

As the saying went, one mind could understand the gods. The hard work of Su Xiao for three years began to bear fruits after Koshiro’s guidance gradually.



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