Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 28: Yellow Sand and Death!

Su Xiao held the sword and stretched his arm straight.

Although he did not reach the extent of the weapon becoming an extension of his arm, at the moment, Su Xiao felt different with a sword in his hand.

It was not an easy thing to achieve that level in a short time.

Although it cost 1,000 paradise coins for just one hour, Su Xiao thought that it was worth it.

Koshiro did not teach him any moves but opened a new door for him.

“Summon Koshiro again.”

Su Xiao was in a good situation now, so he summoned Koshiro again.

[Cannot summon specified image]

[Ding, hunter permission is activated, please select the summon time.]

Su Xiao smiled, and it seemed that his identity as a hunter was also useful here.

“three hours.”

[Summoning Koshiro’s image is completed.]

Koshiro appeared again. After the emergence of Koshiro, he nodded to Su Xiao and did not introduce himself.

Su Xiao was a little surprised, and Koshiro seemed to recognize him.

“So, let’s continued from where we left, you have initially perceived the sword in your hand.”

The words of Koshiro let Su Xiao understand why the reincarnation paradise does not provide the same mirror call.

After the same image appears, it will continue the last memory, which is undoubtedly a good thing for Su Xiao.

“You are now qualified to fight with me, come on.”

Koshiro pulled out his weapon for the first time, Su Xiao recognized that the sword was one of the O Wazamno series.

Su Xiao got up and rushed to Koshiro with his sword. Now time was precious, he had to grasp every minute to become stronger.

The crisp sound of the collision of swords sounded. Fighting Koshiro was undoubtedly a precious experience. If it is not a reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao may not have such an opportunity.

During the battle, Su Xiao noticed every movement of Koshiro, as if he was a dry sponge, he quickly absorbed the sword skills.

After an hour of continuous fighting, the sweat-soaked Su Xiao’s clothes.

“Now start to rest, there are a few points you should pay attention to….”

On the way to rest, Koshiro began to point out the previous shortcomings of Su Xiao.

At this time, Koshiro, because of being a mirror image, did not have any privacy to teach Su Xiao.

Three hours passed quickly, and Su Xiao still wanted to fight.

“Time is up, see you next time.”

Koshiro gradually disappeared, Su Xiao would like to summon Koshiro again, but after seeing the remaining 4027 paradise coins, he could only give up temporarily.

Su Xiao took a breath, the feeling that he had before disappeared, that was the problem of the rapid improvement of the attributes.

Making a fist and punching the air, he could finally control his strength. He had become more accustomed to the sudden growth of the attributes, and now he only needed to complete the final step.

“Reincarnation Paradise, start the actual fight mode.”

[The actual fight mode consumes 10 paradise coins per minute: Yes/No】


[The actual fight mode is on, the mechanical doll will appear after thirty seconds, please prepare in advance.]

The scenes of surrounding began to change, from the original sword hall to a desert.

The Kendo Dojo was a scene automatically generated after the emergence of Koshiro, and the current view was the actual combat mode.

The actual combat mode will not end until Su Xiao’s “die”.

Of course, the death only in the [trial field], he will not really die.

The strong wind blew up the yellow sand, and a silver-white iron ball emerged from the sand.

That was not an iron ball at all, it was the head of a mechanical doll.

Mechanical dolls made of steel, drilled from the sand, dozens of pairs of red electronic eyes staring at Su Xiao.

More and more mechanical dolls appeared, soon added to hundreds of mechanical dolls that surrounded Su Xiao.

[Preparation time is up, begin to actual combat.]

“Kakaka~.” The neat metal collision came, and the mechanical dolls quickly surrounded Su Xi from all directions.

The dense mechanical dolls around him made Su Xiao not dare to be feckless and quickly adjusted his breathing.

Innumerable weapons came in all directions, and Su Xiao was heavily wrapped.

A few silver sword flashes emerged, and large mechanical dolls broke.

Su Xiao is different from the past. Now, whether his physical attributes or skill of using swords, the two of them improved by a lot.

The metal was broken, the yellow sand splashed, and the tragic killing began…

Ten minutes later, Su Xiao was transferred to the gate of [trial field].

As soon as Su Xiao appeared, Su Xiao touched on his head and determined that the head was completed. Just under the attacks of the mechanical dolls, his head was broken.

“It’s really realistic.”

Su Xiao left the [trial field] with a smile, although he spent more than 4,000 paradise coins, he had adapted to the current body.

And the harvest was not only these, but his sword skills also improved.

Second skill:

Sword-mastery: LV.2. (passive)

Skill effect: Increasing close attack power and sword weapon proficiency by 12%.


Sword-mastery had improved by one level. According to Su Xiao’s understanding, the improvement of sword mastery was very difficult. It required a soul crystal (small), and 1000 paradise coins.

He wanted to upgrade the skills of [shadow of the Law]. In addition to self-exercise, he also needed to use the soul crystal and the paradise coins to upgrade.

Now Su Xiao understood the value of the soul crystal, he, fortunately, killed the elite creatures, but only got a soul crystal (small).

He looked for soul crystals in the trading market of the reincarnation paradise, but no one sold it.

Didn’t talk about selling, most contractors didn’t know what the soul crystal is.

Therefore, the soul crystal (small) he had was obviously precious.

Returning to the exclusive room, Su Xiao spent 100 paradise coins to expand the bedroom, bathroom and other rooms in the exclusive space and placed the purchased furniture properly.

After some arrangement, Su Xiao’s exclusive room changed, it became not only spacious, but also luxurious.

Sitting on the soft bed bought by 40 paradise coins, Su Xiao fell into his thought.

He now had a soul crystal (small) in his hand, and he had two options, either upgrading the existing skills or gaining a new skill.

In the current situation, Su Xiao, in addition to [Qinggang Shadow] skills and [Sword Mastery], he did not have much combat skills
However, he already had a general goal, which was to use the sword as the main weapon, supplemented by other abilities.

This was a very promising route, as there are many strong swordsmen in different words.

In the one piece world, the world’s strongest swordsman was Dracule Mihawk, who fought with one sword.

Dracule Mihawk used a sword, not only Dracule Mihawk but also Shanks and so on as well.

This showed that specializing in a single field was very promising.

Su Xiao was not really familiar with using [Qing Gang Ying], so he was not in a hurry to acquire new skills.

In this way, he could choose a skill upgrade in [Qing Gang Ying] or [sword Mastery].

After hesitating for a long time, Su Xiao finally chose to upgrade [sword mastery], which will make his power growth more obvious.

[Starting the upgrade, this will consume a soul crystal (small) and 1000 coins.]

Su Xiao took a few seconds and then felt more knowledge in the brain, that is the knowledge of knife skill.

Looking at the Sword mastery again

Second skill:

Sword Mastery: LV.3. (passive)

Skill effect: 14% increase in close attack power and proficiency while wielding swords.


Using the soul crystal to improve skills, without any difficulty, he can master it directly without the need to adapt to the changes.

No wonder that the soul crystal was rare, this kind of strong items, Su Xiao could obtain in the green treasure chest, it was also considered to be very good luck.

In fact, it was not only good luck. In the world of nightmare difficulty, the benefit of Su Xiao to kill enemy had been greatly improved. This kind of good thing may rarely appear in the future.



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