Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 30: Lawless (Edited)

It was past midnight, Su Xiao was driving along the streets, the young policeman was sitting next to him.

At this time, the young policeman’s throat was tied to the headrest by a belt, so that when Su Xiao used the brakes, the young policeman would choke, his eyes almost turning white each time.

“How far is it?” Su Xiao was already going at high speed. He was going at least 160 km/h, as there were barely any vehicles on the street at this time.

Even with this high speed, Su Xiao noticed that he was still able to see things clearly even though he was going so fast. The agility attribute apparently not only improved his speed but also increased his reflexes and vision.

“We’re almost there, please, please slow down. My son is only two years old.”

The young policeman was desperate, and he felt that this day might be his last.

The kind of gaze Su Xiao used previously, and the young policeman was somewhat familiar with it, it was the look of a murderer.

The young policeman also noticed that Su Xiao was different from the ‘usual’ murderers. Su Xiao’s gaze was too cold, worse than that of the serial killer he saw a year previously.

“Help me find my sword, and I will let you live.”

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

The young policeman sighed and finally nodded.

After driving into a community, Su Xiao arrived at their destination.

“Get out.”

Su Xiao held a pistol in his hand, and it was the gun of the young policeman.

Following the guidance of the young policeman, Su Xiao arrived in front of the director’s house.

“Knock on the door.”

The young policeman hesitated and glanced at the gun in Su Xiao’s hand. It was already aimed at him.

Desperate, the young policeman could only knock on the door.

“Don, don, don.”

After knocking on the door several times, the faint sound of footsteps emerged from inside.

“Who is this? It’s past midnight already!”

A tired female voice rang from behind the door.

“It’s me, Xiao Zhang.”

After a dozen seconds, a middle-aged woman opened the door.

“Come on in, and it’s pretty late already. Is it about something at the department…”

The middle-aged woman’s question halted as a black pistol was aimed at her head.

“Go back inside, slowly, and make no sound.”

The woman was scared, continued looking at Su Xiao, and after a while, she slowly retreated.

Su Xiao and the young policeman entered the house, then Su Xiao softly closed the door.

When the middle-aged woman stepped further back, she accidentally bumped into a half-a-meter tall vase.

The sound of breaking ceramic rang loud in the quiet living room.

“Don’t, don’t be impulsive. I didn’t mean to…”

Su Xiao did not pay attention to the women. His eyes locked on the table in the living room. On the table, a sword holder was placed, and next to it, his sword rested.

When he stepped forward, Su Xiao picked up his sword. He felt the familiar handle and couldn’t help but smile.

“Mom, it’s so noisy~.”

The door of a bedroom in front of Su Xiao was suddenly opened. A girl wearing a sling stood in the doorway with her eyes wide open.

The girl stared at Su Xiao, her mouth slightly open. She wanted to shout.

Su Xiao aimed at her with the gun and told the girl to go back. The girl nodded quickly and slammed the door shut behind her.

Because he had found the sword, Su Xiao went to the door while being watched by the two people in the living room and quickly left the place.

“Xiao Zhang, let’s call the police.”

The middle-aged woman was too scared, and she wanted to report this to the police.

The policeman Xiao Zhang smiled bitterly and helplessly looked at the middle-aged.

“I already informed the provincial office that this guy is well trained. I didn’t even know how he did it. This guy is not just an ordinary person.”

When the news about Su Xiao reached the provincial office, he had already taken the high-speed rail to the neighboring city.

By this time, Su Xiao had changed his face a lot, and he looked like a student now. It just took a little makeup.

After arriving in the neighboring city, Su Xiao did not stop. He directly booked and entered a long-distance bus.

With the bumps of the long-distance bus, Su Xiao’s body was slightly swaying. It seemed like he closed his eyes, but he constantly checked the situation around him.

A child was crying, two young girls in the front seat were talking to each other, and a young man with headphones was swaying in front of him, sleeping.

“News: a vicious criminal appeared in Dongcheng.”

The news was played on the LCD screen at the front of the bus, and a photo of Su Xiao was shown.


The passengers on the bus were attracted by this piece of news.

Su Xiao sighed and thought about how swift their actions were. In less than six hours, his wanted order had already been issued.

But for Su Xiao, this kind of wanted order was not really significant. First of all, without talking about his strength, with his hiding and camouflaging abilities, it was difficult for the police to find him.

Changing direction several times, Su Xiao continued to hurry for four days. In the end, he did not know where he was and stopped.

Taking out a new mobile phone to check his position, Su Xiao found out that he was in DL city, a coastal town.

“It’s a good place.”

DL City was surrounded by the sea on three sides. Even if he were to be pursued by a large number of police officers, he would manage to smuggle abroad.

Furthermore, his case was only a murder case. It was not very bad. They would consider him being dead and then resurrecting as him taking a toxin to appear dead or as a filing error.

As for kidnapping the policeman, that would not be announced.

In the worst case, Su Xiao will have to flee abroad.

Now, the most important thing to do was to find a place to settle down for a while. Su Xiao didn’t want to go to a hotel, there were too many people in such a place, and they were not suitable for a long-term stay.

Standing on the busy street, Su Xiao felt hungry. These days, he was basically living on the road. He did not have a decent meal.

Su Xiao found a restaurant and ordered a local crab.

It was May, which was in the best season for the crab. The crab had at least a pound more than usual.

Opening the hard crab shell and tasting the secret sauce of the shop, he took a bite, and the delicious taste spread all over his mouth. The smooth and tender crab meat stimulated his taste buds. The unique flavor of the seafood caused him to have a long aftertaste.

“Boss, the bill, please.”

Su Xiao put down the last crab shell in his hand.

The waiter got the bill and walked up, looking at the crab shells on the table with some horror on his face.

“This ~.” The boss was stunned by Su Xiao’s appetite because he ate more than seven servings, which exceeded ordinary guests by a lot.

The enhancement of his vitality meant that Su Xiao needed more energy to fuel his strong body.

“The total is 789. You can just give me 780.”

Su Xiao took out several bills and handed them to the boss.

“Is there a place for rent nearby? I am a student and just arrived here. I need to find somewhere to stay for a few months.”

After the boss took out his mobile phone and searched for a while, he showed his mobile phone to Su Xiao, and the display read ‘DL City Rental Network.’

The owner looked Su Xiao in the eyes, and his glance seemed to say, ‘Young man, no one is looking for rent on the streets now.’

Su Xiao laughed and wrote down the address of the website then left the restaurant.

Walking on the bustling street, Su Xiao’s thumb quickly clicked on the screen of his mobile phone to check the website. This was a small, local social networking site specializing in housing agencies.

After a long time, he found some strange information.

“Excellent location, convenient access to public transport, starting from 100,000 per month.”

In DL City, the rent of 100,000 dollars monthly was not ordinary, but it was not too uncommon as well. What was doubtful was that this advertisement did not indicate too much housing information. It just indicated a phone number.

Su Xiao, not short of money, directly dialed the number shown. For 100,000 dollars per month, the conditions of the house should be quite good, and it should have the specifications of a luxury villa.

The phone quickly connected, and a hoarse male voice emerged.

“Let’s discuss this in person, and the address is no. 37 Tianhai Road.”

After a simple sentence, he hung up.

Su Xiao was stunned for a moment, then shook his head. This was too troublesome.

There may be things hidden about it. The price of 100,000 dollars per month was a bit strange too. He did not want to have anything to do with it, so he decided to choose from some other places.