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R.P Chapter 34: The Beginning

At this time, the information of the derivative world finally appeared in front of Su Xiao.

[Entering the world: Tokyo Ghoul]


World difficulty: LV.3. Difficult (difficulty is lower due to the strength of the contractors.)


The source of the world: 0% (it will grow when hunters explore or communicate with current world characters, when calculating the world source, it will be estimated with world’s difficulty, then form the final score)


World introduction: In a chaotic and modern society, Tokyo has a kind of cannibal monsters, which were called ghouls. The appearance of ghouls is no different from ordinary people, but after the Rc cells in the ghoul are active, they will show redness in their eyes, ghouls maintain the activity of Rc cells in the body by swallowing humans, and Rc cells also give ghoul a physical power which is far more superior than ordinary people.


Main mission: Joining CCG (ghoul investigator) or one party of ghoul (Aogiri tree, clown). Subsequent missions will be activated after the hunter joins a party.


Hunting mission: Cleaning up the offender N.12470 contractor, when the hunter enters within one kilometer of the N.12470 contractor, the hunting function will be automatically turned on.


Warn: Do not mention anything about the world of “reincarnation paradise”. If the warning is ignored, the hunters will be executed forcibly!


Hint: The main task of this world is a chain task. After completing three main tasks, you can choose to return to the reincarnation paradise (hunters need to complete the hunting task). The more times of completing the main line tasks, the higher the final evaluation will get.


Hint: It is detected that the hunter does not master the world language, consuming 100 paradise coins to learn the world language automatically.


The world, start!




Seeing the difficulty of the world was Lv.3, Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, his face could not help but smile.


Finally, it was not a terrible difficulty such as a nightmare, and he will not be as nervous as in the one piece world. Now he only needed to judge the strength of CCG and ghouls.


Su Xiao received the main chain task for the first time. As for how to choose, he will undoubtedly choose CCG.


It was a terrible choice to join the ghouls. Don’t talk about his human identity, he could feel that ghouls were not worth trusting.


As for the hunting mission, Su Xiao was completely confused. This unlucky guy number 12470. He did not know who the person is.


There was no clue now, and the hint given by the reincarnation paradise was that the person can be tracked within one kilometer.


Fortunately, the city of Tokyo was not big, and the range of perception of one kilometer was sufficient.


Now he only needed to complete the main line task normally. The main task time was 48 hours. The failure penalty was losing 13,000 paradise coins. If the paradise coins he had were not enough, the equipment would be deducted. If it is still not enough, he can only wait for death.


As for the hunting mission, Su Xiao did not see any punishment or time limit.


Su Xiao felt that there were other hidden situations in the hunting mission, perhaps it was not time.


The contractor who could be in the hunting list was not a nice guy, maybe it won’t take long for the person to jump out in front of him. He was not in a hurry.


“Kala, kala.”


The sound of chewing blood and flesh meat came, and the ghoul had eaten two people.


Su Xiao was surprised to look at the bloody beauty, sighing that she was really enjoying her food, no wonder she is called the Binge eater, swallowing the flesh and blood of the two people, her flat belly was only slightly uplifted.




The vomiting sound came behind him, and Xi lo lo this little girl with tear looked at the scene in front of her in horror.


Some newcomer contractors were also scared, after all, Kamishiro Rize was eating people.


Su Xiao shook his head, as their mentality was too weak.


Two minutes later, Kamishiro Rize was still eating wildly.


“Da, da, da.”


The footsteps came out in the distant corridor, and a man with a strong figure and a mask walked out from the darkness.


“It seemed that the name of the Binger eater is not just a nickname.”


The man was wearing a white suit with a white mask. The mask had holes in the mouth and nose. After approaching Rize, he pressed the index finger with thumb and made a sound.


Rize stopped eating, and her face turned somewhat unpleasant.


“I hate to be interrupted while eating…”


The two began to talk, and the strong killing intent was spread. It seemed they wanted to fight.


“Not good, Mr.cold fish, what can we do, two S-class ghouls, Kamishiro Rize is even between S-class and SS-level.”


Many contractors were desperate. This kind of opening wasn’t good, not for them only, even cold fish had never seen it. The reincarnation paradise surprisingly sent them to the front of two S-class ghouls.


“After the protective cover disappears, you should immediately escape. Whether you live or not depends on your luck.”


The cold fish wasn’t relaxed like he was before.


The cover only had less than a minute, and once the protective cover disappeared, it may be their time to die.


Su Xiao had already recognized the two people in front of him. The purple-haired beauty is Kamishiro Rize, and the mask suit male name is Ōmori Yakumo. The name of Ōmori Yakumo may be strange. CGG called him Jason. Ghouls called him gecko, it was the gecko who disciplined Kaneki Ken in the original story. 


“My superior sent me to catch you back, and he needs you alive.”


Gecko held long-handled iron pliers in his hand, which was actually a surgical tool of ghouls.


It was different from ordinary humans. Because his body contained a lot of Rc cells, the membrane was very hard, and regular knives or medical equipment could not hurt them.


In the world of Tokyo ghoul, ordinary humans also had Rc cells, but only a small amount. The reason why ghouls swallow humans was both their appetite and the Rc cells in the human’s body.


It could be said that the Rc cells were very magical energy, which could strengthen the human body and form a powerful weapon such as Kagune. If it is not the desire to eat people, Rc cells will be an excellent way to strengthen, at least better than vampires or Werewolves. These kinds of bloodlines had apparent weaknesses.


Su Xiao guessed that there should be contractors in the reincarnation paradise that uses this method to strengthen, although he will not choose it, some contractors with a heavy-taste will not hesitate to choose it.


The battle between Rize and Gecko was about to begin, and Gecko was in a state of excitement.


“Can you give me a finger, three or four arms, five or six feet before I catch you?”


The gecko laughed loudly. This guy was a sadist. Gecko preferred to abuse the opponents compared to killing them.


“That huge body likes small toys. Do you want to play so much? You’re so cute.”


The ridicule of Rize made gecko angry and rushed directly toward her. The long-handled iron pliers in his hand went to the back Rize’s head.


Rize did not look back, from her slender waist, four Kagunes suddenly burst at the end of her spine.


The Kagunes were dark red, like four long tails, with a red light on the surface, which was the highly active appearance of Rc cells.




Gecko stepped back due to the Kagunes, and the wall fish tank near the two was pierced by the Kagune, and a large amount of clear water poured out.


Rize did not plan to fight with Gecko, her body leaped high and was ready to leave.


Just after Rize jumped highly, the protective circle around Su Xiao disappeared as its time was up.


When it was said that it was too late, Su Xiao’s legs tightened, and he jumped fiercely.


When he appeared again, he was already in the air, just in front of Rize.


Su Xiao kicked his foot on the soft belly of Rize.


Rize in the air was a bit stunned, she could not escape Su Xiao’s attack, her beautiful face immediately revealed pain.




A foot shot, Rize hit the ground with high-speed, rolling for several times.


Su Xiao landed, his leg felt sore, as the skin of a ghoul was harder than he thought.


[Dragon flash] appeared in his hand, Su Xiao smiled and looked at Rize and Gecko.


“This is the S-class ghoul? Oh, ~, unexpectedly weak, I was worried about how to join the CGG, maybe kill both of you, it should be no problem.”


Rize found it so hard to stand up, her mouth overflowed with blood, as she looked at Su Xiao with fear. Her eyes looked around, and she began to think about how to escape.


In the distance, those contractors were shocked while looking, and cold fish was full of cold sweat. He finally knew why they will meet two S-class ghouls in the beginning.


That was because there was a monster stronger than them within the contractors and the reincarnation paradise made this decision to balance the plot.


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