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R.P Chapter 37: Rebelious Teen


Suddenly the appearance of these people made Su Xiao stop his movements. He looked for a long time in Rize’s, and he did not find the Kagune.


The left hand was pulled away from Rize’s belly, and Rize’s body was obviously shaking, lying on the ground, it seemed she was feeling pain.


If Rize is lucky enough to escape, Su Xiao will become her shadow.


“Aogiri Tree.”


A few people suddenly appeared.


According to Su Xiao’s memory, the little girl with a bandage was the leader of the Aogiri Tree, the one-eyed king, Eto Yoshimura.


Eto Yoshimura‘s Human identity was Takatuki Sen, disguised as a novel writer in the human society.


As a rare eye in the ghoul world, Takatuki Sen’s strength was unquestionable, although she was not in the top of the SSS classes’ ghouls, she can’t be underestimated.


The few people around Takatuki Sena were Tatara an SS-class, Noroi an SS-class and Kirishima Ayato an S-class.


Tatara with a red mask, white trench coat, the mask covered the lower half of his face which made his appearance unclear.


Noroi was wrapped more tightly, except for his two hands, no other parts of his body were exposed.


Kirishima Ayato was also wearing a mask with a pair of insightful eyes stared at Su Xiao.


The goal of these four was very obvious. It’s Taking Kamishiro Rize, the same goal as Gecko.


“Set her free, or you’ll die.”


Tatara’s tone was dull, it didn’t sound like a threat, but his kagune had already appeared on his back.


The headless body of gecko was on the side. Although several people did not scare Su Xiao, he didn’t underestimate them.


If he can defeat two S-class ghouls, this proved his strength, but there were a few ghouls here that had other ideas. They thought that after gecko and Kamishiro Rize fought and sustained injuries, Su Xiao was lucky and took advantages of the situation.


“It seems that it’s my lucky day.”


Su Xiao wiped the blood of his left hand on the clothes of Rize, and he did not pay attention to Rize anymore.


Before he took out the kagune in Rize’s body, Rize mustn’t die. Otherwise, the plot may not continue. Su Xiao did not want to take this kind of risk.


This was something that was clearly suggested by the reincarnation paradise.


One SSS ghoul, two SS-class ghouls, Su Xiao felt pressure this time.


As for the S-class ghoul of Kirishima Ayato, Su Xiao directly ignored him.


Su Xiao could be sure that he could now beat the S-class ghoul. As for the SS level, it should be no problem. As for the strongest SSS-class, he wasn’t sure.


Could he kill these people in front of him, he should give it a try.


Even if he could not fight with them, Su Xiao could also escape, he had confidence he could escape.


[Dragon flash] Slanted to the ground, Su Xiao walked slowly toward the Aogiri tree’s people.


An idea flashed in the minds of the other contractors which is Su Xiao was crazy.


Facing one of the strongest ghouls in this world which is Takatuki Sen, this guy actually wanted to fight directly? And that is while other ghouls were present.


Many contractors no longer hesitate and started running. They didn’t dare to stay here any longer. If Su Xiao were defeated, they would die, but even if Su Xiao escaped, they might be in danger.


Several people in the Aogiri tree noticed the contractors who fled, but just glanced at them and ignored them.


“Ayato, kill him.”


Tatara had a higher status in the Aogiri tree, so he directly ordered Kirishima Ayato to kill Su Xiao.


Kirishima Ayato was a rebellious teenager, although he did not refute the orders, he still snorted and was somewhat unhappy.


“Human, I am in a good mood today, so give you a chance to disappear before I change my mind.”


Although several ghouls had speculated that Su Xiao’s strength was OK, they did not care too much about Su Xiao.


The main reason was that Su Xiao did not have Quinque in his hand, but a long sword.


Quinque was the main weapon of CCG against ghouls, manufactured by CCG’s test center, the raw material produced was the kagune of ghouls.


Su Xiao did not speak and continued to walk toward them slowly. He did not care about the enemy’s contempt. This was also an advantage.


“Shit, since you are looking for death, then I will send you on your way myself.”


The rebellious young boy Kirishima Ayato’s kagune appeared, and he had an irregularly shaped wing on his left back. This wing was his kagune, Ukaku.


The characteristics of Ukaku kagune was speed. Most had the ability of long-range attacks, but there were also big defects, that was, lack of durability.


If he can’t solve his opponent quickly in the early stages of the battle, Ukaku ghouls will usually lose soon.


Although Kirishima Ayato was a bit arrogant, he was not stupid. Su Xiao was a close fighter so Kirishima Ayato won’t go near Su Xiao.


The kagune on Kirishima Ayato’s back extended, dense diamond-shaped blood red crystals flew toward Su Xiao.




A burst sound which broke the air came, showing that the diamond-shaped crystals had strong attack power.


Su Xiao stopped moving, and his dark eyes stared at the blood red crystals that were quickly shot.


In his eyes, those fast blood-red crystals gradually slowed down. Because his Agility attributes improvement, his dynamic vision was much better.


The long sword in his hand slammed continuously, and the sword left a few white lines in the air.


“Ding, ding, ding.”


The crystals shot in front of him were all smashed away.


Kirishima Ayato was a bit shocked, he did not expect that Su Xiao can easily solve his attack.


Just at the moment when Kirishima Ayato was stunned, Su Xiao suddenly moved quickly. In three steps he arrived in front of Kirishima Ayato.


“So fast.”


Kirishima Ayato’s eyes shrunk, he wanted to step back subconsciously, he was already preparing to jump back, but his feet didn’t leave the ground.


Was it easy to escape after Su Xiao was near him? Of course not.


Su Xiao took a step forward and kicked on Kirishima Ayato’s calf, although that bone was hard, he didn’t care.




The miserable sound of bones breaking was heard, and Kirishima Ayato’s calf was twisted to the opposite direction, forming a V shape. The bones penetrated into his flesh.


Kirishima Ayato screamed miserably, his leg was broken. He fell down backward pitifully.


Su Xiao smiled, and the sharp sword in his hand was not merciless as it cut Kirishima Ayato’s throat.


This was Su Xiao’s fighting style, He doesn’t fight, but kill.


[Dragon flash] had yet to hit his throat, Kirishima Ayato felt pain in his throat.


If he were cut, he would definitely die.


Kirishima Ayato was very regretful, he was too savage, he did not have much vigilance against the unknown enemy.


Just when Kirishima Ayato was about to be killed on the spot, a thick kagune appeared in front of Su Xiao’s sword.


The kagune was extraordinarily strong, and there were skeletons with fangs on the tip. This is the kagune of Noroi.


Su Xiao’s [dragon flash] was not easy to block, and the kagune of Noroi was directly split.


Su Xiao continued to put strength, but he felt as if he was hitting on a rubber tire, without doing much damage.


Qing Gang Ying launched, light blue energy entered the wound of the Noroi’s kagune, Noroi snorted in near distance, immediately put away his kagune.


Su Xiao knew some of the details on Noroi. This guy was very strong. His body was the same as a kagune, which made him hard to kill.


Kirishima Ayato that escaped the fate of being killed was gasping heavily. At the moment when Su Xiao took his sword, he wanted to kill him.


This time, they didn’t dare to underestimate Su Xiao anymore. Tatara and the others came forward.


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