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R.P Chapter 40: Unknown Plans


After the wound was wrapped, Su Xiao’s face was full of cold sweat.


The beautiful nurse looked at Su Xiao and took some anti-inflammatory medicine for him.


Whether wrapping wounds or medicine, all were free. It was not because a small nurse was interested in Su Xiao, this was the privilege of CCG.


The superior investigator even had the right to mobilize the police to evacuate the people.


“Mr. Byakuya, let’s go, we will go to the nearby branch to discuss the thing about you joining the CCG.”


“No problem.”


They directly drove toward the 20th district.


Half an hour later, Su Xiao arrived in front of a magnificent building.


This was just a branch of CCG, but it had a large area in Nerima ku.


In the ghoul world, the force against the ghouls was CCG so the status of CCG could be imagined. In the hearts of ordinary people, CCG was similar to the protection of God.


This was also a fact. If there is no CCG to clean up ghouls, humans will go extinct in less than one hundred years.


What is a ghoul, it was a powerful creature without natural enemies, and human beings were the only foods of ghouls. In the case the number of ghouls increased, extinction was taken for granted.


If the number of species is one-half of humanity, then humans will be extinct in less than a month.


But now the situation in the 20th district was the opposite. Human beings were living in the sun, but ghouls were hiding and did not dare to reveal their identity, CCG spent lots of efforts to find them.


However, CCG also had a lot of drawbacks from the inside, but Su Xiao did not care about this, he joined CCG only because it was convenient to complete the Task.


It was early in the morning, but the CCG branch was brightly light.


Entering the CCG branch, there was a large security gate. If he wants to enter the CCG branch, he must pass this security gate.


This was actually not a security gate, but the Rc cell detection gate. The Rc cell content in ghouls was ten times or even hundreds of times greater than ordinary people, so it’s impossible for them to pass undetected.


Of course, except for some extremely powerful ghouls, that had been able to control Rc cells in their bodies, the others won’t be able to pass this test.


Su Xiao walked through the Rc cell detection door as usual.


“Ding.” The green light illuminated, and Amon Koutaro was relieved.


Soon, Su Xiao was brought to a conference room by Amon Koutaro.


“Mr. Byakuya, wait a moment.” After bringing Su Xiao in, Amon Kotaro left the conference room.


When Amon Kotaro entered the conference room again, he had a laptop in his hand.


The computer was turning on the video function, and the screen showed a sleepy face.


Amon Koutaro put the computer in front of Su Xiao, the person in the video spoke.


“Did this cruel person fight with the one eyed king alone?”


Seeing the person in the video, Su Xiao recognized him, Marude Itsuki, one of CCG’s seven special investigators.


Amon Koutaro actually contacted CCG’s top management directly. If an ordinary person joins CCG, there will absolutely not have such treatment. However, Su Xiao’s record of making Takatuki Sen retreat was too fierce, and CCG could only pay attention to it.


“It’s me.”


Both of them were silent.


“About you wanting to join the CCG, we need to check it out.”


Su Xiao browed up and seemed to see his attitude, and Marude Itsuki continued.


“You identity is still uncertain. Now the headquarters has mobilized your information overnight. If there is no abnormality, after the check of your fighting power, I can make an exception for you to join CCG.


Tonight, you will stay in the 20th district, stay and eat. ”


Su Xiao had some headaches. He was transferred to the world by the reincarnation paradise. If there is no accident, he has no legal status.


This made him somewhat confused. If he needs to get legal status first, then the main task is too difficult to complete.


At the beginning of the derivative world, he met Kamishiro Rize, and then people in CCG appeared, but he did not have a legal identity.


It was impossible for the reincarnation paradise to issue tasks that could not be completed, and there must be shortcuts.


“reincarnation paradise, can I forge an identity?” Su Xiao meditated in his heart.


Surprisingly, the reincarnation paradise gave several options right away.


[Identity: Fighting coach in certain areas, cost: 50 paradise coins.]


[Identity: ghoul, cost: 100 paradise coins.]


[Identity: A family member of ghoul investigator(had been killed), fee: 100 paradise coins]




Below these three options, there was a large row of options, the consumption of the paradise coins were high and low.


This should be a prerequisite for joining a certain camp. Let us not mention the difficulty of joining CCG. Most of the contractors were human beings. Joining ghouls was difficult.


But with the camouflage function of the reincarnation paradise, things got simpler.


Joining a certain camp was only a preliminary of the main task, and there was no reward, so it was not difficult.


Su Xiao decisively chose ‘the family member of ghoul investigator (have died), this identity was prepared to join the CCG.


[The hunter’s choice is complete. The deduction of the paradise coins is automatically completed.]


With a legal identity and the powerful strength of Su Xiao itself, there was no problem in joining CCG.


“Well, I will wait for your reply, but be quick.”


Marude Itsuki nodded, although he was tired, he squeezed a smile.


This guy laughed naughtily, it could be seen that he was not a rigid person.


The video was closed, and Amon Koutaro was not vigilant toward Su Xiao. After all, this was in the branch of CCG.


Su Xiao sighed in mind, sure enough, his own strength was the most important. Thinking about how he was treated in one piece world when he joined the soldier team, and then looked at the present, it was completely different.


“Mr. Byakuya, let’s have dinner together. If there is no accident, we may be colleagues in the future.”


Su Xiao was also a little hungry. Fighting the Aogiri tree previously, he consumed a lot of energy.


Agreeing to the invitation of Amon Koutaro, these two walked in the direction of the restaurant.


On the suburb of the 20th district, a black shadow swept over the dry grass, and after convinced that there was no one, the shadow stopped in place.


The red light flashed, and a large bandage fluttered in the wind. In the center of the bandage, a short person with big boobs appeared.


It was Takatuki Sen who had fought with Su Xiao before.


After going back to her normal form, Takatuki Sen was obviously weak and fell to the ground.


“That guy, who is he, Fighting him was so dangerous.”


Takatuki Sen had a long green hair, the long hair was soft, scattered on her shoulders, her red eyes gave her a strange beauty.


“Should I inform him that this sudden emergence of human may have disrupted the plan which had been prepared for 13 years, it must not be interrupted now.”


Takatuki Sen picked up the bandage on the ground and wrapped her seductive body with it.


Five minutes later, Takatuki Sen turned into a little girl, now she is Eto Yoshimura with bandages on her body.


In the quiet bedroom, Su Xiao sat on the bed, he was meditating.


This had gradually become his habit because, in meditation, he felt calm.


Today’s battle brought large benefits to him, not only did he get a green treasure chest, but also understood the ability of the shadow of the law.


The shadow of the law normally restrained sorcerers, but Su Xiao found that the shadow of the law was absolutely not so simple.


From the fact that Qing Gang Ying can burn Rc cells, this profession was far more promising than he imagined.


Not only fighting with sorcerers but when he fights against other enemies, the pain of burning energy will also affect them.


And the real damage of Qing Gang Ying was also very powerful.


If it wasn’t for [Qing Gang Ying] causing great pain to Takatuki Sen previously, he could not easily get the upper hand.


The current [Qing Gang Yin] was only level 1. If the skill level rises in the future, his sword strike will be absolutely harsh.


At the same time, Su Xiao was also interested in other skills of the shadow of the law.


When he woke up from meditation, Su Xiao took out the green treasure chest that fell from gecko with some expectation in his heart.


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