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R.P Chapter 43: Open High School Female Student [EDITED]

“Hey, hey, we’re all colleagues here, you have to get along with each other. Suzuya, you can’t greet your colleagues like this.”

Shinohara Yukinori blocked them both and tried to instil some more basic knowledge to Juuzo Suzuya.

Since Suzuya didn’t have basic common sense due to his childhood, Su Xiao wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

However, should he have the chance, he would definitely get rid of this kid. [E/N: TL says “clean up this kid”]

“Ahh! I got it, sorry~.”

Juuzo Suzuya laughed, completely contradicting his previous character and apologized to Su Xiao.

“Mr. Shinohara, is the test over?”

Shinohara Yukinori moved his numb arms and nodded.

“It’s over, from now on it’s official, you are now a CCG Investigator.”

Shinohara Yukinori looked serious.

“Being an Investigator is a responsibility, it’s our primary responsibility to protect ordinary people and expel ghouls wherever possible. For this, we may have to sacrifice our lives, but we will not hesitate.”

The heated speech began. Su Xiao did not show impatience, despite being bored stiff.

“That’s all. If you are mentally prepared, you can now perform tasks. Keep in mind, rank 3 investigators can’t act alone, they will be assigned to a superior investigator for their protection.”

Su Xiao lightly coughed.

“Mr. Shinohara, who do you think can protect me?”

Shinohara Yukinori laughed and shook his head.

“Well…. It’s the rules.”

“I can hunt alone, it’s just ghouls. What matters is completing my tasks, right? The process should not be important then.”

After hesitating for a while, Shinohara Yukinori nodded. Su Xiao did not need the protection of a superior Investigator. Su Xiao protecting his superior investigators was more reasonable.

“In this case, I will hand you the files about recent ghoul-activities.”

Shinohara Yukinori went to his desk and handed Su Xiao a document.

Su Xiao looked at its contents, which were trivial. Strange sounds in the sewers, stolen underwear, female students, who were working as prostitutes, went missing and so on.

“This is our daily work. Ghouls are very shrewd, especially in the 14th district, which is really unstable.”

Shinohara Yukinori sighed.

It was not easy to chase ghouls.

Most of the ghouls in the 14th district were hidden among the ordinary people. Aside from when they were hunting and feeding, they won’t reveal their true bodies.

They only need to prey one or two times a month to keep themselves sated. To get rid of ghouls, the most important thing to do is finding them.

For Su Xiao, the most difficult part of a ghoul hunt was to find them, things were easy after that.

“Now then, the report in your hands should be caused by a ghoul. Find and kill him or them.”

Shinohara Yukinori looked serious, his eyes betrayed his mood, shining with killing intent.

“No problem.”

Su Xiao turned away and left the office. Although there was plenty of time, he didn’t want to waste any.

“And Byakuya, remember to go to the logistics department to get some tools, they can be very useful.”

Su Xiao looked over his shoulder, nodded and left.

“It’s a cold colleague again, hahh, what a headache.”

After Shinohara Yukinori leaned back in his chair, he gently massaged his forehead. He looked up, only to see the smirk of Juuzo Suzuya and his head began hurting even more.

Su Xiao checked out the logistics department and received many tools after having presented his documents.

An hour later, Su Xiao was alone in a park, sitting on a bench by a path.

The park was full of trees, the breeze blew, leaves rustled, and the midday sun was scorching…

Because of the hot weather, the people in the park felt very good whenever a cold breeze passed by. Su Xiao was sitting in the shadow of a tree, enjoying the cool breeze.

The information given by Shinohara Yukinori was not very detailed, but there were several points made. There were more than a dozen cases of disappearance in half a year, most of them happened in and around this park.

CCG had a clear division of labour. Bureau investigators were responsible for finding clues, but they were not good at fighting.

Once they had collected sufficient information, or when encountering ghouls, they would call in superior Investigators and their subordinates to avoid unnecessary casualties of bureau Investigators.

Even so, five bureau Investigators had disappeared in this park.

When Shinohara Yukinori was about to leave, he wanted to come to this park for an inspection.

Su Xiao paid attention to the passing pedestrians. There was nothing important happening for quite a long time, but he was not in a hurry anyways.

According to the information given by Shinohara Yukinori, there had been no cases of disappearances in the park for two weeks.

That ghoul would appear sooner or later, because this was the ghoul’s hunting ground.

Some of the ghouls’ behaviour was similar to beasts, such as the territoriality. In competition for a territory, two ghouls may also fight each other.

Within the next three days this ghoul should reappear, and it was most likely not a low-grade one. The ghoul shouldn’t be lower than A class.

Most of the deaths of ghouls happened due to the ghoul’s inability to refrain from eating, leading to their eventual discovery by investigators.

Success and patience were inseparable. Su Xiao sat on the bench in the park and waited.

Time slipped by and in a flash, it was three o’clock in the afternoon.

The sound of a bell rang from afar.

“A school?”

Su Xiao looked at a building in the distance. After half an hour, the number of pedestrians in the park gradually increased. They were mostly high school students who had just left school.

Most ghouls would prey at night, so Su Xiao was prepared to spend the night here.

“Brother, why do you sit here alone? Are you lonely?”

A female high school student in a school uniform sat next to Su Xiao, a female high school student wearing a sexy top, a short, black skirt, and black stockings, showcasing her slender legs.

Su Xiao was stunned. Did he just meet one of the legendary female student prostitutes? This was unexpected.



“Oh, what a boring guy.”

Because Su Xiao ignored her, the female high school student stood up and walked away.

As night fell, the lights of the park turned on.

Su Xiao had been observing for the entire afternoon, he was hungry. Just when he was about to get up and go for dinner, he suddenly heard a short scream.

The scream was very short, it lasted only for a moment, but he captured the direction  it came from.

Su Xiao immediately got up and hurried in the direction of its source. The sound came from a corner of the park, not too far away from him.

After rushing to the location of the source of the scream, Su Xiao glanced around, but there was nothing. Not to mention people, not even a ghost was there.

But he had heard a scream earlier, he would never get that wrong, so something must have happened here.

After a careful inspection, Su Xiao noticed a few drops of blood on the edge of a flower bed, as well as a broken fingernail.

He touched the blood with his fingers. It was cool, but did not solidify yet, which meant that the blood was fresh.

“Kaz, kaz.”

The sounds of tearing flesh echoed from the forest not far away. Su Xiao stealthily entered the forest and witnessed a cruel scene.

A victim, who could not be seen clearly, was lying on the ground with a ghoul on top of him or her.

It should have been a good thing to find the ghoul, but Su Xiao frowned.

The ghoul in front of him was not strong, probably only B rated, furthermore, this barbaric predation method was unlikely to escape the notice of the bureau investigators.

Su Xiao managed to roughly guess the matter from the ghoul’s eating habits.

This was most likely not be the territory of this ghoul, but it was so hungry that it could only take the risk.

“Filthy stray, who allowed you to hunt in my territory? Do you want to die?”

A crisp female voice rang from the woods and at the same time, a very thin Kagune slithered towards the eating ghoul.


Its head flew up, before the ghoul could answer, it was beheaded, its face showing terror.

The owner of the Kagune came out of the treeline. After Su Xiao took in the appearance of the ghoul, he was shocked. The ghoul was the female high school student he saw that morning.

She had actually been a ghoul!