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R.P Chapter 43: Open High School Female Student


“Hey, hello, everyone is a colleague, you have to get along with each other, Suzuya, you can’t say hello to your colleagues like this.”


Shinohara Yukinori blocked between the two and began to instill basic knowledge to Juuzo Suzuya.


For a person who didn’t even have basic common sense, Su Xiao certainly won’t make something big out of it.


However, if there was a chance, he will definitely clean up this kid in the future.


“Is it, I got it, sorry~.”


Juuzo Suzuya laughed, and he was in a contradictory character compared to before as he apologized to Su Xiao.


“Mr. Shinohara, is the test over?”


Shinohara Yukinori moves numb arms and nodded.


“It’s over, you are now officially a CCG Investigator.”


Shinohara Yukinori looked serious.


“Being an Investigator is a responsibility, protecting ordinary people and expelling those ghouls is our primary responsibility. For this, we may have to sacrifice, but we will not hesitate.”


The heated speech began. Su Xiao did not show impatience despite listening in boredom.


“That’s all. If you are mentally prepared, you can now perform the task, but the third-class Investigator cannot act alone and needs to be protected by the superior Investigator.”


Su Xiao lightly coughed.


“Mr.Shinohara, who do you think can protect me?”


Shinohara Yukinori laughed and shook his head.


“This, it’s the rules.”


“I can do it alone, it is nothing more than ghouls, what matters is completing the task, the process is not important.”


After hesitating for a long time, Shinohara Yukinori nodded. Su Xiao did not need the protection of the superior Investigator. Su Xiao protecting superior Investigators was more reasonable.


“In this case, I will give you clues about the ghouls now.”


Shinohara Yukinori went to his desk and handed Su Xiao a document.


Su Xiao looked at its content which was very trivial. Strange sounds in the sewer, underwear was burned, female students who were prostitutes are missing, and so on.


“This is our daily work, and ghouls are very shrewd, especially in the 14th district which is not stable.”


It was not easy to chase ghouls.


Most of the ghouls in the 14th area were hidden among ordinary people. In addition to predation, they won’t reveal they’re true bodies.


They only need to prey one or two times a month to maintain their body’s needs. To get rid of ghouls, the most important thing to do is to find them.


For Su Xiao, most of the difficulty of killing ghouls was to find them, and things will become simple after finding them.


“Now the information on your hand should be about a ghoul, find him, and kill him.”


Shinohara Yukinori looked serious, and there was a killing intent in his eyes.


“No problem.”


Su Xiao turned away from the office, although there was still plenty of time, he didn’t want to waste time.


“Byakuya, remember to go to the logistics department to get some tools, those tools are very useful.”


Su Xiao took a step then nodded and left.


“It’s a cold colleague again, hey, what a headache.”


After Shinohara Yukinori sat at his desk, he gently pressed his forehead and looked up to see the smirk of Juuzo Suzuya, his began hurting even more.


Su Xiao came to the logistics department and received many tools after presenting the documents.


An hour later, Su Xiao arrived alone in a park and sat on a bench by the road.


The park was covered with trees, the breeze blew, leaves rustled, and the midday sun was scorching hot…


Because of the hot weather, the people in the park felt very good as the cold breeze passed from time to time, Su Xiao was sitting in the shadow of the trees feeling the cool breeze.


The information given by Shinohara Yukinori was not detailed, but there were general goals. There were more than a dozen cases of disappearance in half a year, it all happened in this park.


CCG has a clear division of labor, and ordinary Investigators were responsible for finding clues, and those Investigators were not good at fighting.


When the clues were fairly clear, it was possible that after encountering the ghouls, the superior Investigators will personally look for them with their subordinates to avoid unnecessary casualties of ordinary Investigators.


Even so, five ordinary Investigators had disappeared in this park.


Shinohara Yukinori was leaving previously to come to this park for inspection.


Su Xiao paid attention to the passing pedestrians, there was no gain for a long time, but he was not in a hurry.


According to the information given by Shinohara Yukinori, there had been no case of disappearances in the park for two weeks.


That ghoul will appear soon because here is the place for the ghoul to prey.


Some of the ghouls’ moves were similar to beasts, such as the camp’s territories, because of the competition for the territory, two ghouls may also fight.


In less than three days, this ghoul will appear, and this ghoul may not be a low grade one, he won’t be lower than A class.


Most of the deaths of ghouls were due to the inability to refrain from eating and were eventually discovered by the Investigators.


Success and patience were inseparable. Su Xiao sat on the bench in the park and silently waited.


Time slipped by in a flash, and it was three o’clock in the afternoon.


A soothing sound of music came from afar.




Su Xiao looked at a building in the distance. After half an hour, the number of pedestrians in the park gradually increased. They were some high school students who had just left school.


Most of the species will pray at night, so Su Xiao was going to spend the night here.


“Brother, why do you sit here alone, are you lonely?”


A female high school student in a school uniform sat next to Su Xiao, a female high school student wearing a sexy top, a black short skirt, and black stockings revealing her slender legs.


Su Xiao was stunned, did he meet the legendary prostitute female students? It was an unexpected beginning.






“Oh, what a boring guy.”


She found that Su Xiao ignored her, and the female high school student got up and walked away.


As night fell, the street of the park lighted up.


Su Xiao had been observing for an afternoon, and he was hungry, when he was about to get up and go to have dinner, he suddenly heard a short scream.


The scream was very short, only for a moment, but he sharply captured it.


Su Xiao immediately got up and hurried to the sound source. The sound came from the corner of the park, not far from him.


After rushing to the location of the source of the sound, Su Xiao glanced around, but there was nothing, don’t talk about people around, not even a ghost.


He heard a scream earlier, he will never get it wrong, so something must have happened here.


After a careful inspection, Su Xiao found a few drops of blood on the edge of a flower bed, and half of a broken nail.


Some blood stained his fingers. The blood was cold, but it did not solidify yet, which means that the blood was still fresh.


“Kaz, kaz.”


The sound of tearing the flesh came in the forest not far away, Su Xiao quietly entered the forest, and a cruel scene came into his view.


A victim who could not be seen clearly was kneeling on the ground with a ghoul on top.


It should be a good thing to find a ghoul, but Su Xiao frowned.


The ghoul in front of him was not strong, probably only B class, and this barbaric predation method was unlikely to escape the investigation of the ordinary Investigators.


Su Xiao guessed the matter roughly from the appearance of ghoul’s eating.


This may not be the territory of this ghoul, but this ghoul was so hungry that it could only choose to take risks.


“Wild dog, who allows you to hunt in my territory, do you want to die?”


A crisp female voice came from the woods, and at the same time, a very thin kagune waved toward the ghoul who was eating.




Its head flew up, before the ghoul talked, the ghoul that was eating was beheaded, and his face was full of fear.


The master of the kagune came out of the trees. After Su Xiao saw the appearance of the person, he was shocked. The person was surprisingly the female high school student who he saw in the morning.


She was surprisingly a ghoul.


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