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R.P Chapter 44: Ghouls x Humans [EDITED]

As Su Xiao was hiding behind a big tree, the female ghoul began to deal with the bodies.

In his opinion, the female high school student was very skilled. First, she cleaned up the blood splatters on the ground, and then dragged the two bodies along with her.


The female high school student swallowed heavily as she stared at the human body in front of her, so starved she felt physical pain from hunger.

“This is the last time, I won’t eat raw meat ever again! I am not a monster.”

The female high school student’s hand reached the body, blood stained her white hand.

“Are you going to eat him right in front of me?”

Su Xiao walked out from behind the tree.

As if she had no idea what he was talking about, the female high school student’s body trembled and her red eyes and Kagune disappeared at the same time. She hid her bloodstained hands behind her back, where she quickly tried to wipe them without being obvious about it.

“Who are you, why are you here?”

“CCG, I am a rank 3 investigator, Byakuya.”

[Dragon Flash] appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, the bright blade glinting in the cold moonlight.

“A CCG investigator… so the day has come.”

The ghoul bowed her head, her previously hidden hands now hanging down listlessly, still stained in blood.

Her Kagune and red eyes reappeared. the Kagune of this ghoul was a Bikaku, which are located at the end of the spine. She had two Bikaku, each as thick as a finger.

“Do you know who I am? My name is Chinatsu, I am the person who will kill you today.”

The delicate face of Chinatsu gradually distorted. This ghoul was still somewhat human looking, but she was still a ghoul.

“This park is your territory, right? With your previous actions, you should have tempted males to prey on. What happened to the missing girls?”

Su Xiao’s question seemed to anger Chinatsu.

“Those sluts sold their bodies for a little money, and they were humans! Why didn’t they find someone they could love and live quietly?

Yes, I am jealous of them! Those humans, I always tear them apart whenever I see them, and then cook them.”

Most of the ghouls had mental issues after devouring humans, there were only a few differences between humans and ghouls after all.

Su Xiao now understood the cause of the incident. Chinatsu fit the description of the ghoul he was looking for.

“I’ll give you ten seconds to say your last words.”

Chinatsu was stunned and looked at Su Xiao as if he said something stupid.

“You are just a rank 3 investigator, and you tell me to speak my last words? You want to kill me with that sword in your hand? That thing can’t hurt me.”

“Good words.”

After that comment, Su Xiao tightened his grip and rushed forward.

The sounds of fight echoed through the forest, then a cry rang out.

A minute after the start of the fight, the forest quietened. Chinatsu was lying on the ground, blood pooling around her, the Kagune growing from her back had been cut off.

“It hurts. I didn’t know death would be so painful. No wonder those humans always screamed so loudly.”

There were tears in her eyes. She was only a ghoul ranked between the A and S classes.

“Are you going to kill me?”

Su Xiao did not make a sound, he stood beside Chinatsu and merely raised [Dragon Flash].

“Is it really wrong to live as a ghoul? Hah, eating people will be met with revenge.”

“It has nothing to do with me. This is just a task I have to complete. Goodbye.”

The sword fell and blood splashed.

[You killed the S-class ghoul, Chinatsu.]

[Chinatsu is a common ghoul. You gained 0.5% of the world’s source, total: 5.7% of the world’s source.]

[Your talent as a “hunter” has activated. Permanently adding 7 points to Mana. You currently have 170 Mana.]

[You received 40 CCG contribution points.]

Although Chinatsu was an S ranked ghoul, she did not drop a treasure chest.

This was not surprising. The gap between Chinatsu and Su Xiao was too great. As could be seen from the source of the world, Chinatsu had no real influence on the plot.

The reason why gecko dropped the green treasure chest was not because he was strong, it was because of his ties with the original story.

Su Xiao took out his allotted mobile phone, called the 14th branch and explained the situation, then hung up the phone.

They didn’t need him to deal with the rest. CCG would send someone to deal with the body and after the Kakuhou of Chinatsu was harvested, he would get some contribution points.

Of course, he could also keep the Kakuhou and spend some contribution points to have it turned into a Quinque.

The Quinque made by S-ranked Kakuhou should only be white equipment, so Su Xiao chose to hand over to the Kakuhou in exchange for 10 contribution points.

This way, Su Xiao’s contribution points were already sufficient for him to be promoted:

Rank 3 investigator (contribution value 50/50), Promote to the next class: Yes/No.

Su Xiao chose to be promoted but his position did not change immediately. The Reincarnation Paradise chose this moment to give him a hint.

[Waiting for feedback from the CCG General Administration. Estimated time, 3 hours.]

To be promoted, he did not only need to choose to upgrade, but it also needed confirmation from the CCG General Administration.

With the influence of the Reincarnation Paradise, being promoted to a rank 2 investigator was a certainty.

Without the Reincarnation Paradise, it might take several years for Su Xiao to be promoted.

This had nothing to do with the number of ghouls he killed, it was just bureaucracy.

But now, Su Xiao only needed to hunt and kill a lot of ghouls.

Even so, it was not easy to reach the higher ranks as an investigator.

There were six levels of CCG Investigators, from low to high they were: Rank 3 investigator, rank 2 investigator, rank 1 investigator, first class Investigator, associate special class investigator, and special class investigator.

The rank 3 were the weakest, and the special class investigators the strongest.

When Su Xiao returned to the branch of the 14th district, Shinohara Yukinori took the initiative to find Su Xiao.

“Tell me what happened? I know the ghoul has been killed, is there anything else you feel should be added?”

Su Xiao described the passage of events and Shinohara Yukinori nodded.

“You have killed an S-class Ghoul on your own. I have already reported this to the General Administration. If there are no surprises, you should get promoted into a rank 2 investigator. After all, with your abilities, being a rank 3 investigator is really not fitting.

No, rank 2 is also a bit too low for you, but if you don’t get sufficient merits, the General Administration will not agree to promote you.“

Su Xiao did not say anything, he just wanted to continue finding and killing ghouls.

Currently, except for him, all contractors had joined or were about to join the ghoul’s camps. That was to say, ‘Contractor 12470’, the target he needed to hunt, was also in the ghoul’s faction.

Looking at the first two main tasks, the main task (3) was very likely to be a confrontational task. Otherwise, it would not have been necessary to divide contractors between the two camps and to open the balance mechanism.

“Since this is the case, Shinohara Yukinori, may I ask you to provide me some more places where I may find ghouls.”

It was definitely of great benefit to complete the main task (2) as early as possible.

“Well, that’s also a way to get enough points. Anyways, what you need now is rest, it’s already 10pm. Moreover, I have something to ask of you tomorrow morning, or more like Mr. Kureo Mado has something to talk with you about.”

Su Xiao had some doubts, but he did not ask anything. After saying goodbye to Shinohara Yukinori, he went to the dormitory allocated to him by the CCG, located on the 16th floor in the branch office.

In the 11th district.

As the nest of Aogiri tree was located here, the 11th district was now almost a restricted area for human beings.

The Aogiri tree repeatedly attacked the CCG branch of the 11th district, resulting in human’s influence over the 11th district to weaken. Only some scattered civilians lived in the vicinity of the CCG branch of the 11th district.

These civilians were not able to leave, they were trapped. The ghouls in 11th district had trapped them there as an emergency “food supply”, no one could enter or exit the 11th district except for the powerful Investigators.

With how many ghouls lived here, their human flesh supply completely depended on ‘import’, proving how dangerous the 11th district was.

At this time, in a rotten building in the suburbs of the 11th district, more than 20 humans had gathered.

These 20 people were not from one group. They were divided into three factions. Each faction had about 6 people. These were the contractors that had joined the ghouls.

“Cold Fish, don’t talk nonsense. The balance mechanism got activated because the CCG is stronger than the Aogiri tree right now. As a fellow strong contractor, you don’t want to anger me.”

An anxious young man with short red hair and a grumpy look was glaring at Cold Fish.

Cold Fish smiled coldly and shook his head. If Hot wasn’t a fire sorcerer, he wouldn’t take the initiative to call this group together.

“Don’t think that I took the initiative to find you just for an alliance, you can’t be that arrogant.”

The scepter in Cold Fish’s hands tapped on the ground and a layer of thin ice gradually spread out. Cold Fish was also a sorcerer, but he was an ice sorcerer. His ability was not as strong, but he was good at crowd control.

“If we’re not in the same camp, I will kill you here and now.”

The short wand in the hands of the fire sorcerer flashed, a heat wave burst forth and a large amount of fire appeared around Hot’s body.

Hot’s momentum caused Cold Fish to grimace.

“This feeling, you have found a wand that fits your attribute?”

Cold Fish looked at the short wand in hot’s hand.

The short wand was very silly, it looked like a firecracker with a red crystal at the top, which seemed to have a flame burning inside of it.

Hot stared at the scepter in Cold Fish’s hands.

“I spent a total of 14,000 paradise coins for this baby, the total income I got from two entire worlds”

Hot’s face was full of loss at the thought of the price, but he showed some excitement as well.

“Lucky guy.”

Cold Fish was full of envy.

Shaking his head, Cold Fish took out a small camera from his storage space and threw it at Hot.

After catching the small camera and looking at it, Hot’s face suddenly changed.

In the small camera, the process of Su Xiao killing Gecko and Kamishiro Rize was recorded.

Although Hot was violent, he was not stupid. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to gather a temporary group with 10 people.

“Let’s be allies, Cold Fish. We must cooperate in this derivative world, otherwise, we will be killed by that monster. Killing S-ranked ghouls like that, fuck, how can this guy enter the world of Tokyo Ghoul, this guy should at least be Lv.7 or stronger.

I will provide information as a show of goodwill. The third part of the main task will be a confrontation task. This is information I bought for 400 paradise coins.”

Cold Fish felt relieved, if he were to join Hot’s group, they might still have a chance.