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R.P Chapter 48: Small Harvest


Mado Akira’s stopping gave the ghoul an opportunity to escape.


The ghoul just wanted to escape, and he then heard Su Xiao’s threat.


The ghoul hesitated for a moment, and immediately turned around and ran, not paying attention to Su Xiao’s words.


Or this was the right choice, if he ran he would die, why doesn’t he fight for that chance to escape?


When the ghoul just ran a few meters away, a long sword came with a broken wind.




The longsword cut through the ghoul’s calf and nailed him deeply into the asphalt paved streets.




The ghoul screamed and fell to the ground, his face was kissing the asphalt road.


“The wrong choice.”


Su Xiao got up and walked slowly toward the ghoul.


The behavior of the ghoul was normal to him. If he faces the same situation, he will choose to run as well.


If he doesn’t escape, he will still die. Why did not he wait for it?


“You, what are you going to do?”


The eyes of the ghoul were flustered as he tried to crawl forward. [Dragon flash] nailed him to the ground and he couldn’t move.


Su Xiao took the handle of [dragon flash] and pulled out [dragon flash], the ghoul immediately wanted to get up and escape.


The light of sword swept, and a large piece of blood spattered on the asphalt road.


Four strikes, Su Xiao, broke the limbs of the ghoul and did what he had said.


With the vitality of ghouls, this kind of injury could only be described as a serious injury, but there was no danger to his life.


“What should we do next?”


Mado Akira looked slightly tired. The battle just made her feel a little tired, sweat-drenched her clothes, and the pale yellow hair clung to her forehead.


“Continue, how many ghouls come, we will kill all of them tonight.”


Mado Akira felt cold in her mind,there were hundreds of ghouls in the West Street district, and even more.


“Can we really do it?”


Su Xiao did not make a sound and began to clean up the bodies on the streets.


He was going to put a bait here, and a ghoul with cut off limbs was a good bait.


However, ghouls were not stupid. There were so many bodies here, and it will only scare other ghouls away.


The bodies were piled up in an alley, but the blood on the asphalt road wasn’t cleaned, and the bloody smell could also attract ghouls.


The ghoul with cut off the limbs was thrown at the center of the street by Su Xiao.


He did not need to bring other ghouls too close, he just needed them to show up.


With Su Xiao’s agility attributes, as long as they show up, they could not escape.


Hunting low-level ghouls, although the chance of dropping the treasure chests was small, he could get the contribution value of CCG.


Not only that, but his talent ability [the psychics] could also increase his Mana.


Now Mana was very important to Su Xiao, and Qing Gang Ying was a big weapon which consumed lots of it.


Su Xiao held the [dragon flash] while standing in the center of the street, and Mado Akira stood aside.


“Will ghouls appear?”


Su Xiao didn’t care about Mado Akira. The kind of ghouls that can eat each other were beasts. The bloody smell will not scare them away, it will only lead them.


In just two minutes, the first ghoul appeared.


It was an old ghoul, his body was thin.


After seeing Su Xiao with a sharp sword in his hand, the old man hesitated for a moment and chose to retreat.


But it was too late, Su Xiao has already rushed forward.


A minute later, Su Xia had blood stains on his shirts, and returned to the same position and waited for the next prey.


On a roof of the high building in West Street district.


The night wind blew, and under the moonlight, two people could be seen standing on the roof.


“What do we do, if we do not do anything, all of the ghouls here will be killed.”


Kirishima Ayato, wearing a black rabbit mask, spoke and looked at Su Xiao in the distance with vigilance.


Tatara stood beside Kirishima Ayato without speaking and silently looked at the scene in front of him.


This place was the ‘army’ of the Aogiri trees, and the cadres of Aogiri trees came here often and invited those stronger ghouls.


For example, the Bin brothers were here before they join the Aogiri tree.


“Give up.”


Tatara’s words made Kirishima Ayatoa a bit unwilling.




When Kirishima Ayato was about to speak, he found that Tatara was staring at him.


“Are you going to stop that monster?”


Kirishima Ayato was stunned and turned his head away. Su Xiao gave a strike made him still remembered it deeply now.


“ want me to go?”


Tatara’s eyes were full of killing.


“No, I mean to assemble members and kill this human.”


It seemed that Kirishima Ayato’s hatred toward Su Xiao was not shallow. After all, Su Xiao almost killed him.


Tatara thought for a while and shook his head.


“The price is too great. Even if we can successfully kill this man, you and I may die in battle.


Going away, I will give up completely in this place, knowing that this monster is in the 14th district is also very important information. “


Although Aogiri tree not only had this ‘army ’, it was a big loss to abandon it, they were forced to do so.


Both Tatara and Kirishima Ayato had left, and the ghouls lost their backers.




The sun gradually rose and a golden morning glow emerged.


In the center of the West Street district, Su Xiao was sitting on the street with a tired face.


The street within half a kilometer away was full of blood, and the rich bloody smell filled the street.


Su Xiao couldn’t remember how many ghouls he killed this night. At the end of the day, not even half a ghoul could be seen in this place.


The unusually rich bloody smell made ghouls alert, and a message was gradually spread between ghouls in the West Street district.


Never come close to the central area, there was a terrifying human there!


Although Su Xiao was covered in blood, he wiped the [dragon flash] clean and put it into his storage space. He loved and cared about his weapons.


Su Xiao started by looking at his contribution points.


[Second-class Investigator, contribution points 390/400.]


In one night, Su Xiao got 340 points, which showed how many ghouls he killed.


Not only was the contribution points, Su Xiao’s talent ability [the psychics] had swallowed 68 points of Mana.


His current Mana had become 238 points, and the opening time of Qing Gang Yin had greatly increased. 


In the storage space, there were also three white treasure cases.


The number of ghouls he killed was too much. Even if the probability of dropping the treasure chest was small, he still harvested three treasure chests.


“Byakuya, let’s go back, I can’t do it anymore.”


Mado Akira was lying on the street, and she didn’t care about her elegance anymore.


“I am also reaching my limit, let’s go back to the branch.”


Su Xiao got up and took a few steps and found that Mado Akira still was lying on the ground.


“That.., I am off.”


The tone of Mado Akira was somewhat unnatural.


Last night, Su Xiao was basically hunting and killing. Mado Akira was responsible for handling the body and was not responsible for the battle. Even so, Mado Akira had already lost her energies.


Su Xiao walked to the side of Mado Akira and put Mado Akira on his shoulders. The full and soft touch came from behind.


“Please do not go back to the branch. I look too shameful now.”


The close contact made Mado Akira’s face looked a little red.


“My home is nearby and can be reached by car in a few minutes.”


Su Xiao thought about it, the advice of Mado Akira is good, and he was in urgent need of rest now.


Driving toward Mado Akira’s house while she recovered some energy along the way, at least she could walk alone now.


Mado Akira lived in a single apartment. The room was small but very warm. After entering Mado Akira’s home, Su Xiao took off his shirt while Mado Akira was horrified as he went straight to the bathroom.


He was now covered by blood, and it was very uncomfortable to sleep like this.


Just as Su Xiao washed his body with warm water, the bathroom door was ringing.


“Byakuya, please be faster, I must take a shower as soon as possible, I.. , I have clean my body, the blood condensing on the skin is a nightmare.”


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