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R.P Chapter 49: Abduction


In the afternoon, Su Xiao woke up from his deep sleep.


Ample sleep made him feel energetic, he sat up on the sofa in the living room, and the smell of food came.


There were a few delicate foods on the coffee table next to him.


A bowl of rice, a grilled fish, and a bowl of aroma soup.


Next, to these foods, there was a note.


“Byakuya, I went to the branch to deal with the follow-up events of the killing ghouls–Mado Akira. “


Su Xiao was stretching. Although Mado Akira was not strong, she was a good assistant.


After eating the food in front of him, Su Xiao took out the five white treasure chests and opened them separately.


These five treasure chests (white) were all coming from common ghouls, and Su Xiao did not expect too much from them. He obtained the following items respectively.


[1100 paradise coins] (The total amount of paradise coins from all five treasure chests)


[kakuhou(Grade A)] × 2


[kakuhou(Grade B)] × 1




Of the five treasure cases, two chests only had paradise coins, and the remaining three were the only kakuhou.


These kakuhou were temporarily useless, and Su Xiao also needed to contribute to the promotion of positions, and could not make a Quinque temporarily.


Fortunately, upgrading his position required only a certain amount of contribution point, and did not consume them.


After he was promoted to the superior investigator, he was able to make a Quinque with the cumulative contribution points.


Even if he does not make Quinque, these kakuhou can also be sold in the reincarnation paradise, which will be significant income.


Acquiring 1,100 paradise coin was generally good.


Su Xiao leaned on the sofa and began to plan his next move.


First of all, he had to complete the main task (2), the punishment of the main task (2) was very serious, which is deducting 3 points for all attributes.


Power, agility, and intelligence attributes were okay, even if it is greatly affected by the deduction of 3 points, it was still not unacceptable.


If the Vitality was deducted by 3 points from the 6 he had, it would be reduced to 3 points. The consequences can be imagined.


As for the charm and luck attributes, they were even more daunting, as they will turn to 0.


Regarding the charm attribute, Su Xiao had a speculation that the charm attribute did not represent the beauty and ugliness of appearance, but about personal temperament.


For example, some people are very friendly, and the charm attribute will be inherently high. For example, those stars in the real world should not be low in charm attributes.


As for Su Xiao’s murderous appearance, his charm attributes will definitely be low.


However, this kind of temperament for him was not without benefits. If he joins the evil forces camp, he will be particularly popular.


After being deducted by 3 points, his luck attributes may even be in the negative if that is allowed.


At that time, he will be in danger of losing his life at any time.


Therefore, the main task (2) must be completed, not to mention that completing It would get him 1 point of attributes, and 1500 paradise coins, which was not a small gain.


The second task was to complete the hunting task.


Regarding the hunting mission, the reincarnation paradise did not indicate the reward. Su Xiao had a feeling that the reward for completing the hunting mission should be very good. After all, he was helping the reincarnation to remove hidden dangers.


“So, continue to finding the gathering places of ghouls.”


Last night, the benefits of large-scale hunting made Su Xiao get some benefit, he will not go to find ghouls one by one, it not only wasted time but also could not help him gain a lot.


It was convenient to look for a large-scale gathering place for the species.


It is not easy to find a large gathering place of ghouls. The gathering places on the bright side were too horrible. For example, there were hundreds or thousands of ghouls in the 1st to 4thdistricts.


Even Su Xiao did not dare to go to the super large gathering places. Thousands of ghouls rushed up at the same time. Even if they were all B-class, they could still kill him.


The population of ghouls in the gathering place was preferably controlled within 100, more than that numbers, Su Xiao will not be able to cope with them.


Last night, he was able to kill dozens of ghouls without pain, mainly because those ghouls did not rush into him together at the same time.


Fighting with one ghoul and fighting with one hundred ghouls were two different things, the so-called two hands would hardly be able to fight four. Su Xiao was also a human. He will also get injuries and will die after that.


In this way, he needed to go to the ‘Helter Skelter’ bar again, Itori should know this kind of information.


And this time, he would not ask for information in a threatening way. It was not a long-term solution.


The rabbit will bite if it was nervous, not to mention that Itori is an SS-class ghoul.


Picking up the phone from the coffee table, he dialed Mado Akira’s number.


“Byakuya, you woke up?”


Mado Akira’s voice was crisp, and the tone was pleasant.


“How was the matter handled?”


“I have already finished it, and the headquarters has received bodies of ghouls. If nothing happens, I can get a new Quinque.”


Mado Akira’s chuckle sounded like a bell from the phone.


“Byakuya, how do we deal with those ghouls’ kakuhou, they were all killed by you, you have the right to deal with those kakuhou.”


Su Xiao had thought for a while, his current contribution values were [second-class search officer, contribution points: 390/400.], he only needed 10 points of contribution points for the next promotion.


“Hand in two third to the headquarters, and the remaining one-third, help me to change them for a thing from the headquarters.”


Su Xiao exchanged the contribution value with two-thirds of kakuhou.


After hearing what Su Xiao wanted, Mado Akira was stunned.


“You want that thing? Ok, I will report it up, but the stock of that thing in headquarters is not much, it will only be used when they’re making Quinque.”


Now Mado Akira was diligent to work with Su Xiao, because working with Su Xiao, she could not only gain achievements but also develop her combat skills quickly.


The phone hung up, after an hour, Mado Akira returned home.


“I got that thing, there is just one in the branch, but I’m a bit curious, Byakuya, what do you want to do with this thing, it is dangerous for humans, it is highly toxic.”


Mado Akira took a small metal box, and she was very careful as if there was something fragile inside.


“Some things, you better not knowing.”


After receiving the metal box, Su Xiao opened.


“Be careful.”


The metal box was opened, Mado Akira has subconsciously backed up two steps.


After confirming the thing was no problem in the metal box, Su Xiao closed the metal box and placed it in the storage space.


He didn’t avoid Mado Akira, and she was not surprised because the items suddenly disappeared, as if all this was taken for granted.


This was the camouflage mechanism of the reincarnation paradise, allowing various abilities to be integrated into the ghoul’s world.


“Let’s go to that bar again.”


Mado Akira was full of doubts, but she did not ask.


As Su Xiao said, some things were better no known.


Su Xiao could trade with the ghouls, but it impossible for her. This was because of concepts.


Twenty minutes later, the two drove to the ‘Helter Skelter’ bar.


Su Xiao still let Mado Akira waited in the car, and he walked into the bar.




Itori used to speak. After seeing Su Xiao, Itori suddenly stopped.


In the eyes of Itori, Su Xiao was simply the existence of evil. One night, the Western Street district was cleared of a large number of ghouls, and Itori was even more vigilant to him.


“Don’t be nervous, I am only going to make a deal with you this time.”


Taking out the metal box, Su Xiao took out a test tube from the metal box.


The test tube looked exquisite, with a length of ten centimeters, a thumb thickness, and a light red half transparent liquid inside with bubbles in it.


After seeing this test tube, Itori swallowed, and her eyes could not move away from it anymore.


Ghouls rarely got the things in Su Xiao’s hands, but almost all of them were eager for this kind of thing.


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