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R.P Chapter 50: The Destruction Begins [EDITED]

The test tube was turning in Su Xiao’s fingertips, throwing a faint shadow under the dim light.

After carefully watching the look on Itori’s face, Su Xiao smiled.


The test tube was placed on the counter, the glass touching the marble with a crisp sound.

The sound caused Itori’s heart to pump, for fear that Su Xiao might break the test tube in his hand.

“How about working with me?”

“That’s a first, for an Investigator to want to cooperate with ghouls…”

Itori looked at Su Xiao in surprise, she was aware that it was very dangerous to cooperate with Su Xiao, but the liquid in the test tube was just too tempting.

It was not a panacea. For humans, this was highly toxic.

[Rc Cell Concentration]

Quality: white

Type: Material

Rating: 8 (Note: White items scored from 1 to 10, the higher the value of the item, the higher the value.)

Introduction: The test tube contains a high concentration of Rc cell solution, which is an essential item for CCG to manufacture Quinque. It is used for the activation of Quinque.


[Rc cell concentration] was only produced by CCG, and it was highly unlikely for it to be obtained by ghouls.

If this thing were to be infused into a ghoul, the amount of Rc cells in that ghouls’ body would soar. Though it was not without risk, it was much less dangerous than mutual eating.

“You offered something like this, how could I possible refuse?”

Itori was smiling, and her attitude changed a lot.

“Tell me, what do you want for this.”

Trade was based on achieving the interests of both parties. Threatening someone into obedience may work in the short period, but was not viable for long term cooperation.

“I want the locations where ghouls gather in the 14th district, the more, the better.”

Su Xiao threw the test tube to Itori, but the charming smile on Itori’s face disappeared.

“You are ready to clear the 14th district?”

There was fear in Itori’s eye.

“Do you have a problem with that?”

Su Xiao looked straight at Itori.

At this moment, Itori truly grew aware of the price of this test tube.

“No, no problem. Please Wait a minute.”

Itori grabbed a pen and paper, then started writing and drawing on it.

Five minutes later, the simple map she had drawn was in Su Xiao’s hands.

“The locations I circled are gathering places for ghouls. There’s restaurants, auction houses, information exchange points, the like.”

Although the map was simple, it was useful.

“If the map is not accurate enough, I will come back.”

Su Xiao threw Itori a meaningful look. She was a ghoul, so he could not completely believe in her just yet.

After Su Xiao left the bar, the expression of panic on Itori’s face disappeared.

“Hey, come out.”

Itori took a cup of human blood and took a light sip, her red lips were even more beautiful after doing this.

A ghoul with a special appearance appeared, he looked like the smart type.

The name of the ghoul was Uta, he had a mask shop in the 4th district. The mask of Kaneki Ken was made by him.

“He noticed me.”

Uta sat next to Itori.

“How is it possible, with your hiding skills, how could he notice you?”

Itori felt it was somewhat hard to believe, a drop of blood spilling from the corner of her lips due to her agitation.

“It can’t be wrong. I felt cold, as if I was being stared at by some kind of beast.

After all, he is a monster that can fight the one-eyed owl. This is not unexpected.”

Uta said, leaning on a seat. She didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Forget it. As long as we don’t provoke him, there won’t be a problem. Does the organization have any plans recently?”

Itori secretly decided to move away. She would do her best to stay away from that monster! She still wanted to live after all.

Being stared at by Su Xiao was not a good feeling. Although Itori was eager to get more [Rc Cell Concentration], her life was more important.

“None that I’m aware of. I don’t know where Nico and Roma are.”

The organization of Uta and Itori is named ‘Clowns’, it’s a mysterious organization of ghouls. There were five members:

Furuta (currently the biggest villain, the clown leader.)

Niko (a feminine man and a masochist.)

Itori (the owner of the bar in the 14th district, she provided Kamishiro Rize’s information to Kaneki Ken.)

Hoito Roma (a female ghoul that infiltrated and became a waitress in the coffee shop Anteiku in the late stage of the plot.)

Uta (mask shop owner.)


Among the five, except for Furuta, the remaining four were all SS-class ghouls, but usually hid their strength and pretended to be harmless.

Furuta’s full name was Souta Washuu-Furuta. He was not only the leader of the clowns, but also a member of other organizations. He was currently hiding in the dark, and his strength was on the top of the organization.

After Souta Washuu-Furuta transplanted Rize’s Kakuhou in the later period of the plot, his strength grew dramatically, even reaching the level of easily defeating Takatsuki Sen.

It was true that the clowns were powerful, but these people usually just did their jobs and rarely gathered.

In other words, the clowns were staying apart from both Aogiri Tree and CCG, not to fight either side, but to get benefits when these two organizations were fighting.


After Su Xiao received the ghouls’ gathering places in the 14th district, he returned to the car.

“Akira, where is this?”

Su Xiao pointed to a circle on the map, and Mado Akira looked at it closely and frowned for a long time.

“This seems to be the Da Yuan auction.”


Mado Akira took the map and studied it for a long time with a confused expression.

“Mm-hmm, it should not be wrong.”

Su Xiao sighed, the simplicity of this map was far beyond his imagination.

“It can’t be wrong. This here is the Da Yuan auction.”

Mado Akira took out the formal map of the 14th district and made a serious comparison.

“At 11pm each Sunday, a large auction is held there. What does this mean?”

Mado Akira read the slogan on the map and was puzzled.

“We need to keep working tonight, there’s ghouls to kill. Let’s go to Da Yuan auction.”

That day was coincidently a Sunday.

Su Xiao leaned back against the seat. He didn’t know what would be auctioned between ghouls. It should not be any valuable items.

More than 70% of ghouls had psychological issues.

The only food of ghouls were humans. The appearance of humans was exactly the same as ghouls. As such, ghouls often devoured creatures that were similar to their own appearance, leading to mental issues.

Su Xiao felt that ghouls may originally not have been living creatures, otherwise, in the long history of evolution, they would have already gone extinct.

The world of Tokyo Ghoul was not a world with a particularly high combat power, but compared to ordinary humans, ghouls were much stronger.

If they were normal beings, as in developed through evolution, then humanity would have long gone extinct, shortly followed by ghoul-kind.

The time limit of the main mission was twenty days. Only two days had passed thus far. Su Xiao may yet be able to get a deeper grasp of the secrets of this world.

Anyways, this was not the time to think about such matters, he would have to complete the Main task (2) first.

At this time, the Reincarnation Paradise gave a notification.

[A large number of low-level Kagune have been sent to the CCG headquarters. Hunter, you have obtained 135 contribution points.]

[Position: Rank 2 Investigator, contribution value 525/400. Get a Promotion: Yes/No.]

Su Xiao twitched his eyebrows. The number of points he got from the Kagune was truly not bad.

As for why Su Xiao did not keep those Kagune, it was because they could not be brought from the derivative world.

Except for the items in treasure chests, most of the items could not be brought out of the derivative worlds.

Choosing to get the promotion, the notification of the Reincarnation Paradise disappeared. If he wants to officially be a Rank 1 Investigator, he needed to be appointed by CCG, but that would come soon.

For now, he only needed to continue hunting ghouls. He wanted to clear the entire 14th district.

Su Xiao thought that he would probably have been promoted to First Class Investigator by the time he was done killing all ghouls in the 14th district.