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R.P Chapter 55: You Die or I Die


The ghoul with the clown mask slowly retreated, his eyes were full of threats, he seemed to have confidence in the identity of the Tsukiyama family.


Su Xiao understood a bit about Tsukiyama family. The Tsukiyama family was very powerful in politics and business, with extensive contacts and abundant resources.


Ordinary people may be afraid of Tsukiyama family, but does Su Xiao really need to pay attention to the Tsukiyama family?


Don’t mention a member of the Tsukiyama that was in front of him, even if it is the head of the Tsukiyama family stood in front of him, he will still kill him.


What’s more, the most terrifying force in the ghoul’s world was the CCG where Su Xiao stayed, but most people didn’t know.


“Tsukiyama family, I am terrified.”


Su Xiao’s tone was scornful, and the long sword gradually approached the ghoul.


The clown ghoul was wary.


“I will give you one billion yen, and you let me go.”


No wonder he was a member of Tsukiyama family. He was rich, and could easily give out one billion yen.


Su Xiao was still moving slowly. The clown ghoul was not stupid and immediately realized that Su Xiao was not going to let him go.


“If I don’t die today, I use all of the family’s power to kill you.”


The clown ghoul’s kagune appeared which was a bikaku.


He had two Kagunes they seemed strong, but they were short.


all bikaku ghouls were relatively balanced, but they lack explosive power and strength in their lower body.


The clown ghoul tightened his fists and held it in front of him, making a fighting pose.


Ghouls good at using bikaku mostly mastered close fights, but the clown ghoul in front of them was obviously not in this list. At first glance, you could tell that this person was a spoiled kid, not very good at fighting.


From the gaze that kept looking around, it could be seen that the person could not concentrate even when fighting.


Su Xiao resolved everything in a minute as there were more powerful enemies waiting for him.


Most of the escaped ghouls in the auction house stopped and looked at him with killing intent.


Su Xiao used dragon flash to knock the ground, distracting the attention of the clown ghoul, and then rushed to the clown without warning.


The clown ghoul’s body was obviously stiff, and he was a little helpless.


The bright sword’s light appeared in front of the clown ghoul, and the clown ghoul screamed, as he subconscious blocked it using his kagune.


It was just a sham, Su Xiao used his free left hand and punched the clown ghoul’s belly.


The hard fist fell into his lower abdomen, and the clown ghoul made a strange shout.




A Cry came, Su Xiao was a bit stunned, this ghoul was actually crying? He was really a big child, how did he become an S-class.


The enemy cried, but he did not get any mercy from Su Xiao, and he kicked on the calf of the clown ghoul.




The bones were broken and pierced the muscles.




A scream like a woman came, and the clown ghoul was scared and subconsciously turned to run.


Not to mention that the auction house had been blocked, fleeing while in battle, was completely looking for death.




Su Xiao pierced through the back of the clown ghoul, and the action of the clown ghoul stopped.


The mask slipped, revealing a handsome face.


“I don’t want to die, I still have so much money.”


With a bang, the clown ghoul fell to the ground without dropping a treasure chest.


It was normal not to get a treasure Chest from this jerk, Su Xiao suspected that the person could not beat a B-class ghoul who had some experience in combat.


Su Xiao took out dragon flash, waved it to clean it from the blood, and took off the night vision device.


There was already a fire in the auction house.


Su Xiao turned and looked at the pile of ghouls that were gathered together.


“So, let’s have fun.”


Su Xiao was smiling, and his dark eyes flashed with red light caused by the fire.


There were almost a hundred ghouls in this place, most of them were B-class, and there were more than 20 ghouls were A-Class. If they rush into him together, he will be at risk.


“Kill him, even if we can’t escape today, we have brought him with us.”


“Yes, today’s business is the conspiracy of this bastard.”


Hundreds of ghouls showed their kagune and their eyes reddened.


Ukaku, koukaku, rinkaku, bikaku all were available.


There were a lot of enemies, Su Xiao could also destroy them in other ways, but it took a lot of time and efforts, and He won’t get much contribution points.


The CCG Investigators outside could rush in to support him at any time, this good opportunity was not common.


He wanted to test his limit now.


“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s fight, if you can kill me, maybe there is a chance to live.”


Hundreds of ghouls showed their kagune, this scene was very shocking.


“Let’s go, kill him.”


A ghoul took the lead and shouted, and all the ghouls followed.


Su Xiao took a deep breath and faced the ghouls.




A sword cut off the waist of the ghoul who rushed in the front, the ghoul was closing by.


[Qing Gang Yin] was activated as he raised his strength to the maximum, and began to fighting using all of his power.


The light blue energy wrapped around dragon flash, making this top-rated white weapon even sharper.


“Snigger, snigger, snigger.”


Three strikes passed and three heads flew up.


Su Xiao looked directly at a ghoul, and the ghoul was surprisingly scared.


With a strike, he cut his throat. Su Xiao was looking for the next victim.


Suddenly, his back was hit hard, and Su Xiao took a few steps forward.


He was unable to check which ghoul hit him, but he had already perceived the attack because there were too many ghouls that attacked him at the same time, he could not avoid all of them.


The blood leached on the back of Su Xiao, and he simply pulled off his ruined shirt.


The attack just made him lose 6% of his hp. The injury was not serious.


Su Xiao was surrounded by a group of ghouls, but he was able to evade most of the ghoul’s attacks, and only fought back when he could not avoid the attacks.


His agility was 13 points which not only increased his speed but also increased his reflexes.


Compared with the injuries he suffered, the deaths and Injuries of the ghoul’s side were even greater. As long as they were caught by the long sword in Su Xiao’s hand, they were either dead or disabled.


Under the fear of death, all the ghouls were hysterical.


“This is the taste of human blood. He is human. His Vitality will be exhausted sooner or later.“


“He is hurt, don’t give up.”


In the battle, the ghouls surprisingly formed a temporary alliance.


Su Xiao just escaped a hit, he then grabbed the neck of a ghoul, a kaccha sound came, using the 13 points of strength, he directly broke the neck of the ghoul.


Su Xiao held the body of the ghoul in his left hand and used it as a temporary shield to continue fighting with ghouls.


Three minutes later, there were more than 70 ghouls on the field, and Su Xiao had 72% hp remaining.


Five minutes later, there were more than forty ghouls on the field, and Su Xiao had 46% hp remaining.


Ten minutes later, there were a dozen ghouls on the field, and Su Xiao had 28% hp.


Su Xiao gasped heavily, blood dripped down the corners of his mouth, and the siege of hundreds of ghouls was different from a single SSS class ghoul. It is completely different.


Besieged by hundreds of ghouls, there will be a blind spot behind him, and he could only avoid attacks with intuition and sound.


If hundreds of ghouls are attacking from the front, Su Xiao will never be in such a sorry state, he almost died during the fighting.


It was a first for Su Xiao to experience group fight, the experience was somewhat inadequate, and growing up in battle was a very fulfilling thing.


The remaining dozens of ghouls looked at Su Xiao with fear.


“No, don’t come over, we surrender.”


These ghouls were scared by Su Xiao, and they surprisingly wanted to surrender.


The battle had already reached this level, there was no possibility to surrender, there were only two results, if I’m not dead, then you are.


Su Xiao’s sword rushed forward, and after a burst of crying sound, the flesh was cut off, and the auction fell into a dead silence.


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