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R.P Chapter 58: A Stinging Feeling


Queen held the shield and slammed it toward Su Xiao.


Su Xiao’s body sank slightly as he stabilizes his center of gravity. This person was very fast, and it was too late to dodge.


Dragon flash appeared in front of him as he prepared to deal with the shield.


Queen was like a wild bison, directly hitting Su Xiao.


Su Xiao held the handle with one hand, and his other hand was on the back of the sword.




The two people collided together, the sharp sword touched the Shield, and the asphalt road under their feet suddenly cracked.


“Your Strength is not bad.”


Su Xiao put power into his hands and pressed them toward the Queen.


The Queen was a physically strong person, but her strength could not compare with Su Xiao, she was forced to compete with Su Xiao by using the assault skills.


Queen’s pretty face became purple, she was pushed back by Su Xiao. The iron boots under her feet rubbed against the ground which made a few sparks.


“You will not have a chance to hurt my teammates if I’m here.”


She was not strong, but she was quite obdurate.


Su Xiao continued to exert strength into his hands. Queen could no longer support herself and squatted on one knee on the ground.


Queen will use the name ‘Queen’, which could be seen as an extremely strong woman, but now she surprisingly kneeled in front of Su Xiao, Queen certainly could not tolerate it.


“I must kill you, ah!!”


Queen tried to escape, but under the absolute power gap, she seemed very pale and powerless.


Su Xiao grabbed the edge of Queen’s Shield with one hand and was ready to pull the giant shield aside.


He won’t cut her shield. This was not a game. His strength was stronger than Queen. He certainly must use a brutal force to take off the shield, then he will cut her.


Queen’s cheeks have been pumped, she may not have encountered this kind of enemy before. He surprisingly grabbed the shield with his hands. Shouldn’t they have a fierce battle first?


Su Xiao pulled the shield in front of Queen, and dragon flash in his hand pricked into Queen’s throat.


At the moment was about to strike, there was a vague stinging on his back.


It was the sniper, the time was too short, Suzuya had not rushed to the top of the building yet.


Su Xiao made a move and pulledQueen’s shield to the back. Queen stunned and almost fell.




The bullet hit the shield, the shield sunk, and the bullet was embedded in it, the small area was even reddish.


Su Xiao’s hand was a little numb because of the power behind the shot.


Taking this opportunity, Queen pulled the shield and separated from Su Xiao, she then took a few steps back.


This female shield warrior with strong physical strength had never encountered this kind of weird enemy before, he surprisingly robbed her shield as soon as they faced each other.


While Queen was feeling humiliated, she also felt a bit of awkwardness. She decided that after returning to the reincarnation paradise, she must increase her strength attributes in moderation. Otherwise, it will be too embarrassing when her shield will be taken away by her enemy.


If she did not desperately grab the shield, the shield would no longer be in her hands, and even if her vitality were extremely high, she would still be killed.


“cooperation between the shield warrior and the sniper, interesting.”


It was the first battle against contractors for Su Xiao, now he has a general understanding of the contractors.


The female shield warrior in front of him may only strengthen one attribute, only responsible for defense, and the main force of the attack was the sniper.


This was a good combination, and if there is another auxiliary occupation, it will be perfect.


Su Xiao was not afraid of the enemies, his power was great, other than his vitality he was stronger than the rest of them.


Other contractors were several people as a combat team, and Su Xiao was a combat unit.


“Leaves, switch to strength, don’t use vitality anymore, this bastard is grabbing my shield!”


Queen’s tone was somewhat helpless, and Leaves in the alleys was also stunned, but she immediately switched the aura, changing from the original vitality aura to a strength aura.


“Shameless, how dare you fight me.”


Queen held the shield heroically.


“I am curious about one thing, what is this changing aura in your body? Or, in addition to the sniper, do you have other teammates?”


When Queen heard Su Xiao’s words, her face was, as usual, there was no change.


At this time, if she reveals too much emotion, the presence of leaves may be exposed, Leaves is weak, and she even cannot fight with enemies.


“Stupid, this is the aura of this Queen.”


Su Xiao smiled.


“Really? let me guess, where is your third teammate?”


The Queen sneered, showing some disdain, but she actually was a little anxious.


“If it is me, where will I hide companions of the auxiliary, the roof? Buildings?Alleys?”


Su Xiao seemed to guess, but he was testing the female shield warrior in front of him.


He didn’t know how many people they had, he just guessed it. Giving the enemy mental pressure in the battle was necessary.


“Do not talk nonsense.”


Queen shouted and rushed to Su Xiao with a shield.


This time Queen was a lot smarter, slowing down her pace and pursuing stability.


Su Xiao just squinted at the female shield warrior in front of him, not ready to pay attention to her, he needed to solve the sniper first.


Su Xiao suddenly ran to other place and soon pulled away from the Queen.


The Queen was worried, the thing she was most afraid of happened. The man in front of her did not fight with her but was going directly to attack her teammates.


“Don’t think about leaving.”


Queen lifted up with one hand, and a silver necklace appeared in the palm of her hand.


The silver necklace was half transparent, it was as thick as the finger. One side was directly tied to Su Xiao’s arm and then combined together.


[You are bound by the ‘mystery necklace’, physical strength is judged.]


[The strength of the operator is 2.33 times of yours. You will not be able to leave 30 meters away from the operator.]


Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped. He did not stop by himself but was forced to stop.


Su Xiao looked at the translucent silver necklace on his arm, he tried to smash it, but there was no effect, the dragon flash directly cut in the silver necklace, this silver necklace was not a solid item.


The Queen had an item that could restrain the enemy.


“I said, you can’t go away.”


Since the beginning of the fight, the Queen had finally gained the upper hand, which made her inevitably a little excited.


The Queen believed in black, white shooting skills, as long as she could make Su Xiao stay, black white could kill the enemy with two shots.


Su Xiao looked at the Queen with killing intent.


“You really want to die?”


He had just killed hundreds of ghouls, so his eyes flashed with cold light, which surprised the Queen.


The Queen’s current thought was how many people this guy killed. Even in the derivative world, contractors kill a dozen or so people.


Even so, most contractors will suffer tremendous mental stress.


“Don’t bluff, my strength may not be as good as yours, but if you want to kill me, you are not qualified.”


Su Xiao moved his sore left arm, and cut the heavy battle suit and threw it aside.


He had to be serious, if he doesn’t kill this warrior, he will waste too much time.


The skill [Qing Gang Yin] was activated, the contractor’s Vitality was not much, and the real damage attached to Qing Gang Yin will have a miraculous effect when fighting a contractor.


The light blue arc rushed on the blade of dragon flash, Su Xiao’s feet slammed the ground, and his naked upper body rushed toward the Queen.


Before when he fought the Queen, he was not serious at all. He always wanted to get away from Queen and kill her teammates first.


Now that he was serious, the Queen felt great pressure.


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