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R.P Chapter 61: Different Routes [EDITED]

Su Xiao’s eyes were slightly widened. Provoking the contractor in front of him right now might now be the wisest choice.

Queen continually made low humming sounds while she sat on the ground, wrapped in a layer of dark red energy.

This energy had no stable shape, it was like a loose coat.

The Knight sword that Queen took out before had been thrown aside.

Queen’s original idea was to drink the liquid to increase her attributes and then fight with Su Xiao in close quarters, using her heightened attributes to kill Su Xiao.

Unfortunately, Queen’s bad luck did not let her pass the judgment and she fell into a berserk state.

From her blood red eyes, it seemed Queen had lost her mind.

Now the person closest to her was Su Xiao, so naturally, Queen was staring at him.

On Queen’s slender fingers were sharp claws, and four canine-like teeth dotted out of her mouth.

Through the previous detection, Su Xiao learned that Queen’s strength was at 16 points, her agility at 15, while her vitality was too high to be measured by him.

Her strength was higher than his by 3 points, and her agility was 2 points higher as well. It would still be somewhat possible to cope.

Su Xiao took a deep breath and stared at Queen, who was becoming more of a beast by the minute.


It was a threatening roar again. Although Queen had lost her mind, the beast’s instinct let her realize that provoking Su Xiao wasn’t the best idea.

Su Xiao was not afraid of any character of the world of Tokyo Ghoul. He even dared to fight head-on with Takatsuki Sen, not to mention a contractor who took some medicine.

He spent a lot of paradise coins in the [trial field] to summon Koshiro’s image, and his sword skills progressed a lot.

The practical skills that Koshiro taught him improved along with his strength. He had practiced sword skills for three years and had good combat experience even before entering the Reincarnation Paradise.

After Koshiro’s training, his combat experience had grown even more abundant.

Most contractors used their paradise coins to buy equipment or skills, while Su Xiao used them to get combat skills.

Somehow, Queen now gave off the impression of a fox.

“Come on, little foxy.”

“I. Will. Kill. You!”

Queen said this sentence word by word, Su Xiao did not know whether it was instinctive or some remnants of her consciousness.

Su Xiao stood in place, he did not choose to attack first. The opponent lost 3% of her Hp per second, so time worked in Su Xiao’s favor.

A green light flew out from the street and fell onto Queen’s body. Her Hp bar once again increased significantly.

“Sigh, let’s see how long you can hold on.”

Su Xiao began to circle Queen, always guarding against Queen’s attack.

After a few seconds, Queen seemed to realize that she was in danger, so she rushed Su Xiao.

She turned into a red blur and once Queen reappeared, she was already in front of Su Xiao.

Su Xiao’s eyes tightened and he slashed toward Queen as fast as he could.


The sharp Dragon Flash moved as if it had cut into a tire, only breaking the muscle tissue on the outermost layer of her arm.

This vitality, sure enough, her vitality was pretty high. According to Su Xiao’s estimation, Queen’s vitality was at 24 points.

When Queen used the ‘Mystery rope’, the Reincarnation Paradise gave a note that ‘the physical strength of the opponent was 2.33 times of his.

Su Xiao’s vitality was at 6 points. 2.33 times of 6 was 13.98, the display of attribute values was generally rounded off, so Queen’s vitality should be around 14 points.

After drinking the unknown bottle of liquid, Queen’s vitality and the other two attributes gained +10 points, so Queen’s current vitality should be 24 points.

After her vitality risen to more than 20 points, there had been a dramatic change, the sharp Dragon Flash couldn’t penetrate her defenses.

Queen’s arm was injured by Su Xiao, but the injury stopped bleeding within a few seconds and started healing immediately after.


Green smoke appeared from the wounds as they healed shut.

Observing this incredible change, Su Xiao’s mouth twitched. His opponent’s resilience was really abnormal.

After Queen was wounded, she was rooted in place, as if she was thinking about something.

Her blood-red eyes trembled. Two seconds later, the redness in Queen’s eyes receded as they turned clear.

“This damn judgment, it finally fell on the strength attribute.”

Queen’s third skill was activated again, and it seems she passed the judgment this time, as she regained consciousness.

“Leaves, don’t hide anymore. Come out, as long as I don’t die, he can’t hurt you.”

There was the ‘mystery rope’ between Queen and Su Xiao, so Leaves came out from the alley.

Leaves was in excellent shape, although her body was not fully grown and she was somewhat flat, her delicate face and the natural smell of her body gave Leaves a unique charm.

Queen walked over to the knight’s sword which laid the ground and stepped on the handle, causing the sword to bounce up, she then grabbed the hilt of the sword midflight.

“Leaves, give me ‘sacred healing’, then proceed with plan C.”

Upon hearing Queen’s order, Leaves spread her arms as if hugging the air in front of her, and a large amount of green light was released from her body.

The light converged on top of Leaves, forming two small birds, one green and one blue.

The two birds flew over to Queen, each occupying a side as they circled over Queen’s head.

With the flight of two elemental birds, emerald green and azure light spots fell onto Queen’s body.

Queen had only one-fifth of her Hp left because of the DoT, but began to recover at a rapid rate. Three seconds later, Queen returned to full health and stopped losing the 3% Hp per second.

That wasn’t that the temporary passive of disappeared, but because Queen was now recovering more than 3% per second.

“This feeling is really good.”

Queen smiled, then she tilted her neck while she was looking at Su Xiao.

“Are you ready to die now?”

Queen confidently smiled as she proclaimed Su Xiao’s death.

Su Xiao was obviously stunned and gave a bitter smile.

“Do you think that just because your attributes suddenly grew stronger, you are now my opponent?”

If Queen’s strength or agility exceeded 20 points, Su Xiao may not be able to keep up, because the force and speed would definitively crush him.

But Queen had ‘only’ more than 20 points of vitality, not to say that the vitality was a weak attribute, but Queen had a temporary passive which caused her to lose Hp each second, which offset the benefits of her high vitality somewhat.

Besides her strength and agility, which were only a bit higher than his, Queen was not a big threat to Su Xiao. He just needed to pay attention to the skills that weren’t detected before.

In Su Xiao’s view, it was ridiculous that Queen, who was a shield warrior, fought with him using a sword now.

Did Queen think that his “sword mastery: LV.3” was just decoration?

Su Xiao spent most of his income from the world of One Piece on “sword mastery”.

Dragon Flash made a clear sound as Su Xiao rushed to Queen, he wanted to let this person know just what was like to battle.

The sword sliced through the wind towards Queen’s head, who subconsciously used her Knight’s sword to block.


The crisp sound of metals colliding rang, sparks were creating where his sword crashed onto hers. Queen, having blocked Su Xiao’s attack, gained some confidence.

But at this time, Queen suddenly felt pain in her lower abdomen, and her body was sent flying backwards.

While she was flying through the air, there was a burning feeling on Queen’s face, which was bruised.


After Queen hit the road and rolled for a bit further, she immediately stood up, her eyes filled with wariness. She did not know what had happened just now.

Su Xiao lightly swung Dragon Flash to swipe the blood off and pointed it towards the ground.

“With that level in close combat, how dare you say that you will kill me? In battle, you can’t hide behind a shield. And without the shield, you cannot fight at all.”

Queen was puzzled by Su Xiao’s attack. She didn’t know why she suddenly went flying.

After swallowing, Queen was forced to accept that the gap between her and that man wasn’t just a gap of attributes and skills, but a gap in combat experience.

“I don’t believe that your ability to restore Hp is permanent, and once it disappears, you will die.”

At Su Xiao’s words, Queen looked bitter. It was true.

“I don’t believe you can escape this attack.”

Queen stood still, held her sword with one hand and lifted it towards the sky.

“Holy Sword.”

Queen’s shout seemed very impressive. This was her most powerful offensive attack, which she used only in emergencies, like now.

The night wind blew on Queen’s long hair, but nothing happened after she shouted.

What Queen didn’t know, was that she currently only had 6 points worth of Mana left. She couldn’t use any skills at all after fighting Su Xiao this long, as most of her Mana was burned.

This situation, with Queen, who was still raising her sword into the air, caused Su Xiao to snicker.