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R.P Chapter 62: The Last Struggle of The Three Sisters

Queen held the Knight’s sword high, but nothing happened.
There was no light and no skill activated.
“Holy Sword! Holy Sword!”
Queen was a little shocked, put down her arm which was raising, and looked at the knight’s sword in her hand. The scene was very embarrassing.
“It’s a ‘powerful’ attack.”
Su Xiao’s ridicule made Queen angrier.
At this time, Queen just noticed the reminder of the reincarnation park that she had no Mana anymore.
Queen couldn’t understand the situation. From the start of the fight to the present, she only used three skills. She was afraid that her Mana would be insufficient, so she bought a necklace that could increase Mana by 30 points.
Queen did not understand the situation, but Su Xiao knew that was his skill ‘Qing Gang Ying’ burning the opponent’s Mana.
He did not understand it’s effect on sorcerers, but it had a miraculous impact against this shield warrior with low Mana.
After a few attacks, even if the opponent wasn’t dead, that person would no longer use skills.
From a long time ago, Su Xiao doubted one thing that the occupation the shadow of the law, the name made him think that it only focused on fighting sorcerers, but how could he fight them?
If he can get close to the sorcerer, he can continue to slam the sorcerer with the pain of the ‘Qing Gang Ying’ while burning their Mana, but how will he get close to the sorcerers?
The skills of this job that were not unlocked should solve this problem. Otherwise, the profession was not qualified to be called the ‘the shadow of the law.’
It was still too early to think about these things. Now the first thing he needed to do was to kill the enemy in front of him.
After Su Xiao determined that Queen had no Mana anymore, he rushed straight away.
Even if Queen drank the unknown potion and suddenly became stronger and had more skills, she was still a tiger without teeth after losing her Mana.
As for the Knight’s sword in Queen’s hand, Su Xiao directly ignored it. Queen even did not know how to use the sword at all.
Su Xiao rushed and slashed Queen’s throat.
The long sword-cut moved through the air as it created some shock waves.
Queen lifted her sword to defend, but she did not block anything but air. Su Xiao’s sword already passed and cut a piece of her ear.
Her ear fell down while Queen felt a buzzing sound in her head.
Dragon flash was in the squatting position, and if he wants to attack again, he will need to accumulate energy again.
Su Xiao continued to rush forward, he got closer to Queen, raised his left knee and slammed into Queen’s side waist.
He attacked just below her ribcage which was a very fragile location in the body.
While Queen still felt dizzy, she was hit hard, how she felt now could be imagined.
Su Xiao took a step back and jumped out about a meter away. Before he even landed his sword waved again, and Queen’s chest was smashed, and the armor was cut open to reveal her white skin.
The blood overflowed, Queen felt a great pain again.
But this time, the energy bird above her head had the effect of reducing pain, so she had some strength to fight back.
Queen’s consciousness was not strong enough. And experienced warrior could ignore most of the pain in the battle.
“You bastard, go to die!”
Queen tried her best to attack with her sword. Su Xiao did not confront her directly but jump out flexibly evading her sword.
Su Xiao just landed after jumping off then jumped out on the ground moving forward.
Queen’s attack as avoided and her weakness was exposed to Su Xiao.
There was a slightly deep wound in the throat of Queen, which made her back off a few steps.
“Hooo, hoo.”
Queen gasped heavily, and she felt that her lungs were like a broken box, her every breath was extremely difficult.
“What, where’s your confident expression?”
Su Xiao slowly approached Queen, from the start of the fight to the present, he seemed calm.
If it is a group of the shield warrior, the sniper and the support that besieged him, he will definitely not be so relaxed, but the most powerful person among these three was the one attacking, the sniper who was entangled by Juuzo Suzuya.
The shield warrior in front of him was very viable, but if she is in the close fight, she won’t be Su Xiao’s opponent.
Su Xiao discovered slightly one thing. If the development direction of the contractor is PVE, then his development direction will be PVP, this was what the reincarnation park did on purpose. He is a hunter and will often fight with contractors.
A tank that was good at defense, but confidently fought with a murder master, the result could be imagined.
“This is impossible. Whether it is attributes, equipment, or skills, I am stronger than you. Why is this? Something must be wrong.”
Queen had unwillingness in her eyes.
“Who knows, but the thing on your head seems to disappear.”
Su Xiao wasn’t as relaxed as he seemed. The female shield warrior in front of him was very hard to deal with after her vitality reached 24 points. His sword couldn’t easily break through her defenses. This was the first time he encountered this.
This gave Su Xiao a warning that if the gap of the attribute value is too big, even if his combat skills are superb, he may not be an be able to defeat his enemy.
However, Queen in front of him was obviously not in this list, and this person reached her current attributes after drinking a potion.
The two elemental birds on the top of Queen’s head screamed at the same time, turning into light, and melted into Queen’s body.
The healing effect ended and her hp was dropping rapidly.
Seeing this scene, Leaves’ face turned pale, she didn’t have much Mana left, and she could only maintain Queen’s Hp for a few seconds.
According to Queen’s order, her remaining Mana had other effects, which was the hope of their victory.
Just as Queen and leaves were desperate, Su Xiao had already rushed to Queen and slashed at her frequently with his sword.
At this critical juncture, Queen heard a voice which made her feel that her savior is here.
“Queen, I solved my opponent.”
Black white breathed heavily and coughed a few times.
“Did you kill Juuzo Suzuya?”
Queen was overjoyed.
“No, that guy is very difficult to kill, he finally escaped, but he was seriously injured.”
Although she did not kill Juuzo Suzuya, Queen did not care, because the main point was for her to help in here.
“I am fighting with you.”
Queen screamed and threw away the knight’s sword in her hand. She went to Su Xiao as if she was rushing for death.
Su Xiao was surprised. He thought her actions must have some reasons, so he subconsciously retreated.
But his sword entered Queen’s lower abdomen. Su Xiao tried to pull out dragon flash, but Queen’s hands held it without any thoughts of letting go.
Queen’s fingers were almost cut off, but she did not care. She still rushed at Su Xiao, and then hugged him tightly, just like a koala holding a tree.
It must be known that Queen’s current strength was 15 points, which was 2 points higher than Su Xiao. If Su Xiao wanted to struggle free from that, he would need some skills.
Su Xiao held the handle of dragon flash in both hands and moved it in Queen’s belly.
Queen’s tears almost came out, but she still didn’t let go.
A shot came from afar. Su Xiao had already noticed the danger. The weight of Queen herself with the armor was almost two hundred kilograms. His actions were very slow.
At the last moment, Su Xiao could only move slightly sideways, trying to avoid being hit.
A bullet with a small finger length entered Su Xiao’s abdomen, the power of the bullet did not decrease as it directly went through Su Xiao’s body, and penetrated to Queen’s body.
This gunshot directly caused Su Xiao to lose 70% of his Hp.
Queen’s body became soft, and her arm lost strength.
At this time, Leaves that stood in the distance used her hidden skill on them.
After Leaves said this, a huge energy cross emerged on the top of Su Xiao’s head.
The cross flashed with holy light and went toward Su Xiao.
There was a buzzing sound in Su Xiao’s ear, and the energy cross broke.
[You are strangled by “Judgement”, your hp is less than 15%, and the executing effect is activated.]
[Ding, You have ‘Devil physique: Lv.MAX’, executing effect failed, immune to execution, the effect was converted to 9% Hp.]


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