Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 64: Green Light! [EDITED]

Having laid on the road for a few minutes to catch his breath, Su Xiao forced himself to stand up.

His current Hp was about 16% and he was abnormally fatigued. Though the [XT-12 vitality medicine] recovered most of his injuries, the potion could not restore all of his Hp and physical exhaustion.

Above Queen’s body, a scarlet card floated.

This card flashed with a red light, and in the darkness of the night it was particularly conspicuous.

Su Xiao noticed even from this distance that the card seemed to reek of blood.

[E/N: No shit. Maybe that’s cause of the decapacitated and unarmed body it’s floating above…]

Su Xiao picked up the red card, and a notification of the Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

[You received a ‘scarlet card’. Use: Yes/No.]

[Hint: A ‘Scarlet Card’ is obtained after killing a contractor. After usage, user will receive a random item of the contractor.]

[Hint: Each ‘Scarlet Card’ gives three extraction opportunities. Item will be randomly selected from the storage space or the equipment of the dead contractor.]

[Hint: The ghoul’s world is a semi-peaceful world. Drop-rate of ‘Scarlet Card’ is adjusted to 50%.]


Su Xiao did not immediately use the ‘scarlet card’, but put it into his storage space.

He wasn’t safe at the moment and could not confirm whether there were other contractors nearby.

Su Xiao walked back to the sleeping CC0G members while leaving a trail of blood on the way.

After finding a phone in the gear of one of the sleeping CCG members, Su Xiao recalled the number for a few seconds and dialed.

“Mr. Shinohara, the team I led, was attacked. We need support.”

Shinohara Yukinori, who was handling important documents in his office, stood up in surprise.

“Any dead or injured? where are you? I will rush over.”

Shinohara Yukinori was a very reliable boss and immediately rushed out of the office to mobilize some people.

“The specific location… I’m not sure. Just locate this phone. As for the dead or injured, Suzuya Juzo may have died, but I didn’t see his body.”

Hearing that Suzuya Juzo might be dead, Shinohara Yukinori felt a painful throbbing in his chest.

But this was the fate of ghoul Investigators. Shinohara Yukinori did not comment on it.

“Byakuya, how are you doing now? It sounds like you are seriously injured.”

“It’s nothing, I can still hang on. I will go look for Juzo.”

Suzuya Juzo was mobilized by Shinohara Yukinori and helped him a lot during this battle. After hanging up the call, Su Xiao began to look for Juzo.

Not long after, Su Xiao found Suzuya Juzo in a shop on the street. The smell of blood led him to Juzo’s location.

Suzuya Juzo was in a dress store, facing the ground, a large puddle of blood pooling around him.

Su Xiao turned Suzuya Juzo over and checked his vital signs.

It had to be said that Suzuya Juzo was very fortunate. He had several gunshot wounds on his body, but they were not in fatal places.

“Cough, cough.”

Suzuya Juzo coughed out some blood before he suddenly opened his eyes.

Su Xiao squatted and took out a [salted rice ball] before stuffing it into Suzuya Juzo’s mouth.

Suzuya Juzo was only semi-conscious and could not chew on his own.

But that was not a hindrance for Su Xiao. He put his index and middle finger together and inserted them into Suzuya Juzo’s mouth.


Suzuya Juzo was gagging as the [salted rice ball] was stuffed into his throat, but then it struck.

As Su Xiao saw that Suzuya Juzo’s body was twitching, his eyes widened, and he looked at him with a guilty expression.


After he was made to swallow that [salted rice ball], Suzuya Juzo fell unconscious once again, perhaps he hadn’t even been fully awake.

Whether the restorative food was effective on the plot characters or not, Su Xiao didn’t know. But Suzuya Juzo helped him out, so he’d try his best to rescue him. It was as simple as that.

He acknowledged that if he didn’t get help from Suzuya Juzo, he would have died in the ambush of Queen, Black-white and Leaves.

Suzuya Juzo had stopped Black-white, which allowed Su Xiao to fight back without worries in the first place.

A few minutes after Su Xiao shoved the [salted rice ball] into Suzuya Juzo’s mouth, Suzuya Juzo gradually came to, apparently the restorative food was effective.

“Byakuya-san, am I dead?”

“No, you are still alive.”

Su Xiao sat a few steps to the side, he had lit a cigarette and moved as little as possible, to not aggravate the many injuries on his body, which were still slowly draining Hp.

“That woman was really strong. I almost got shot in the head. I’m so happy.”

Suzuya Juzo wasn’t joyful because he managed to survive, he was merely acting the same way as usual.

“But Byakuya-san, I feel really sore in my throat, and my mouth feels uncomfortable.”

Su Xiao’s mouth twitched and he got in a comfortable position to rest.

“You’re imagining it.”

“Am I?  But there is the taste of food in my mouth. It seems like someone forcibly put something into my mouth.”

“That’s just your imagination.”

Su Xiao looked very calm as he said that, his expression not betraying anything.

“Is it? So strange.”

Suzuya Juzo scratched his head, and Su Xiao noticed it seemed like the several gunshot wounds on his body had completely healed up. This may be related to the passive ability of Suzuya Juzo, ‘masochist’, the strange ability that turned pain into excitement.

It didn’t take long before the street became noisy, Shinohara Yukinori arrived and brought a lot of personnel.

“Byakuya, Byakuya!”

Shinohara Yukinori was shouting.

Without waiting for Su Xiao to answer, Juuzo yelled back.

“Mr. Shinohara, we are here!”

After hearing an answer, Shinohara Yukinori rushed in.

“Suzuya, it’s so good that you’re fine.”

Seeing that Suzuya Juzo was not dead, Shinohara Yukinori couldn’t help but smile.

“Byakuya, how are you?”

Shinohara Yukinori stepped forward, checked Su Xiao’s injuries, and was surprised by their severeness.

“Hurry up, bring the medical staff over right now.”

Su Xiao’s serious injuries caused Shinohara Yukinori to panic as he ordered the Investigator behind him to go find the medics.

The medical staff quickly arrived. At this time, Su Xiao was just about to faint. He lost too much blood. Having taken the [XT-12 vitality medicine] the injury in his lower abdomen had fully healed, but the remaining effect of the potion was greatly reduced, so his other injuries didn’t receive much of the effect.

“Byakuya, stay awake.”

After arriving at the scene, Shinohara Yukinori had already roughly understood what had happened.

Su Xiao completed the operation at the auction house successfully, the body-bags scattered on the street were all the needed evidence for that.

From the remnants of the explosion and the bullet holes, it seemed like some enemies ambushed Su Xiao’s squad.

At CCG, this kind of thing was not uncommon. When they were trying to capture or kill a ghoul, they also need to defend against possible attacks from other ghouls.

Su Xiao was put on stretcher and rushed to the hospital of CCG for emergency treatment. In the same ambulance, Suzuya Juzo was lying next to him.

Su Xiao had felt incredibly relaxed for a while now, losing this much blood had made him want to sleep, but he could not allow himself to fall asleep.

He didn’t trust CCG. If the top management of the CCG suddenly ordered to transplant some ghouls’ organs into him, he would lose a lot.

It sounded ridiculous, but it was not impossible. There was a precedent for this kind of thing, but it had been covered up.

Therefore, during the whole treatment process, Su Xiao remained awake, he refused to take a blood infusion and anesthesia.

After the emergency treatment, he stopped losing blood and his injuries were stabilized.

Lying in a warm and dry bed, Su Xiao gradually fell asleep. Since this was CCG’s hospital, at least there was no need to worry about the threat of random ghouls.

Because of the excessive blood loss, Su Xiao only woke up after having slept for more than ten hours. By then, his Hp had recovered to 65% and although his injuries still hurt, he felt strong enough to fight if need be.

Su Xiao sat up in the hospital bed. After sleeping for this long, he felt pretty energetic.

The room was dark now, it seemed to be evening.

He was safe now. Su Xiao smiled bitterly and sighed, even if it was only a derivative world of Lv.2, it was still full of danger.

Having nothing else to do, he took out the ‘green treasure Chest and the ‘Scarlet Card’ that he had previously obtained.

After hesitating for a second, Su Xiao opened the ‘green treasure Chest’ first.

[Open the Treasure Chest (green): Yes/No]

After choosing to open it, something unexpected happened.

This time, the treasure chest was different from those in the past. The treasure chest slowly opened, green light appeared from the cracks and illuminated the entire room.