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R.P Chapter 65: My Unlucky Hand Is Finally Gone?


The green light made Su Xiao close his eyes subconsciously.


“This is?”


He had already opened several green treasure chests but never had this kind of situation.


The light receded, and a heavy and smooth object appeared in his hand.


A reminder of the reincarnation paradise appeared.


[You get the ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune’.]


The flame of the goddess of fortune (Fine Quality)


Place of Origin: Tokyo ghouls


Quality: Green


Genre: Jewelry (Lighter)


Durability: 40/40


Requirement: Anyone can wear this item.


Equipment effect: The flame of the goddess of fortune (active): After using the flame of the goddess of fortune to light the cigarette will temporarily add 1 point of luck attribute, the effect lasts for 15 seconds.


Tip: The flame of the goddess of fortune cooldown time is 10 days.


Tip: Using the flame of the goddess of fortune will consume 500 paradise coins.


Rate: 30 (Note: Green equipment are rated between 10 and 30, and a score of 30 will be marked with ‘Fine Quality’ and would have special attributes attached.)


Introduction: Smoking is harmful to health? Are you sure?


Price: 3,600 paradise coins.




After checking this delicate lighter in his hand, Su Xiao was stunned.


He slightly touched the metal shell of the lighter which was engraved with a blue flame pattern.


Su Xiao’s hand was trembling, and his Luck which was the lowest attribute seemed to have a way to increase.


Although using this lighter to lit the cigarette will only add 1 point in the Luck attribute, for him, the Luck attribute will be doubled.


Although he was not clear whether the Luck attribute actually represented luck, it was still worth trying.


For example, when he opens a treasure chest, using ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune’ to light a cigarette, there may be unexpected gains.


From the evaluation of 30 points, this piece of equipment was very valuable.


Su Xiao chuckled, he lived after danger and was blessed in the end.


And he found something new about opening treasure chests, that is, if he obtained an ordinary item, the Treasure Chest would open directly.


If he obtains a high-value item, it will shine gloriously as he opens it.


Su Xiao temporarily called this phenomenon ‘flash’. If the treasure box ‘flashed’, he would be very rich.


This was still opening a green treasure chest. If he opens a blue treasure chest and it flashes, he would obtain thing worth ten thousands of paradise coins.


But it was not so easy to get the ‘flash’.


After entering the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao had opened many treasure chests, only this treasure Chest ‘flashed’, showing that the chance of ‘flash’ was not high or maybe even small.


In fact, his ‘flash’ was not a matter of luck.


After Su Xiao entered the ghoul’s world, he killed hundreds of ghouls and even killed them by hand.


These hundreds of ghouls only dropped a few treasure chests, and the harvest of the treasure chests was very poor.


Su Xiao not getting many chests or one that flashes would be very embarrassing, so maybe the reincarnation paradise used the accumulation of all the kills he got to give him this chest.


However, with the lighter of ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune’, the chances of obtaining good things from the Treasure Chest in the future may increase significantly.


It was not just about treasure Chests. In some cases where he needs luck, he could also use ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune.’


The only downside of ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune’ was that the cooldown time was 10 days.


As for the 500 paradise coins consumed by ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune’, Su Xiao directly ignored it.


The harvest may be completely beyond the cost, and the 500 paradise coins were just a small cost.


This ability required 500 paradise coins to be used once, which was quite normal.


Su Xiao seriously put away ‘the flame of the goddess of fortune’, this thing was definitely useful in the future.


Lying in bed, Su Xiao began to sum up the gains and losses from fighting with the three contractors.


The most obvious gain was the ‘scarlet card’ that could randomly give him three items or equipment from Queen.


However, Su Xiao just had a chest that flashed. His luck Probably ran out, so he didn’t plan to open it for the time being.


Queen was good at physical attributes, even if he took the person’s equipment, the increase in combat power would not be large.


Secondly, after Su Xiao killed three people, the spirits eater did not activate. At that time, he thought that spirits eater could not obtain Mana from the contractors.


Later, he discovered that after he cleared the ghouls in the auction site, his spirits eater talent had already accumulated 100 points of Mana for him, which was the limit of every derivative world. Now his Mana was 253 points.


From this battle, Su Xiao learned that although the reincarnation paradise used semi-digitalization.


The battle here was a scene of flesh and blood splashing. The skill only assisted for judging the opponent’s combat power, whether he was stronger or not depends on the fighter’s experience.


It was like giving a nuclear bomb to a housewife. The biggest possibility was that the nuclear bomb became a pair of scrap iron, just for appreciation.


Even if the attributes were surprisingly strong, if the fighter was not strong enough, he will not use these attributes correctly.


Queen, black white, and leaves all had strong skills. Comparing Su Xiao’s skills with them except for ‘Qing Gang Yin’ and ‘Knife skills’ other abilities were not strong enough.


However, in that battle, Except for Queen desperately clinging to Su Xiao which made him take a shot, Su Xiao beat up Queen during the whole fight.


Queen’s fine shield skills did not cause much threat to Su Xiao. Instead Queen was played in the palms of Su Xiao, and finally became a hostage and was killed.


There were no weak skills or occupations. Instead, the power depended on the user himself.


The strongest part of Su Xiao was not what he had inherited, but he had a heart that dared to fight, and he was not afraid of death.


These were simple, but how many people could be completely fearless during a fierce fight?


However, in the reincarnation paradise, there was one thing above the equipment or skills, that was, attributes!


After Queen’s vitality attribute reached 24 points, she could actually resist Su Xiao’s attacks using her body defenses. 


If Su Xiao’s strength, agility, and intelligence reached 20 points or more, what changes will happen?


Undoubtedly, the high amount of attributes combined with his sword skills will be a sight to behold.


Su Xiao lit a cigarette and lied quietly in his bed.


Inadvertently, he thought about one thing.


When leaves used the executing skill on him, the remainder of the reincarnation paradise said he was about to be executed, but at the last moment, he faintly heard that a skill saved his life.


With a thought, Su Xiao opened his status, chose the skill option, and started to view his skills.


There was no change in ‘Qing Gang Ying’ and ‘Sword mastery’, but there was a line of text below ‘Devil’s Physique’.


Devil physique: Lv.MAX.


Skill effect: Unable to master or learn any magical skills.


Tip: When the devils physic is attacked by Mana, the passive ability will be activated, check skill changes yes/no.




Su Xiao chose to view the changes in the skills of the devil physique.


Devil physique: Lv.MAX.


Skill effect: Unable to master or learn any magical skills.


Passive ability: (Devil), immune to 40% of the magical damage.


Hint: This passive ability has a very high priority, which can immunize real magical damage, holy magical damage, and execution magical damage.


We, disgusted with the magic that destroys the balance of elements, resist them with our souls. They shouldn’t try to erode our bodies with magic —— Marvin Waltz.




Closing the skill panel, Su Xiao breathed a sigh of relief and finally understood why his occupation was called the shadow of the law.


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