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R.P Chapter 67: Famous in the 14th District!

In the edge of the 14th district.
The location here was excellent, and the scenery was beautiful, it was an excellent place to live.
The proliferation of ghouls could make a lot of people in this area move away, and gradually it became ruins.
Inside a building, Hundreds of ghouls gathered here to share information, sell ‘food’, or find a spouse.
“Have you heard, the auction house and the mutual eating district have been annihilated by CCG, those guys are really looking for death.”
“How could you not hear that now all ghouls in the 14th districts know that there is a crazy gay in the CCG branch of the 14th district, and the guy seemed to be named Bya…”
“He was Byakuya, I was told by a friend. He used to stay in the mutual eating district and saw the guy with his own eyes…”
A student who was a ghoul said and stopped talking.
The surrounding ghouls were gathered.
“Talk about it, don’t say half of it, what does the madman named Byakuya look like, if we see him in the future, we must hide.”
The ghoul looked like a student put his hands on the waist looked at other ghouls with an expression which seemed to smile.
“Uhh, I’m starving. The threat from CCG becomes more and more stressed. I have been hungry for a half a month.”
A few ghouls looked at each other and understood the meaning of the student ghoul.
“Tagawa, don’t you still have some ‘dry food’? Give him some.”
“Why me, my ‘dry food’ is for an emergency. As for the madman who called Byakuya, I am not interested in knowing.”
The gossips of several ghouls started, they looked at the student ghoul with unkind expression.
“You, will you tell us or not.”
“I have a habit of mutual eating.”
The student ghoul was not very old, and he was somewhat timid as he showed fear.
But it will be a bit shame if he gives in like this.
“I will Tell you, I am not telling you because of fear. Everyone is a ghoul, and it is not easy for us to live.”
A few of the surrounding ghouls looked at each other and smiled, they didn’t dare to fight. They just scared the student ghoul.
“Homna, we understand, Tell us quickly.”
The student ghoul coughed slightly and began to narrate the information he knew, and the surrounding ghouls listened attentively.
In the grass which was as high as waist around the building, large figures were slowly approaching.
“The first team left wing, second team right wing, third teams is responsible for the frontal raid, and the fourth team blocks the huge exit behind.”
Su Xiao leaned over the grass and began to approach the building.
The number of ghouls this time was huge. After using the heat detector, the number of ghouls in the building was at least 240.
If he rushes forward alone, he won’t be their opponent, but with the cooperation of other Investigators, things will be different.
He took the lead, and other Investigators covered him. After a bloody battle, they will be able to kill all the ghouls here.
“The first team is ready.”
“The second team is ready.”
“The third team is ready.”
“The fourth team has arrived at its location.”
Dragon Flash appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, and he tapped lightly on the Bluetooth headset.
With Su Xiao’s order, the Investigators of the first, second and third teams raised the grenade launchers.
“Boom, boom, boom….”
Dozens of iron cans liked tear gas bombs were shot into the ruined building.
At first, Su Xiao wanted to use a grenade to bomb the ghouls directly. But it was strange that CCG’s warehouse of weapon did not provide a lot of grenades.
According to the warehouse of weapon, grenades could not effectively kill the ghouls and may affect the innocents.
This made Su Xiao doubt, but also had a skeptical attitude towards CCG. They were killing in a place without civilians, what innocent people could get hurt?
It may also be CCG headquarters was taking care of some extreme Investigators, were they afraid that the Investigators would use weapons of mass destruction in downtown areas?
It was not impossible, but this reason was somewhat unreasonable.
Su Xiao did not want to go after the reason. His priority was to complete the main task.
The in-depth investigation of CCG now may provoke the higher-ups of the CCG, and the situation will not be easy to deal with, and his Main mission may also fail.
“Pala, pala…”
There was a muffled sound that came from the rotten building, and a white mist spread.
These white mists were not tear gas, but CRC gas.
When the CRC gas reached a specific concentration, it would cause a significant impact on the ghouls so the activity of Rc cells in ghouls’ bodies will be low, and kakuhou will shrink they won’t be able to release their Kagunes.
It was time, Su Xiao ran into the building with dozens of Investigators behind him.
Intensive gunshots, weapon collisions, and screams came in succession from the building.
The battle started straight from the beginning.
“C, CCG is coming, run away!”
The ghouls were nervous and collided together, the CRC gas that suddenly appeared made them unable even to release the kagune.
But the building was not an enclosed building, CRC gas was rapidly dissipating.
Su Xiao held the sword, and smashed incessantly, several ghouls fell, Su Xiao’s attack created a road. The Investigators helped him defend the rear.
With the cover of these people, Su Xiao was obviously calmer in a group fight, and those ghouls incessantly died under his Sword.
Two hours later, Su Xiao sat on the floor full of blood.
Pulling a piece of clothes on the side belonging to a ghoul, he began to clean dragon flash.
The battle carried out for two hours, which was extremely fierce. During this period, the ghouls attempted to escape, but they were stopped by Su Xiao’s people who were assigned to block those ghouls.
At that time, the CRC gas had been blown away by the wind, and the ghouls were utterly crazy and began to fight back.
Throwing away the cloth which was full of blood and minced meat in his hand, Su Xiao put away the dragons flash.
Looking around, there was a lot of bodies of ghouls lying in front of him, but there was no treasure chest.
Perhaps the flash of the previous chest emptied his luck.
Killing these ghouls, Su Xiao received a total of 367 points of contributions.
His task completion rate had become [first class Investigator, contribution points: 1264/2000.]
Although more than 200 ghouls were killed this time, not all of them were killed by him, a large part of them was killed by others. He could only get a small contribution.
Su Xiao had an idea that to get closer to once he finishes the task, he can get a lot of free time to do what he wants.
“Akira, reports the casualties.”
The death of Mado Kureo had a significant influence on Mado Akira.
But because of today’s mission, Mado Akira did not choose to take time off, this woman was powerful and stubborn.
“128 people came to this mission, 78 were slightly injured, 15 were seriously injured, 23 were dead, and the remaining 12 were only scratched.”
She was standing in the same place after the report, and she was slightly injured.
Su Xiao was not surprised to hear such casualties.
Killing the ghouls was not a simple matter. Sacrificing humans’ lives was necessary. Only 23 people had died. It can be said that it was their victory.
If Su Xiao wasn’t leading the battle, the death toll would even exceed half.
It sounded exaggerated, but this was the truth.
“Send the bodies to the headquarters, as for the seriously injured and slightly injured send them to the hospital.
How many people can fight? ”
Su Xiao was ready to clear the next ghouls’ gathering point, and there was not much time.
“About more than 50 people can continue to fight.”
“Specific number.”
In the killing and fighting, Su Xiao had a unique momentum.
Mado Akira stretched her body subconsciously.
“Fifty-three, it’s not enough, contact Shinohara Yukinori, and tell him that we don’t have enough people.”
Shinohara Yukinori and Su Xiao had talked about it before, Shinohara Yukinori could accept the casualties of clearing the 14th if it was less than 100. Exceeding this number, Shinohara Yukinori will forcibly stop the plan to clear the 14thdistrict.
If he wants to expel a lot of ghouls, some people will definitely die. The battle without death was only in the stories. Su Xiao was not so naive, nor Shinohara Yukinori. Both of them were very clear about this.
Anyone preparing to kill has to be prepared to be killed back.


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